Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Papertrey Ink Stamp Set Giveaway! Comfort Food!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  

Well, actually it hasn't been a totally happy Tuesday for me if you want to know the truth.  I went grocery shopping for the first time and when I finished I had an emotional breakdown for 30 minutes in my car.  Do you like how I'm real with you?  I'm not normally a cry baby but I've been through a lot these past 2 months and something triggered my breakdown today.  I'm so much better now.  My husband came home for lunch and gave me a big hug.  That's kind of all I needed.  If you don't know what happened to me, you can read about it HERE.   What I learned from my ordeal today is that we should never judge anyone by looking at them.  Obviously the cashier when I was checking out didn't know what I was going through and so many times in my life I probably have been insensitive to someone who was going through a problem as well.  It's just a good idea to never judge.  Period!  Also, I learned as I was shedding my tears in the car, that I have a Savior who does know what I am going through.  He is who understands it all and is really the only one who can truly comfort me.   I am grateful for the Atonement and through my trials I am getting a much better understanding of what it really means for me.  

Okay, enough about my day!  YIKES!  Tomorrow will be better, I just know it!

Last week, somehow, I ordered a bunch of stuff online.  (Note to self.... Never have access to a computer and credit card while recovering from a major surgery and on pain medication.  Not a good combination!)  Anyway, I seemed to have ordered 2 of the same stamp set from Papertrey Ink!  LOL!  Instead of trying to return it, I thought I would give it away to one of my awesome online friends.  The funny thing is that it is a Get Well Soon type of stamp set called Comfort Food!  Hee Hee!  Here's a picture of what it looks like.  I'll probably pick a winner this weekend but you know me, it might be early next week.  It all depends on how I'm feeling.  Thanks for listening to my ramblings today.  It's nice to share it with my friends.  Just leave a comment on how you would use this stamp set in the comments below.  Good night!

P.S.  Don't forget to leave a way that I can contact you in the comments!


  1. I hope your days get better and better! I will make you a wonderful card with "my" new stamp set to remind you that I care!!

  2. Oh Robyn,, *hugs* - I hope you are feeling better and prayers being sent your way. :)
    I would use this to make a card for a dear friend of mine that is suffering from some depression right now and we live too far away for me to visit her.
    Thanks for your generosity!

  3. Hi Robyn. I totally know what you mean by this post. My husband has been sick for the last 3 months and they havent been able to diagnose him. We were in the midst of renovations and with his illness, life with the kids, 2 jobs I found myself doing the same thing just totally overwhelmed. Im so glad you are starting to feel better and recovery is a long road but you have so many who love you. With this stamp set I definitely would make a card for my husband who has been frustrated lately something like this would make his day just like your hug for you. Ill still make a card even without winning but Im glad you inspired me to do something for him. Glad to see you back bloggin. We missed you xo

  4. Big hugs!!! You're amazing for thinking of other's while you're going through so much yourself. God Bless you and your family.

  5. Hey, we all need a moment to feel sorry for ourselves, once in a while. Don't beat yourself up about it. Take care, and heal.
    I could really use that stamp set now, I have several friends who have had surgery in the last month. One of them was a tumor on her brain...non-cancerous, thank God.

  6. Awww. Hugs to you Robyn! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I would totally use this stamp set to brighten up someone's day when they are feeling down and out just plain sick



    Felkatz at gmail dot com

  7. Thank you Robyn! I love your blog - thank you for sharing yourself with all of us! I would love a chance to win the giveaway - I would totally use them! I am new to the cricut and card making, so I don't have many supplies. Thanks again Robyn, I am always inspired by you and you have taught me so much!

  8. Oh, Robyn. I am so glad they caught the eptopic pregnancy before it ruptured. How terrifying! Hugs to you. I love the stamp set. Kind of you to give it away. I have a close friend that lives far away and could use some ice cream cheering up via card.

  9. I love the mmm soup!! I would use it for a get well card. When someone is sick that I know I always make homemade noodles and make chicken dumplings except I use the noodles instead of the dumplings and take it to them. It has always made me feel better since I was a little girl so I want everyone else to feel better too. I know how you feel wither surgery and all. I know it creates a lot of emotional moments and it is hard to explain how it makes you feel. Hope all is well!!! Take care !

    Casey Rehse

  10. Hope each day is getting Better than the last . Id use the set to make get well cardspages for frie.ds at church. And scrapbook pages too!

