Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Tuesday Video Tutorial - How to Emboss Resist with Stampin' Up! - Episode 406

Hello Tuesday Everyone!

I hope you have had a great week so far.  It still seems like Monday to me because of the holiday yesterday!  Did you all make it a wonderful weekend?  We had a BBQ up in the canyon yesterday with my husband's side of the family.  We even were able to snap a quick family shot.

(Gotta love my sweet Brayden.  We haven't been able to get a regular smile out of him in years for a picture.)

Isn't this a fun picture of my daughter with one of my great nieces?  We really feel blessed that we finally live by family.  We have missed so much!

I'm so excited to share today's video tutorial with you guys.  I absolutely LOVE this technique and haven't used it in YEARS!  It's super simple and I promise that anyone can do it!

Episode 406 - How to Emboss Resist with Stampin' Up!

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Jamberry Wrap of the Day!
Did you all want to know which Jamberry wrap I was wearing in today's video?  Here it is!  I applied it to my nail first and then I added the TruShine gel base coat and 2 layers of top coat to finish it off!

Here is the wrap combination that I had on before this video that I LOVED, too!

Itsy Bitsy Wrap

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Daily Chicken Update!
I thought I would add this on for those of you who are interested.  (Today's blog post is taking me FOREVER!)  I posted a funny little video that my husband and daughter made about my chicken obsession.  This was at our family BBQ yesterday.  They were supposed to tell a story about our family that had to do with the nature scavenger hunt we just went on.  I didn't know it was going to be about my chickens.  How funny they think they are!  

But first.... how about some chicken pics!

Check out this perfect egg I got today!  8 eggs already today out of 9 chickens who are laying!

Say hi to Lola!  She is a bantam chicken who is ready to start laying itty bitty eggs soon!  We don't know what breed she is.

Meet one of my favorite little girls named Olive.  She just likes me to hold her right now.  She is about to start laying soon and she is really clingy with me.  If I go in their coop to change water or anything, she lightly pecks on the back of my leg to remind me to pay attention to her.  She is so funny!!

This is Pepper!  She is our only chicken who lays light green eggs.  She was the last to lay out of the 9 and I think I freaked out the most with her!

We are having a new run built right now that will fit ALL my chickens, with room for more!  They will be able to run and play and be happy chickens all day long!

Here is the roof that will be attached to the covered run.  They will have a safe, dry place to hang out when we start to get snow.  They are going to love it!

Episode 407 - Madie & Daddy telling the chicken story

Thanks for staying with me through this LONG post!  I hope to see you back tomorrow! 

Love you!

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  1. LOL!! That video is too funny. I really think your family is going to do a chicken intervention for you!

    I loved your nails, so pretty. The cards are gorgeous.


  2. These cards are beautiful. I can't wait to try something like this.

  3. I've never seen that technique before, Love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is so cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I'm glad you like it Beckie!!

  5. Another fun day for all of us via your videos.
    They can tease you about your chickies but I
    bet they don't mind eating the eggs, do they?
    the card is very nice simple an beautiful.
    Thanks Robyn..

  6. I love your mix of business, family, and chicken photos and stories! Your chickies are going to love their new space!

  7. You are fantastic!! I think your little bantam hen is an Old English. There are many different colorings. She looks like my BBRed Old English.

  8. Fun video Robyn, love the card and your colors. Lola is a cutie. That is so wonderful to make the safe house for the chick's and planning ahead of time.

  9. Fun video Robyn, love the card and your colors. Lola is a cutie. That is so wonderful to make the safe house for the chick's and planning ahead of time.

  10. So great! I love each and every bit of your post today. Chickens and all :). Can't wait to try that technique with a stamp too!

  11. Robyn, I loved listening to them tell the Chicken Story! Too cute! A good friend of mine has chickens and yes, she names them all :-)


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