Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday! First Day of School!!

Hello to all of my stamping friends!

I thought today would never come!  My children left this morning by 8:25 am, followed by a weird sound called SILENCE!!!  I love the first day of school!  We all had a GREAT and BUSY Summer but we were all ready for today, including the kids.  I promise!  LOL!!

Here are the traditional First Day of School pics!

 First Day of School Goodie Bags!

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I realized today that I haven't been sharing pics of my growing chickens!  All 9 of my older chickens are now laying eggs.  My next batch of 4 will start laying by the end of next month, although 1 is a rooster and probably won't lay.  Haha!  We have a few more in the garage that I will be keeping and some that I will be giving away to other friends.  We are getting PLENTY of eggs each day and they really are adding up!  Good thing my family loves eggs!

This is Bella about to lay an egg!

 This is Po, who is the cutest thing EVER!  She will start laying in about 6 weeks.  She is a bantam Easter Egger so we should get teeny tiny green eggs from her!  Fun!

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  1. Hi Robyn, I laughed when I read your comment about silence! At least you can talk to you chickens while the kids are at school. Your kids are really growing up. The boys are so handsome and your daughters are just gorgeous. Enjoy your silence today!


  2. Loved the pictures! Beautiful children. Your treat bags are fun. I bet the kiddos love having your child in their class! I know what you mean about silence. We've had one of our grandchildren all summer (3 years old), and one for a week that left yesterday. Today is the first day in months it's just me, Bonnie, and the dogs. Love me some quiet. Enjoy your day!

  3. Will you share how to make them?

  4. I know what you mean about the silence!! My granddaughters live with us and start to school the end of the month. I always tell them our vacation starts when theirs end!! Unfortunately, the bus picks them up at 6:37 AM this year so it will be an early start to the day! I love seeing the pictures of your chickens! Thanks!!

  5. I SO remember those first days Back to school!!!!! What a beautiful family. Congrats Robyn. Where is Miss Lolly?

  6. Such beautiful children. I love back to school. Classrooms buzzing with excitement. Eager minds ready to learn..4 of my 6 Grands have started school. 1 starts tomorrow and the final one in September. Your chickens are adorable.

  7. Very cute boys and beautiful girls oh and cute chickens. My children start Monday. Very cute goodies.

  8. love the chicken updates ... keep them coming ..... I love that you still make sweet little gifts for kids to bring to school .... love them

  9. By this time next week I will have lots of silence at my house it will just be hubby and I! Maybe we need some chickens to fill our empty nest.
    I have a question about your house, in the (awesome) pics of the kids I noticed your stone front.. We want to do that to our house I love the look. If you don't mind, would you share what product you used. I've been doing online research but it's so hard to tell what it will really look like.


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