  11. I don't know you personally but I love your blog! I hope nothing but the best for you!

  12. Email correction

  13. I love making Get Well cards :) it's fun to cheer someone up! And don't worry about crying :) sometimes we all just need to get those pesky bad emotions out of the way just to move on, it's not good to hold them in!! **BIG HUGS**
    Happy Crafting,

  14. Since I make cards for myself, family, friends and for our Mercy Ministry at church, AND, I see the saying, "Ice Cream is the Cure" and we are in the process of helping our daughter purchase an ice cream store...how fitting would these stamps be? Take care and feel much better soon!

  15. Robyn, I sure hope you feel better! I think we all have moments that we just can't handle whatever it is we are going through and break down. I know I do. Hang in there!!
    I would use this in many ways, for visiting teachees, coworkers and family. I love so much to create cards and hope that I could use this to help brighten someone's day!


  16. First and formost, I will be praying for you. Don't forget to ask your hubby for a blessing it is always great comfort to have the power of the Melchezidek priesthood. You are loved and my family and I will be praying for better times for you! Second, I think I would use this for get well cards for the sisters I visit teach and any others that may be in need of a paper hug! My email is raedeen26@gmail.com. I hope I win and if not I hope you get feeling better too. Raedeen

  17. It would be an awsome stamp set for layouts, ice scream stamp for summer time layouts and the soup can for winter layouts.


  18. Oh ya my email is caseyrehse@yahoo.com or my cell is 2544152602

  19. I have had a rough month. I totally understand. I teach in Texas and they are laying us (me) off by the hundreds. I love the stamps sets specifically "tomorrow is a new day!" Tons of my friends would be getting that.

  20. Hugs to you Robyn.Praying for you! Take it one day at a time.. thanks for the chance to win

  21. I'm a first time commenter on your blog, and I just wanted you to know that my heart goes out to you for all that you've been through these past couple of months. I wish you well on your road to recovery.

  22. Wishing you well. I have good thoughts for you. Thank you. Jocelynwongsam at gmail.com

  23. Hi Robyn, truly hope tomorrow is a better day for you... About two years ago, my mom and dad moved 1500 miles away. She's been having minor health issues and finally went to the Dr. It's possible she may have cancer, we are still waiting on testing and results. I would use this set (along with the few beloved My PInk Stamper sets I was able to find) to send her cards and packages to help her through whatever may be going on. And who knows, maybe I could send my favorite crafter some fan mail. Hugs and prayers! Sherri.parker80@gmail.com

  24. Robyn I'm so sorry for all your going throw . I have been off. Work with my lower back. I'm a special Ed Bus Driver and I hurt it doing wheelchairs . I know Exactly where you're coming from. Get well and take care of your self. Your giveaway is really cute. I would use it for a get well card with the ice cream she loves Ice cream. Thanks Robyn for being so thankful. I'm glad glad that we some videos with My Pink Stamper. I miss you.

  25. Keep looking up~

  26. i'm so sorry about your breakdown. you always give the greatest message. I will never forget to never judge someone like how you were today. i'm glad your hubby was there later to give you a hug and i'm glad that you got some retail therapy in too. :) hugs to you!

    cely_rohr at hotmail dot com

  27. I love the ice cream is the cure stamp. I've had some major health issues, from surgery to landing up in the ER a couple of weeks ago. Ice cream is the way that I've been taking one of the pills I have to take daily and I'm hoping it truly is the cure. We all have those days - sometimes a good cry is (almost) as good as ice cream. Thanks for giving us the chance at the stamp set. And I know what you mean about pain meds and computer access. : )

  28. Robyn, it's ok to let it out when you are feeling overwhelmed, we have all been there. Remember to take one day at a time and that God is always there for you. Thanks for the chance to win these cute stamps. I would use them to make some get well cards for a couple of friends.

    Cascrapper at gmail dot com

  29. Hi Robyn I have this set and the matching dies... so just thought I left you a get well soon message. So please get well!
    BTW I have ordered doubles of items and have not been under the "weather" like you, lol. Hope this makes you feel lots better!

  30. So sorry to hear about all you're going through. Sending happy thoughts your way ... life WILL get better. I love Papertrey products and this stamp set is adorable. Just perfect for all those get well cards! Thanks for being so generous.

  31. Thanks for doing the giveaway; you're so thoughtful. I would use this stamp set to make cards for people and bring a smile to their face. You can contact me at jemmem01@gmail.com

  32. Hey Robyn!!

    I suffered a near death experience a few years ago and all I can say is you never know how your going to process "stuff".

    Just hang in and with time it will all feel so much better :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

    Bridget L.

