Monday, June 29, 2015

Join My Team by Tomorrow and Choose 2 EXTRA Stamp Sets!

Hi Everyone!  

Just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is the last day to take part in Stampin' Up!'s awesome June special for joining the demonstrator family!  You will get to pick out 2 FREE EXTRA STAMP SETS OF YOUR CHOICE!  I would LOVE to have you on my team.  Read below for more information!

JOIN MY TEAM!  Be in it with me from the beginning!  For $99 you can also start your own business sharing your love and passion of crafting with your blog viewers and friends.  Or you can simply enjoy getting your own 20+% discount!   We have monthly virtual meetings, group swaps, and a special Facebook Page!  Click HERE for more information!  Make sure you click on Join Now!

Stampin' Up! is having an additional special for all new demonstrators in the month of June!  Sign up this month and choose an additional TWO stamp sets from the catalog!!  Any two stamp sets you want!

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  1. I have been thinking about joining your team but I am just not sure about it yet. I mean I love crafting that is no issue. The thing that gets to me is advertising and making "sales" I don't fully understand it. How does it work and what happens if I don't make the quarterly amount? My family and friends don't really craft much so that's my dead end. :(


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