Saturday, May 11, 2013

Relief Society Invitations

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Today was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day today!  I was able to sleep in until 10:00 am (thanks honey!) and then when I got up I took my 3 boys to the Farmer's Market, Academy Sports (to get knew tennis shoes for tennis), and then to Sam's Club to pick up some goodies for Relief Society tomorrow.  We are doing something special for all the mom's in our ward.  When I got home I was so exhausted that I put my head on my pillow and slept deeply for over 2 hours!  My body still needs lots of rest but my head doesn't realize it.  After I got up I was able to garden a little outdoors while 4 of my sweet 5 children played outside.  This new hobby is so wonderful in the way that I get to be with my kids so much more plus I still get to do all of my other hobbies.  I have been thinking of the Parable of the Talents lately in the New Testament (Holy Bible).  The Lord will give us as many talents as we want to develop but that doesn't mean he will take away our other talents.  Sometimes I am afraid to try new things because I think then I can't do all the other things I love.  Not true at all!  Plus, I am gaining a whole new respect for plants!   LOL!  I will share pictures of my jungle at the bottom of this post.  This was all done since my surgery but it has been the most peaceful & relaxing thing to do.  

We also, as a Relief Society Presidency, wanted to do a fun activity for the Sisters this month.  One that didn't involve any lessons, talks, etc.  We are calling it our fluff activity!  LOL!  Just opening and closing prayers with food and friendship in the middle!  Can't beat that!  Here are the 72 invitations I made tonight to pass out tomorrow.  Notice how I stamped and didn't use my Cricut on these ones?  I still love my Cricut but it is nice doing something else for a project.

Here are my 3 boys at the Farmer's Market.  All we got today was some Asparagus.  

You will see how how my newest hobby is kind of going a bit crazy BUT I am enjoying the beautiful outdoors so much more now than ever!


  1. Happy Mother's Day Robyn! Gardening can be very therapeutic and I'm glad that you are enjoying it!! You plants look fabulous!

  2. Great invitations!!! Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. Happy Mothers Day! I think you got a little more then asparagas at the market -- the smiles on the boys faces with their treat is priceless.

  4. Hey Robyn.. Thanks for telling us about that comfort food stamp set from Papertrey... I just purchased that and the die set that goes with it. I cant wait for it to arrive. I am glad you introduced me to it as I think I will be buying more from them. I also wanted to let you knoww I love that you added some posts about stamping, I was always worried about trying this but thanks to some helpful videos on youtube I am starting to like it a lot. I actually was going to ask if you could post some stamp videos and lo and behold you did, thanks!! Have a great mother's day.

  5. Happy Mother's Day! I love your invitations; I am just getting started with stamping and the Cuttle Bug. I have a Cricket, which I love; but this is a great change and a nice addition to my cards. I look forward to more of your tips and ideas.

  6. Love all of your planting pics! I'm having fun too. I just have a few tomato plants in pots, but I love waiting on them to grow. In Louisiana, they are usually ready by June. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Dear Robyn,
    I am so glad to hear that you are recovering steadily from your surgery. I just read in another part of your blog what you went through with your ectopic pregnancy. You were right, someone WAS watching over you!! I am so glad that you listened to your body and got help in time. I loved your blog. It's the first one I ever started reading, and I've learned a lot about the Mormon Church too. I'm a Methodist, and I'm really active with my church too, so I appreciate all the things you do as a volunteer. Stay true to the things that work the best for you and your family, and you will always be blessed.

    Please visit my blog at:

  8. Loved seeing your plants! I have been considering dabbling in gardening for a long time, but am not sure when I will actually start doing it *LOL* You always amaze me with your huge sets of cards, I don't know how you mass produce so well :)

    Best crafty wishes!
    Staying Crafty

  9. I love your invites! I am glad you are listening to your body and resting when you need to!

  10. Hi Robyn, Your plants are looking great. I'm a keen gardener over here in the UK. we don't quite get your sunshine as I'm in the north, lake district area and our summer has been really slow to come this year. But my plants are coming good slowly and starting to do good. A hint for your plants, stand your pots of marigolds in between you planted veg, the bright flowers attract the insects and bugs that would normally do your tomatoes and veggies harm, preventing common diseases. Happy gardening.


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