  33. I know what you mean. My service dog died last month on the 13th. It has been so hard for my husband and I. I get reminded of him about a million times a day. I always want to remember him but it is so painful still. When I see a dog like him or get reminded. I brake down and cry. It can even be in the middle of the store. He went everywhere with me. So it is not just home that reminds me of him. He was amazing. I am sorry for your pain. I hope you find comfort soon. Pain sucks. But I just think of all the joy my little Joey Bear brought me and I brought him and I would not trade that for anything.
    Ps, that set is adorable. Thanks for the chance to win it.
    Tabithat7 @ gmail dot com
    Tabitha's Designs
    Great priced, fun digi paper

  34. Ohhh I would make some super cute get well soon cards with this awesome set!!!

  35. Oh robyn I can only Imagine what you are going thru....I wish I could give you a big hug. Just keep in mind that my thoughts are with you.
    Thank you for being the person that you are and never change.

    Kiss and Hugs

    scrapente at hotmail dot com

  36. Aw I'm glad to hear that I'm not the one that breaks out in tears on occasion. So sorry that it was a hard day. This set is SO cute. I haven't seen it over at PTI before. I would totally use this set to make a card for my niece. She was recently diagnosed with stage 2 cancer and is starting chemo tomorrow. She is called "The Ice Cream Queen". I know a card using these darling stamps would make her SMILE! I hope you feel better soon! Hugs- Glora


  37. Hi Robyn,

    When I miscarried for the first time I was amazed at how many women I knew had gone through the same thing. It was like I joined a secret club. Thank you for sharing your story. I think if more of us share our stories, those of us going through it won't feel so alone and so guilty, misplaced though it may be.

    Praying for your physical, emotional and spiritual healing.


  38. I am so sorry you had such a bad day. Its okay to cry, even the strongest have those moments. As much as you have been through you have a right to have break downs. And their is nothing like a hug from a husband to help. Think I had said but I lost my FIL at our home now 3 weeks ago. I remember the first time I laughed and felt guilty after I did. But have moments where I am on a bike ride and have to pull over and have my moment to break down. Its been so so hard being here. I have good days and I have the days I just cant not think about it. And on those days I let myself cry and get it out. Hope you get to place where your feeling better, just lean on those you love and get lots of hugs.


  39. Well that's easy! I would make you a special card with this darling get well set! Hope you feel better a good cry always helps to restart the emotional recovery of sadness.

    Debbie H.


  40. Robyn, I'm sorry about you Tuesday. I think I can kind of feel your pain. Not sure where all my junk s coming from...menopause? Stress? Genes?, but as a formerly "almost too happy" person, I have been having some minor breakdowns and bouts of depression, and it is hard to deal with! So happy that like myself, you rest in the knowledge of God's love for you!
    You must have really liked the stamp set if you bought two of them! I think it's cute!
    Please pray that as a teacher, I make it through the last 13 days of school! God Bless You!
    Eileen Hietter. Spicyjane@comcast.net

  41. You're right not to judge others. We all have breakdowns at one time or another. I know I do. Thanks for a chance to win your giveaway. Feel better soon.

    Linda ☺
    Crafting With Nana

  42. Hi Robyn, Hope things get better for you. Just take it one day at a time, and know all your friend are thinking good thought and prays for you. The stamps are cute. Robin

  43. So sorry for all that you have gone through. Lean on the Lord, and He will give you strength.

  44. When I was much younger I lost two babies to miscarriage. But through it all my God was with me. Then when my second child was just 6, she was diagnosed with leukimia. Again God was with us, helping us cope through five long years of chemo. Today she is a beautiful 24 year old preschool teacher. I love to hear about your faith and so happy you know The Lord. Even though terrible things happen sometimes it's a compfort to know He is there for us. Each day is a bright a glorious new beginning no matter what is happening today. One day at a time.

  45. I'm so sorry you had a melt down Robyn, sometimes we just need to have them and get it out our system. I'm sorry if the cashier was judging you in some way. That is something I learned with my son is that you just can't judge a book by it's cover and you just never know what a person is dealing with so we should never judge. Everyone has feelings no matter who you are too. I'm glad that your hubby could come home and give you a big hug!!! Sometimes that is all it take is a hug by a loved one. I hope your day is better today my friend. I've been following you since the mb and I know one other time someone was judging you by your weight and I thought you looked so fabulous. People can be really insensitive and cruel, but just know that there are more kind people out there than there are cruel ones and that we love you for who you are!!! Big hugs!!!

    PS Thanks for a chance to win your extra set of stamps from PTI
    bsl60 at embarqmail dot com

  46. It will be okay. I've broken down multiple times in the last week after receiving a really tough personal blow. People can be really hurtful. I am praying all the time for the ability to forgive. It helps to know Heavenly Father is there watching over me. You've been through a lot recently. Remember to count every little blessing, no matter how small. I'm trying to follow my own advice. :) Now go play in your pink room!

