Thursday, October 17, 2013

Close to My Heart $50 Winner!

Hello Everyone!!

Life has been super busy so I haven't been blogging much lately.  We went to New Orleans for Fall Break and now we are back to the craziness of October!!

Just a quick update on my friend with Colon Cancer.  I want to first thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts.  She got her results back about a week ago and her cancer has spread.  It is Stage 3 and in her lymph nodes.  She has about a year of chemo and surgery ahead of her but she is a woman of great faith and still feels a sweet peace.  Please continue to keep my friend Laura in your prayers and thoughts.  Thank you so much!!

I almost completely forgot to pick a winner for the $50 Close to My Heart Giveaway donated by Joy Tracey!  Please take a minute to check out her awesome, informative, and creative blog!  I've known Joy for years and am always impressed by her crafting talent. 

Our winner is…..




  1. I am sorry to hear about your friend with the colon cancer Robyn. We are going through the same thing. My husband went in for his first colon test and found out that he had colon cancer. The tumor had his colon almost completely blocked off, so it was an emergency surgery. The tumor had ruptured and the cancer spilled out into his belly, the spleen is involved as well. So now we start the journey of lifetime chemo. I will continue to pray for your friend as I know first hand what she is going through. We haven't seen the cancer doctor yet so don't know what stage he is at. My husband gets his staples out on Wednesday and our doctor will get us set up with our first appointment with the cancer doctor and then we will know more. I tell you, you don't know how hard this is until it hits you personally!! It has been an emotional roller coaster for us. I didn't leave the hospital day and night until the nurses and doctor kicked me out to go home and take care of myself. My husband is home from the hospital and I'm grateful for that, but just want to get started with the chemo to save his life and kick that darn cancer in the butt!!!! I'm not ready to lose him so we will be fighting hard. Prayers for all!!!

  2. Sending my thoughts and prayers to your friend. It is tough to go through the unknowns. Keeping a positive attitude and strenght can overcome anything. I myself have gone through this with my sister. Unfortunately she was to advanced when she was diagnosed. Hope she is sorrounded by all her loved ones. Hugs go out to you as her friend!!

  3. Sending prayers to your friend. :( So sorry to hear her cancer has spread but glad she is staying positive.


  4. OMG, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Sending Prayer's to your friend and her family.

  5. So sorry to hear about your friend. Sending lots of prayers for her and her family as she goes thru the treatment. Kim

  6. Robyn, I am sad to hear that your friend has found out that she has stage 3 Colon Cancer. I have a sister and she found out in January of 2012 that she has stage 4 Colon Cancer. If you don't mind will you please add her to your prayer list at church, her name is Lesa Gaynor and lives in a small town in Arkansas (Bono). Lesa has been battling cancer for over a year now, she had surgery in January of last year then in March she started her first round of chemo. She has had over 30 rounds so far and we pray to God that she will be cancer free. Leas is my only sister and as far as that goes she is my only sibling. She is also a mother of 4 and lost her husband to a stroke in 2005. Her children range from 25 to 21 with her youngest being ADHD with a mild form of mental retardation. I hope and pray that your friend does well and kicks cancers butt.

    Love to all
    Tammy Hancock

  7. Robyn,
    I fully believe in the power of prayer. I believe that Jesus took the stripes upon his back for our healing. He is the same God that healed the leper and the same God that opened blinded eyes. There is NOTHING beyond his power. I will continue to remember Laura in prayer. Please let her know that prayer is going up from the Southeastern corner of Tennessee. Please let us know how she is doing.


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