Saturday, May 24, 2014

4 Days and Counting (Oklahoma Memories)

Hello Everyone!

I know it has been about 2 months since I last posted.  I have thought about updating a couple of times but then got busy or just felt overwhelmed.  We are getting ready to make the trek to Utah.  Only 4 days until we pack up the last of our belongings and memories here in Oklahoma and take our 5 kids out West.  We have known about this move for almost 3 years now since we were both inspired that we needed to be by our families.  I have anticipated starting the build of our new house and moving closer to my mom, sister, and in-laws.  Now that the time is so close I am SOOOOOOO sad to move!!  I have made so many memories here in Oklahoma.  I thought for this post I would share some of my favorite moments from this season of my life.  YOU are part of that season, too!

*STARTED MY BLOG - In October 2006 I started My Pink Stamper but for those of you who were with me from the beginning you know that it used to be called the Chronicles of my Life.  Click HERE to read my first post.  I was expecting my 5th child and was just really overwhelmed with life.

Here is a picture of the first craft I shared on my blog.

*I HAD MY LAST TWO BABY BOYS - Oklahoma will always have a special place in my heart because I had my two youngest here.  I was actually pregnant with my 4th child when we moved here from Florida.  I basically raised all 5 kids here for the last 10 years. I am so grateful that my children have been able to experience Oklahoma.  What a great place to raise our family!

*I TRAINED AND RAN A MARATHON! - I'm seriously not trying to brag or anything but I really ran a marathon!!  I think I am still in awe that I did it.  I started running and losing weight in January of 2009 and then 8 months later ran a marathon in 4 1/2 hours!  I NEVER ran before in my life and honestly hadn't even exercised since high school.  I was determined though once I put my mind to it.  Someone even told me that they didn't think I could do it.  That really helped put a fire under me!  LOL!   Here is the marathon video I filmed and some pics.  I will always think of Oklahoma when I look back on this time in my life.  The greatest thing about this experience was that I got to run it with my best friend, my husband.  That will always be special to me.

*I GOT A CRICUT MACHINE AND STARTED SHARING MY CREATIONS! - I was dealing with a little postpartum depression after my 5th child so my husband surprised me by giving me a Cricut.  That is where it all started!  Here is the first card I made using my new baby bug.

*I STARTED PLAYING TENNIS AS AN ADULT AND MADE A TON OF AWESOME TENNIS FRIENDS - One of the things I am going to miss most about Oklahoma is the many friends I have made by playing tennis.  I have finally gotten to the point where I know almost EVERYONE at the tennis facility I play at.  It seriously feels like my 2nd home.  The women there are so genuine and have made me feel so accepted and needed over the years.  I have been able to play competitively over the past 3 years and have loved every team I have been on.

My first USTA Team - Purple Power!

*SERVING THE YOUNG WOMEN IN OUR WARD - One of my favorite callings in my ward here in Edmond was working with the Young Women.  In our church we are "called" or assigned to work in different areas.  We do not get to request or sign up….  It is completely a call from the Lord.  I truly believe that.  I never would have thought I would get the opportunity to work in Young Women but it was one of the biggest blessings of Oklahoma.  I felt connected to these wonderful girls and also the leaders.  I was able to go to Girls' Camp a couple of Summers ago and had the time of my life!

*SERVING AS THE RELIEF SOCIETY PRESIDENT IN OUR WARD - A week after I returned home from Girls Camp I was called to be the Relief Society President in our ward.  I was overwhelmed and humbled by the calling.  It was a big task to be in charge of so many talented and amazing women. One of the greatest things I learned by serving them was getting to love them individually.  I got a little taste of what the Savior probably feels for each of us.  He loves us unconditionally, flaws and all.  I still love all of these women even though I am no longer serving them.  This was one of the biggest growing experiences in my life and I will cherish it always.

*THE MISSIONARIES - Oh man!!  I need like 10 pages to share all of my memories of our Edmond 3rd Ward missionaries.  I feel that my family has received so many blessings by feeding them, going out with them, and helping them in any way we could.  They really have been such a big part of my life here and I will miss having the opportunity to know them so personally.  In Utah there are so many members of my church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) that you rarely get to feed the missionaries and rarely get the chance to know them at all.  Everyone also wants to serve them there!!  I am planning on having a little missionary reunion this Fall for all of the Edmond 3rd ward missionaries who have returned home.  That will feel like a homecoming getting to see them all again and some with their new little families.  :)

*CELEBRATING MY BIRTHDAY WITH A SPECIAL GIRLFRIENDS' DINNER ALMOST EVERY YEAR! - Holy cow!  I have the best friends EVER!  These past 8 years of celebrating my birthday with a dinner has been amazing.  I just love all of you and am so thankful for these memories.