  47. Glad to see you back bloggin! Missed you! I hope you get better soon!
    A BIG hug from Germany!


  48. Robyn, I totally understand. When I had my hysterectomy, I had a little "episode" when my washing machine wouldn't work. My hubby was out of town and I was here with 4 kiddoes. He calmly told me to call the repair man we usually use. Why couldn't I think of that? Anyway your hormones are probable all over the place. It will take time. Chin up.
    I would love this stamp set. One of my sisters is having a really hard time with family issues right now. She would appreciate it.

  49. One good side effect of being laid low: you're blogging! Best wishes for things to continue to get brighter (and craftier)!


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  51. What a wonderful life lesson & we never know just when they are going to hit us. Be well dear & keep on keeping' on...
    Gale The Happy Stamper :)

  52. Wow I love PaperTrey ink stamps! I got an imagine on Monday so I've been watching all your videos to learn how to use it! Thank you so much for posting them, you rox!!!!

  53. Your stories always seem to touch hearts and make us thankful for what we have. God bless!

  54. Hello sweetie,
    I hope you are feeling better. I know how you feel. I had that breakdown yesterday. I was in a state of pause with my mind consumed in my thoughts of desperation in search for a fix for what I'm going through.

    In the midst of my prayer my wonderful husband calls me and provided me with comforting words. Later in the day I called a friend to see how she was doing and she also ended up comforting me. while holding back my tears I told her I didn't like to share with others my trials because it made me feel worse. She replied that we all need someone to talk to to release our feelings. It is good to have someone to talk to, she said.

    I think this is a time of refinement. It allows us to feel, so we may better understand the Savior's plan for us. I'm send you lots of hugs and kisses.

    May the savior be with you every hour; in joy or in pain. May he come quickly and abide or life is vain.

    I pray that we all may come to the realization that we need Him every hour.


  55. God's Blessings to you Robyn! I hope today is a better day. I would use these stamps to make cards for people on the journey of stroke recovery. 6 years ago (at the age of 45) my husband suffered a severe stroke. We now volunteer at the hospital where he did his in-patient and out-patient rehab. I make cards for the patients, and let patients make cards if they want. I have to use all my own supplies for this, but these stamps would be well used!

  56. feel better soon! laura j

    ljseki at hotmail dot com

  57. I forgot to add my email. creativecraftsniche@gmail.com

  58. So sorry....but sometimes all we need is a good cry and a big hug from a loved one!!! Wishing you happier days and speedy recovery!!!

    Wow, in the midst of all this you are being so giving!!!
    Love this set!!!


  59. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a cry baby... I think we all should do it sometimes because it just feels so good to let go of all of that emotional stuff that builds up over time. I am so sorry to hear about what has happened, but so happy that everything was caught in time. Many hugs your way!

  60. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you are going through this difficult time.
    I would love to win this stamp set. I would like to make an assortment of cards to have at work to give to our customers as needed. I don't have any Papertrey Ink stamps.

  61. Hope you're feeling better! You are o right about your comment not knowing what someone is going through!

    Thanks or the chance to win.


  62. Sending happy thoughts and prayers your way!! I've ordered 2 of something on line before...and I wasn't on painkillers. Love to win! Lee-Ann :)

  63. Sending prayers for you to feel better soon. Thanks for the giveaway. I would use the stamp set to make cards

    mimicaro9650 at yahoo dot com

  64. Thru everything you have been thru I'm so sorry. It must have been hard to find out that you were pregnant and than to be worried about having a miscarriage. And than to find out that you did and have a emergency hysterectomy. It must difficult to have gone thru all that at once! I'm glad that you have your faith, family and friends and online friends to support you thru this hard time!


  65. It's good to see you blogging again...I missed you! This is an awesome set, and I have come close to ordering it a zillion times. I would use this set for cards I make for get well cards that I make for our local children's hospital. Thank you for the opportunity to win! ~ Diane


  66. Hi Robyn I've missed your blog posts, I'm so sorry to hear of what you have gone through ((((((((((hugs)))))), it sounds like you have a fabulous husband though and day by day things will get better. I would make some get well cards or tea sachets with this set

  67. Hi Robyn, sorry you had such a rotten day. I hope today is a better one. This is such a cute stamp set. I don't have any from this company. I love the ice cream one. I have 4 young children and a husband that loves ice cream. I would use them in some of my mini albums.


  68. Wishing you a speedy recovery, you are in my thoughts Robyn!

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  69. Glad your feeling better! I would love to win this stamp set. I would use them for cards.


