Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simple Graduation Cards

Well, hello everyone!!  I'm still here, can you believe it?  I've tried to take it easy today but that didn't work.  I was feeling better this morning so I didn't lay down as much as I should have.  I even went shopping with some of my kids.  Of course, they had to push the cart and I walked VERY slow, but we did it!  My boys needed new shoes soooo bad!  All 3 of them had holes in their shoes.  So sad for them and they have been so patient with their mommy.  

I also, with the help of my husband and my 3 boys, was able to transplant about 6 of my tomato plants to my 5 gallon buckets.  All I had to do was put the plant in the bucket which was super easy!  I promise that I didn't do any lifting with that!  I am really trying to heal faster so I am trying to be super careful.   My son, with my supervision, drilled the hole in the bottom of the bucket, then my husband put a layer of rocks on the bottom of each bucket, then my two little boys helped even out the rocks, finally my 11 year old added all the garden soil for me!  I just had to plant and water.   

We have around 4 young women graduating from high school this year from my ward (congregation) and I wanted to make them a little card to put a gift card in.  These are super simple but I wanted to do something with the Chevron pattern Cuttlebug folder that I found in my stash!  They came out with it years ago before it was even in fashion!  LOL!

Monday, April 29, 2013

My Tomato Seedlings

Happy Monday Everyone!

More blogging therapy for me!  This year I decided to start some indoor seeds to transplant outdoors when the weather gets warmer.  My biggest success so far has been my tomato seedlings.  Tomorrow some of them get transplanted in 5 gallon buckets (with the help of my 11 year old son!)  I don't know if any of you are like myself, but I have found that gardening and starting something from a seed is very calming and rewarding.  I cannot wait until my family and friends can eat the tomatoes that we started from itsy bitsy seeds!  We will see how they turn out my first year.  Here are the different pictures I have taken these past 8 weeks.  

Hope you all have a fantastic night!  I got the chance to put my little boys to bed tonight and last night.  I have missed doing that.  The stairs in my house are a killer, so I try not to go up and down too often.  I am working on some graduation cards for some girls in my church.  I'll share them with you soon, depends on how they turn out.  

Nighty night everyone!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Some Cards & a Quick Video (Episode 328 - A Butterfly Card)

Hello my dear friends!

Two posts in two days has got to be my newest record!  I told you how therapeutic my craft room has been for me, right??  I have enjoyed my time these past few days hanging out in My Pink Loft with my children.  It was just like old times when they were itty bitty kids getting into everything!  LOL!  Now they are all old enough to enjoy it as much as I do.

Today I woke up feeling a bit better so I thought I would attempt to go to my church.  I don't know if any of you are familiar with the Mormon church (www.lds.org) but our church is 3 hours a week.  Kind of long to sit through if you've just had surgery, but I missed it!  I decided that I would feel it out and probably just stay for the first hour, Sacrament.  I ended up staying for two hours plus the hour before for a Leadership meeting.  Let me tell you that I was more than ready to go home after all of that.  I loved what I heard but my body wasn't ready to sit that long.  I got home and instantly jumped in bed. I guess I have to listen to my body a little bit better and not overdo it, which is very hard for me!

Here are some of the cards that I've made over the past few days.  I just sit in a comfy chair and at least one of my kids joins me on another chair and crafts, too.  It's nice to have that special time with them.

Our family was so blessed, as we received a lot of meals the first 10 days after surgery!  The people in my church are so generous.  Even after I told them we would be fine, they insisted.  Who is going to say NO to a homemade meal??  So, with all of that service to our family, I had a lot of Thank You cards to make!  I made 6 of the following design.

"I Like Your Style Card"  Paisley Cricut Cartridge.  Isn't it soooo cute??  Much cuter in person!

This next one I only made two of.  I missed stamping and coloring in so I thought I would give it a shot since it's been so long!  I also put in a fairly good size Stampin' Up! order in with my demonstrator yesterday.  I cannot wait for the new catalog to come out soon!!

And this last one I actually filmed a video of!  I didn't do any of the filming today, it was all done Friday and Saturday.  I hope you enjoy it!  Here is the card, followed by the video.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy 13th Birthday Madie!

Hello Everyone!

So much has gone on in the past week and a half that this is the first chance I've had to post my daughter's birthday pictures.

I'm so grateful for my little Madie, she is my sweet little baby girl still even though she is now 13.  I remember when she was a baby and how easy she was.  Hardly made a sound and smiled all the time.  She is still a little sweetie but has more of a spunky personality these days, LOL!!  She'll know what I mean, right Madie??!!

Madie at 8 years old!
Madie at 9 years old!

Madie at 11 years old!

Madie at 13 years old!

Here's an update on what's been going on with me!  I found out I was pregnant at the end of February when Karlee was visiting but only a few days later I started having problems and thought I miscarried.  This went on for almost 5 weeks... thinking I'm pregnant...... complications.... then thinking I was losing the baby.  It was finally determined through my last ultrasound and blood test that I was miscarrying.  I was 9 weeks pregnant.  The doctor couldn't find the baby either through the ultrasound and thought I had a Blighted Ovum.  We finally scheduled an appointment for Wednesday, April 17, to go ahead and get my body back to normal.  For some crazy reason, my body still thought it was totally pregnant even though I was, in fact, miscarrying.  When the doctor put me under for a 15 minute procedure, little did we all know that he would be performing an hour and a half emergency hysterectomy surgery.  Turns out that I had an Eptopic pregnancy that was about ready to rupture.  Very scary and had I had made my appointment for a day later, I might not be here today.  I am grateful for a loving father in heaven who knows me and directs me.  This was all very inspired.   Now I am recovering from major surgery. It's been about a week and a half and I am feeling a little better.  It should take a full 6-8 weeks until I am back to normal.  I am fine with that.  I am just thankful that I am still here to raise my 5 children and be with my husband on this earth.  

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Happy Birthday Katelyn!

Hello Everyone!

I know it has been so long.  Honestly, I have not been into blogging at all.  Too many things going on with my kids and life that I haven't had time to go up to my craft room lately.  Maybe I'll have more time over the Summer when the kids are home from school.  I hope you all are doing GREAT!  I miss you all!

Today my oldest baby girl turns 15!!  I can still remember her arrival.  She came almost 2 weeks late and it seemed like sooooo long to wait!  Then when she came we didn't know what to do with her!  I remember waking every time she made any sound at night just to make sure she was still breathing.  We have come a long way since then.  I'm so proud of Katelyn.  She has really turned into a young lady over the past year.  So hard to think that she will be going off to college in just a little over 3  years!  YIKES!!   Here are some pictures of her......

These are her at 10 years old!

These are her now!  She sure has grown up on me!