Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Temporary Craft Room Set Up and Supplies

Well, HELLO, Everyone!!

Did you miss me??  Life has been sooooo crazy over the past month and a half.  We moved out of our home the first week of January and have already been in two rental homes!  The first rental didn't work out (plumbing issues) so we had to move again this past Saturday.  We will be in this rental for the next 4 months until we move to Utah.

I had packed up all my craft room supplies and put them in storage, thinking that I wouldn't need them until we moved into our new build the first week of September.  I decided yesterday that I couldn't wait that long!  I had my husband go with me to the storage unit where we pulled out my Cricut and a couple other boxes of supplies.  I have now set up a temporary craft room in my master bedroom.  No more late night crafting but at least I have a place to release my creative expression!  I have missed it so much.  I took some pictures for you of my new set up.  

This is pretty much all I will need for the next 4 months.  Of course, I might need to head over to the storage unit and pick up a few more things.  ;)

I had to go and get new Cricut cutting mats since I'm not sure which box mine are in.  Plus I needed some new adhesive.  

I had some of my 12x12 paper in my scrapbooking tote and got this little stack at Hobby Lobby.

Gotta have my favorite Cricut carts available!!

Some embellies and tools!  I just need to find the box with My Pink Stamper Stamps in it!

A little Hobby Lobby ribbon!

So happy that I had some supplies still in my scrapbook tote!

My little craft area!  I feel very blessed!

I hope you are all doing well!  I will try to do better to update this blog.  We start the building process March 1st and then move to Utah at the end of May.  Wow!  Time is flying by so fast!