  70. Would love to make some cute get well cards for friends with this set.

    Laura C

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  72. Thanks for the chance to win. :) I'd use this stamp set for those friends who need a pick me up - we all do occasionally.

    papercandy at gmail dot com

  73. Just so long as you know you can always vent here! Did the Dr mention things like this? If not, I'd tell them. My email is ldm410 at netzero dot com. Though I hope you sell the ones you mention in your last blog. I'll have more of a chance to get a set ;]

  74. Robyn, hugs and prayers are coming to you from Chicago!!! Feel better soon, and thanks for being kind to your crafty friends in the midst of your troubles.


  75. I'll make you a get well card if I win this. Don't own a get well stamp set yet.

  76. Robyn,

    Every once in a while we all need a good cry. Thanks for sharing our posts with us.


  77. We all have our moments... I wish you well. I would make get well cards if I win. Thanks for the chance.


  78. Praying that you are on the mend and feeling better. Sometimes we all need a good cry to relieve some sorrow and tension.

    I would love to make you a get well card form this stamp set. Thanks for the chance.

    kiwie_70 at yahoo dot com

  79. Oh Robyn, I hope you're feeling better! Take it easy! This is a cute set! I've been wanting to try out some PTI. I'd use this set to make get well cards starting with my grandpa who has been in the hospital for several months. Thanks for the chance to win!
    ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

  80. I somehow missed that older post. I had no idea just what you were going through. I'm glad things are starting to get better and hope you continue to do well. I know that He is aware of your suffering and will help you through it. Sending you big hugs and prayers.

    Thanks for a chance to win.
    rmpoohbear75 at gmail dot com

  81. I can understand your having a break down. something when we are going through somethings it seem that we reach a breaking point and it all come out. It is ok and you are right God does know what we are going through and he also knows how much we can bear and he has promised to always be with us and see us through whatever we are going through. What you are going through now will make you stronger and help someone else one day. Take it slow and easy and let your body heal and give thanks to God each and every day for the good and the bad.

    Love the stamps. I am trying to send more cards to people who are sick.

  82. Robyn, My prayes are with you. I can truely understand where you are coming from. There are things in our lives that we go through and at some point and time we reach a breaking point. Your faith in the Lord and the love of your family and friends will get you through all your struggles. Make sure you surround yourself with those that love you. Hugs, Velma

  83. So happy you are feeling better. You definitely "sound" chipper:-) I did the same thing after my C-section... internet in the hands of a woman with a credit card is "dangerous":-)


    ~Tammy S

  84. Robyn, I hope you are feeling better, sending you a BIG HUG!!

    I so love this stamp, I have been eyeing it for a while. I would definitely make all sorts of cards with this (get well, friendship, etc.)

    Take care of yourself!

    Marta V.

  85. Thank you for sharing because it really helps to know that others experience the same emotions or loss of control of those emotions. I really needed to hear what you had to say and I really needed to be reminded the He does know and that He does understand. You have given me the courage to reach out to a friend that I know is also down at this time. ;) and I'd make her a card with my new stamp set. I hope that your new day is a better day. mntobias@hotmail.com

  86. So sorry for your loss, your bravery and courage on you site will also help someone else to deal with loss in their life. Your are an inspiration to all of us in the Lord by your belief and actions. We all feel your pain, give it to God an he will heal your heart. Love "U"
    jrtherunks42 at yahoo cot com

  87. Thank you for referring us back to the original post. I somehow missed it and had been wondering what was happening. My prayers are with you as you go through your recovery, both physically and emotionally.

  88. would love to use this stamp set to lift and encourage many of my neighbors and Young women, who are going through hard times.
    The Lord does know and love you!

  89. Hi Robyn,

    I would use this stamp set in a different way than most. I would still make cards, but I would make them for everyone who is stationed at NAS Pensacola with me. One of the things we can all agree on is we miss home cooked meals. The food they serve in the galley is good but its not made by our moms/wifes.

    ATI Hills, cassiahills@yahoo.com

  90. i hope you continue to heal well. i've been through something similar and i feel for you. if i had these stamps, i would use them for the girls in young women's when they are ill and miss church.
    feel better soon!

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  92. Robyn, Today is Wednesday and I hope your day is going much better. You really didn't say what happened to you when you were checking out at the grocery store, but whatever it was, you were so forgiving--you really touched my heart. You are a true testament to your faith. :o)

    Thank you for sharing your life and your creativity. And thank you for a chance to win your extra stamp set. It is a really fun stamp set that would be fun to use in lots of ways!


  93. I'm SO SORRY that you've been going through SO MUCH! Remember, God will never give us any more than we can handle! You are such a warm, generous person and deserve only the best!


  94. Robyn,
    Hope your days are getting better as each day passes. Just take one day at a time. And HUGS are a powerful thing, are they not?! LOL
    I am throwing my hat in for your "stamp giveaway". I would truly enjoy making cards with them to cheer up someone who could use a smile.