I cannot even begin to share how much I am going to miss my Oklahoma friends.  They have been with me through the ups and downs in my life.  They have been a strength to me during the storms that I've encountered.  I love them with all my heart and have truly been blessed by knowing them.  


*BEING ABLE TO SHARE MY RELIGION AND STARTING THE BOOK OF MORMON BLOG - I grew so much spiritually and as a person by reading and then recording my thoughts on the blog about the Book of Mormon.  This was one of the highlights of my life!  Thank you to all who read along with me.  I will treasure this experience for a lifetime and more.
You can click HERE to read or follow that blog.  I am still sending out copies of the Book of Mormon if anyone is interested.   I would be honored to send you one!

I have so many more favorites I want to share but I need to get this posted so I can continue to give you all updates.  Thank you for hanging in there with me even when I only update once every few months! I know that it will be easier once we are in our new house at the end of the Summer.

Love you all!!


Linnea said...

loved the trip down memory lane! You will be an inspiration to those around you no matter where you live. Thanks for sharing a bit of you with all of us.

Mary B. said...

Good Luck with your move to Utah!

Brenda said...

Robyn, What a beautiful tribute to your time in Oklahoma. I can't wait to hear about the next chapter of your life....Utah!! Safe travels!

CA Scrapper said...

Good luck with your new adventure! I know it will be hard to leave all the wonderful people you have met in Oklahoma.

Brenda said...

What a wonderful tribute to your life in Oklahoma Robyn! For some reason I was thinking that you had already moved and just the other day was wondering if your house was done. Not sure why I got that idea. lol I know you will make more beautiful memories with your families and new friends once you are moved and settled. I look forward to this next journey with you if you continue your blogging! Hugs, Brenda

Marilyn said...

Best of luck in Oklahoma! Thanks for sharing your trip down memory lane with us

Regina said...

I check in every day just to see what you are up to. Loved today's post. I am 72 and have gone through many turns in my life with my husband and 6 children and all those turns have left me with many special memories and friends. Enjoy the trip.

sieneke said...

Love to here from you again. I do check your blog just about every week. Love your post. You have been part of my live for about 4 years and you have enriched it in so many ways. So take your time to get back west and enjoy your journey together.

Rene Stansell said...

Good luck in your new home Robyn, family and new friends and your wonderful Oklahoma friends and memories. Have a wonderful life there.
Rene from OZ xo

MizMaryAnn said...

What a beautiful trip down memory lane. I've been with you since 2008 when I got my Cricut. You taught me so much about my machine and card making. I always looked forward to you and Karlee and your antics when you got together. I've also enjoyed watching your kids grow up. I'm looking forward to your new journey and your new life in Utah. Bless you Robyn.

Angela S said...

It's nice to hear from you again. I have wondered how you are doing and how the move is going. I took a while off blogging too. But now I'm back and trying to rebuild it. I also wanted to make money doing what I love, so I'm selling Close to my Heart products.

Simple Creations

Luria said...

Glad to know that everything is going well Robyn and look forward to when you can share your amazing talents with us again.

Take Care,

Natalie's Buff Buff said...

Hello Robyn!! I have really missed you! I check your page every other day & I missed the every other day & look what happened...2 posts. I could not be happier! I am so excited to finally here from you & to know that everything is going good with you & your family. Everything looks very beautiful at your new home, especially your new home, WOW, that is going to be hard to look at every single day, LOL! It is going to be a beautiful place to make gorgeous pictures, especially when it snows. I hope you & your family are going to be happy there. It is always nice to live around family. Anyway, thanks for the update. I can't wait to see you nice scrapbook room!! I pray for your families continued safety as you continue in limbo and are safely living ing your new beautiful home. Thanks again Robyn, Buffy Scott, NC

Jaren said...

Robyn, I hope you and your family are doing great so far in Utah! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog during a major transition in my life in 2010. We were living in this little shop with no windows while we built our house, and I found myself really stressed, depressed, and overwhelmed at times. Your blog helped bring the "light" back in for me. I've loved everything you've blogged about from the Cricut to the cupcakes! I learned more from you than any other blog out there, and I know that tons of us feel that way! You're the blog that everyone knows about! I'll continue to stick with you no matter what you post about because I just have grown to love the person you are, and I am continuously inspired by you!

siva said...

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Bridgette Pinkelman said...

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Chris Higdon said...

So many memories as I read through this post. I often think of the night you posted on the Cricut message board that someone had called you fat. So inspiring to watch you continue to excel

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