Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Pink Loft and a little treat for my young women!

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would take a minute to share some pics of My Pink Loft with you!  Things are crazy busy around here!  Hopefully we are in the final stretch.  They started painting this week.  Yay!!

Here are the builtins specifically designed for my scrapbook collection.  It is located conveniently outside of my craft room.  It will be nice to have a place to put them all.  I just need to add a chair so we can sit and look at all our past memories.  

Here is picture of our little Muffin.  He just got a hair cut yesterday so he's not so scruffy!  I snapped this picture since he was sitting next to a stuffed animal.  I think my kids put it there.

I am teaching the Laurel class in Young Women tomorrow.  For those of you who didn't hear, I just got called to be the new Young Women President of our ward.  I had only been there for 9 weeks!!  I thought I was lying low but you can't hide from the Lord.  Looks like He knows how much I will grow from this new responsibility.  And here I thought I was going to get a break in Utah!  HA!  Tomorrow I am teaching "How can I prepare now to become a righteous wife and mother".  You can click HERE to read some of the materials I am using.   I'm not sure what direction I will go yet but I've been studying this week and am sure I will be inspired with what the girls need to learn.  I am bringing some candy treats so that I can bribe encourage the girls to comment.  :)

I got this awesome gray chevron ribbon at Hobby Lobby.  I love it!!

I will try to check in again soon!


  1. It is coming along isn't it?! Bet you can't wait for things to be finished. Good luck with your class!

  2. Congrats on everything Robyn! I wish you lots of luck on your new job! I am sure your you will be great at your teachings. I know it will be time to move into your house soon & that will be exciting for the whole family. Thanks for the pictures. The cabinets are beautiful outside your room. That is the best thing to do, go ahead & incorporate them into the build, because if you wait , it may never happen!! Lots of luck with everything for you & your whole family. Buffy Scott, NC

  3. Wauw what a diffence a few weeks make. Nice to read you are already home, eventhaugh your house isn't even finished.

  4. Looks so cool how it's coming along and those book shelves a wonderful idea. God is amazing how he finds things for us to do, enjoy your journey :)

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  6. i just want to say that i am so happy to see your posts again! i have missed you, and i just love you! your posts always make me smile and brighten my mood! oh, i do have a question--do you have any idea where i can find the mps sympathy stamps?? i have tried everywhere and want/need them so much!

  7. Your Loft Looks Fabulous!! I am so happy for you and your family. Good Luck (not that you need it) with your class. You will be fantastic. Thank you, for taking time to post and share with us all.

  8. Congrats on the new calling! I just got released from YW 1st counselor of 3.5 years and It has been a very sad time for me. you come to love those girls so much, its hard to let go... You will be great!!

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