  95. Hugs, sweetie. There are so many uses for that set, I can envision many cards. Maybe even some SB pages from hospital pics--sick kiddos.

  96. Oh please feel better soon!! I know how trying life can be. I've had my share of ups and downs! Take comfort in these words: Psalm 6:2.
    I would use this stamp set to make a card for a friend of mine who just went through surgery to remove cancerous tissues. Thank you for being so generous!

    Ohmyinkyfingers @ gmail dot com

  97. I know exactly what you mean. After spending 8 weeks in a rest home recovering from 2 failed back surgery I was feeling so sorry for myself and broke down just like you did. I don't know where those tears came from but I sure felt better afterwards. I hope you did also. You are on the road to recovery and thank goodness you have such a wonderful caring husband. I'd love to win that darling stamp set. Thank you so much for the chance....Mary Ann

  98. Thanks for the chance to win. I hope you feeling better each day!



  99. Sorry for you lost.
    Isaiah 41:10
    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


  100. Hi there, hope you'll be feeling better soon!
    I would use the ice cream stamps for a set with all the ingredients for ice cream cones, done that before for my daughter's friend. Using the stamps for tags and a card would make such a set even better! The soup can I would use for a "Get better" - set with tin of soup, a bowl and a spoon that I decorate with FIMO. Perfect stamps, love them so much :)


  101. Hi Robyn. I've been catching up with your blog posts recently and I'm so sorry to hear such sad news but am really happy you're healing well. Your blog post hit home with me in two ways. One is that I too know what it feels like to find out you're pregnant and then lose a baby. It's a very emotional and sad time and I can only imagine what you and your hubby must be feeling. And two my hubby had major surgery on Good Friday which went well however there were many complications and now there's a possibility he has a heart condition too. Life is never easy but if you have faith and your family and love somehow you manage to get through the really tough times. So I would use this stamp set to make another get well card for my amazing hubby. He's my strength and my life and I wouldn't know how to live without him. Lots of love and hugs to you and your family. Stay strong and keep the faith. Love Janene x


  102. Going through what you did is very emotionally draining. I still remember having a breakdown in my bedroom closet after my first miscarriage. I'll never forget that moment of pain, but I know it is something I had to go through to make me the mom I am today. Huge hugs to you and, again, sharing your pain with us is helpful to so many out there. Bloggers have such a sense of sharing and community like nothing else out there. May the peace of Christ be with you and your family during a tough time.

  103. Sorry for your lost! Hope you
    feel better soon! I would use
    this stamp set for a card to
    send to a friend that was
    having a hard time dealing
    with life. Thanks,

  104. So Sorry Robin,That your going through this! Sending Prayers your way. My little Great- niece Magnolia is 5 years old and she was just got diagnosed with a couple of things. One being a Auto Immune Disease. It's very serious and would Love for you and others to please keep her in your Prayer's. So sweet of you to have a giveaway. It would be nice to have a stamp set to make Cards for when my friends and Family are sick. Thanks for the chance to win.

  105. i am sending you a bunch of {{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}} in hopes that you will heal just fine. I had a hysterectomy at the ripe old age of 29. It was no fun. It sent me straight into menopause. Just take it real easy and don't rush things as it will only prolong the healing process.
    I would use the stamps to send out some amazing cards to my friends and family who become ill.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway.
    scrapnmom atlive dotcom

  106. I am sorry to hear of you challenge. I hope today is muuuuch better! I would use the stamps to create cards for the members of my neighborhood and church when they are ill or need a little TLC.

  107. Having to go thur what you did, you will find that you may have a few more days like this, but as time goes by you will have a lot more great days. Having a wonderful husband to lean on is a God send. The Lord will not give you anything that He does not feel you can handle. As for the stamp set, I would use it to make some get well cards.
    I hope you have a GREAT day.


  108. Hope your recovery is going well, take it easy!
    mykemma at gmail dot com

  109. I'm so sorry to hear about your rough day! This was my day yesterday, except, I was sitting in the chair at my dentist office with a helpless dentist searching for tissues! I hope you continue to heal both emotionally and physically! My heart goes out to you and I'll be praying for you!


