Monday, November 24, 2014

Episode 344 - Fun with Modpodge!! (REALLY CUTE PROJECT!)

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Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a FANTASTIC day!!  Karlee and I have been out Christmas shopping ALL DAY!  There are a ton of stores who have already started their "Black Friday" specials and it's only Monday!  LOVE IT!!  I bought my Explore today from Joann's!  I will post a video of me opening it and playing with it.  I already love it!

Here is a video that Karlee and I filmed on Saturday night and finished this morning.  Sorry we didn't get it up for you guys earlier.  Modpodge is my new love!!  CRAZY!!


  1. I see these kinds of cute projects on Pinterest all the time but needed someone to remind me how easy they can be. Maybe I'll get motivated now. Thanks! You two have fun!

  2. Cue projects Robyn and Karlee! Karlee had a baby?! Congrats to you Karlee!! Glad you ladies are able to get together and do your tradition of Black Friday shopping. You won't catch me out Black Friday shopping, to crazy out there and there are no deals worth that craze! lol Have fun!!! Hugs, Brenda

  3. thank you so much you just gave me a great Christmas gift idea

  4. That is just super super cute!!

  5. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing it. Hope you and Karlee are having fun!


  6. Super cute project! I love working with mod podge to! Your plaque is so fun and your friend will love it! So glad to see Karlee made it there! Btw Karlee, congrats on your precious bundle! How exciting! Hope you guys have a fun time black Friday shopping! I am looking forward to Crafts Direct huge sale...Robyn, I am sure you remember that store when you visited MN. My favorite store all time!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to you both and your families!
    Sherrie K

  7. Fun video and Karlie need to think about entering this contest!

  8. How exciting to watch the two of you together. So thankful for good friends this Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the family!

  9. You two are having so much fun. Congrats to Karlee on the new baby. Prayers to your friend that you made the sweet plaque for.
    Mod pudge is fun to use and is timeless. You two can make anything fun and interesting.......tell Karlee hey!
    Happy thanksgiving!
    Dee B

  10. I have missed you two crazies lol did we ever find out if Karlee had a girl or boy? Can't believe it's a whole year already since we saw her & her bump!!
    So glad you are back making videos for us.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs from Sydney


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