  110. I am so sorry you have been going through these trying times Robyn. I can totally relate to the unexpected emotional breakdown!
    It always happens it seems when you least expect it and at first it appears to come out of nowhere, but it is obvious you have been through A LOT lately and I'm sure it makes sense to you why it happened. You need that release...and what a blessing to have a Husband who loves you so well through it! My Husband is just like that with me, he never grows weary in giving me hugs and tender care when I am overwhelmed with life. I love that you share your life with us, it makes me feel that I know you and we are old friends! For a retired stay-at-home Grandma like me...online friends are practically my ONLY friends! I cherish you and your blog and I will be praying that your healing goes well...physically, spiritually and emotionally! Take Care sweet Lady...oh and BTW...I would make a card for you also with this stamp set!
    Lisa Hall
    lisastuf at gmail dot com

  111. Hi there,
    I hope your feeling much better and in the days to come you will feel yourself once again. I would use this stamp set to send to a good friend of mine who is very depressed right now due to hubby and his demitia...plus they need over haul on their house. I would maybe send myself a card, having surgery on tongue friday. ouch....


  112. Hi,

    I understand how you feel. I am a single mom of six and I have went through something similar. No matter where the pain hits you, Let Go and Let GOD.


  113. I hope you get feeling better. I would love this set. I haven't been buying stamps because of the cost of everything rising and trying to take care of three kids, one of which with special needs come first. This set would be used a lot to brighten another persons day.

  114. You are a trooper! Just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers. I hope you feel better soon. Take Care.

  115. Wow - what a cute stamp - I love that it such a comforting get well take on things - Soup is my go to comfort gift for every one. The stamp set would work so well with my soup gifts :)
    larmabee at hotmail dot com

  116. Having a strong faith and loving family is so important when you are working thru a difficult time. I hope knowing you have both will make each day a little brighter. I would use the set to make cards for my mom who is in her 80's. I gave her a card box as a gift a few years ago and continue to fill it for her. Hope you have a better day and continue to heal!

    jrr.0404 at gmail dot com

  117. oh Robyn i am so sorry for your rough morning:( hopefully the rest of the day goes better and the week :)

    *chin up*

    I have this stamp set in my cart right now so if i won it that would be crazy cool. i love making cards to brighten people day so thats what i would do with it :)

    cutecardsbyjamie at yahoo dot com

  118. That is very generous of you. I hope you have a day full of sunshine and happiness! Sorry for all you've been through lately. {{{HUGS}}}

  119. So sorry,things will get better,keep your faith,I will keep you in my prayers,You have a BLESSED evening!!!

  120. I'm so sorry that things have been rough for you. I am also glad that you are recoviering. I had missed your posting. You are one of the first blogs I started flowing. Thanks for the chance to win the give away. I can already think of half a dozen friends I could send cards to using that set.


  121. Hugs!! Thanks for sharing your heart and blessings to you for choosing to share some joy!

  122. Sweet Robyn...I am so sorry you are going through such a rough time. I love following the stories of your life - good and bad - and I know that this chapter is on its way out and a new one is about to begin! I would love a chance to win the stamp set. I love Papertrey Ink, and I have been looking for the perfect stamp and sentiment to send to my almost 90 year old adopted 'mom'. My adopted 'dad' (who was really my mother's cousin) just passed away, and I have been trying to be supportive and comforting to this adorable lady. I can't imagine the pain of losing your life partner and trying to get through everything at 90 years of age. We are both blessed that we have each other. Thanks...and a big electronic hug! You have lots of friends out here thinking about you!!

  123. Oh my dear friend... I hate hearing that about your day. But know its perfectly ok to let it all out. And I am so glad you have a wonderful husband to lean on. Although I am not you I can understand some of your pain. My husband and I lost a child in early pregnancy I went through an actual labor. It was very very hard for me the ffollowing months after. We are all here for you! We all love you so much. Thank you for always being so real with us. It has helped me for so many years and now we can help you some. Chin up my dear tomorrow is another day! Big hugs !!!

  124. After the past few years of following you, you are like a friend, even though we have never met, let alone had a conversation. With your bubbly messages you have unknowingly kept my spirits up, so I know your followers would want to do the same for you. Take it easy. Your hormones are in shock, the reality of what happened to you is slowly setting in. I remember what it was like for me, and I still have emotional times 10 years later.
    Take care of yourself, but also let others take care of you.

  125. I would use this set to make a few cards for my sister in law. She is currently going through her second round of chemo, she only had 7 months cancer free. The type of treatment this time requires her to stay in the hospital for 4 days each time. She loves ice cream, and always wants to get ice cream before she goes to the hospital. So this stamp set would be so awesome. We are always saying "one day at a time", It helps us get through the day sometimes. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for the chance to win this set!

  126. I am sure the Lord will take care of everything your going through, he is the only dependable person we have to look to!!!

    Love the stamps, I am a card maker and that is definitely what I would use those for, that's a wonderful set!!

    mzcherub at gmail dot com

  127. Robin, I've followed you for a long time and newver known you to whine! You certainly have been through a lot the past couple of months and the emotions and the hormones are very sensitive! Give yourself a break and know it's all ok!
    Thank you for the kind give away!

  128. Since you are being so real, I do understand that you are dealing with so much more than major surgery or the loss of a child. You are dealing with the loss of the potential of future children. Even though I have all the children I ever intended to have, that's one is one gift Gog gave us woman and for some reason he chose to take away. God does have a plan for you. That plan did not include future biological children but maybe there's a child out in the world needing your love or your time is needed more in spreading his word. We can never know his true plan. We just have to trust that he knows best and will never give us more than we can handle. Hang in there and hold on tight to your family. Hope this helps make you feel better. Love and prayers.

  129. So sorry Robyn for your pain. You are very blessed with a wonderful husband and beautiful children, God truly loves you! Praying for continued healing and restoration for you, you are an inspiration to many people and I for one am glad you share your life with us you are genuine and full of God's beauty. Thank you and God bless you

  130. Sorry to hear about your bad day and everything you've been through! I can totally relate having had 2 ectopic pregnancies and then ending up having a hysterectomy in the end. It really does make you look at life in a different way knowing that at any moment it could have been taken away. My ectopics were both critical moments and I just thank God that he choose to let me stay with my family! Good news is that after having 2 amazing boys followed by so many fertility complications we ended up adopting our beautiful little girl. She completed our family! Happy healing to you Robyn!!

  131. Robyn, I am so sorry that you have been going through so much lately. I signed up for Fitness Pal because you suggested it before the new year. I haven't been keeping up all the time, but every time I list my food I think of you and thank you for suggesting this site. You are still in our thoughts and prayers and I hope that you will soon be feeling much better. You are in my prayers. I would use the stamp set with the Women's Group at my church. They send out cards, and I think if we made them ourselves it would be a more personal effort on our part. Thanks Jill M -- I hope that is enough info to identify me.

  132. I hope you are feeling better as each day passes,and be back to your bubbly self soon ,if I won this stamp I would use it on a scrap page I am doing for my 4 y o granddaughter who has just had surgery and spends individual times in hospital

  133. Sometimes we just need to vent or to have a good cry and "let it all out", then we have the strength we need, to go forward. I hope you received a Priesthood Blessing. Give yourself time to heal, physically and emotionally, you have been through a lot. I am in stage 4 cancer and my sister is battling Multiple Sclerosis. It seems like we all have difficult things to deal with. Life can be difficult, but we have each other to lean on. That's part of the plan. Take care of yourself and give your body time to heal. Sending hugs.

  134. This is a super cute stamp set! Thank you so much! I hope you're feeling better. <3

    Codi Gardner

  135. Robin, I'm glad you are ok with all that has happened. I've been praying for you and understand as I had a similar problem 2 years ago. I had a tough time coping and it didn't help that my brother in law posted my pregnancy online( he was excited for us). Not so great when receiving 40 emails during the couple of days after finding out it wouldn't carry. I would use the stamp set for a friend who just had a house fire and could use some comfort.
    Again glad you are ok!

  136. The emotional meltdown is to be expected. Your hormones are out of whack and the slow healing process can be depressing. I know first hand how you feel. It will get better for you. Just stay focused on all the ways God has blessed you! I would use the stamp set for my card making.


  137. So glad you are feeling better now. Give yourself some time and love on those babies of yours!

  138. Love this stamp set it would make great get well cards as a nurse you can never have too many get well cards. And this is Nurse's week so what a great time to win a wonderful stamp set. I hope you con't to feel better. Thanks so much for doing this wonderful giveaway!!


  139. Robyn, I am praying for you and your family throughout this difficult time. I would like to win this stamp set to make cards for all the people I recently met while going they my chemotherapy for breast cancer. I think it would really brighten their day. Thanks for the opportunity jgilberttn@gmail.com

  140. Saying a prayer that you'll be back to feeling great soon.
    I have just begun card making, and this stamp set is, well, just ME!

  141. Hope your soon feeling better, your surgery is definitely emotional, but like you say God is with you!! have a great day....Jeanmheming@aol.com

  142. Hope you're feeling better soon. I went through the same thing after my own hystrectomy. It seemed as though the littlest things would send me into a crying binge. Just know that with time it will get better. You are so kind to think of us all with such an awesome giveaway when you are going through such a rough patch. I would use the stamp set to make you a card to hopefully give you a smile. Keep your chin up and take it a day at a time. Thanks again.
    ufford at deruytercentral dot org

  143. Sometimes we just need to have a good breakdown I've been there. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. If I was to win this cartridge I would make a card for my friend who has been sick for some time now and would love to make one to send to you<3 thanks for chance to win.

    Shanna Wilson

  144. Hi Robyn, sorry to hear about your breakdown, but as you said only God knows our feelings and He is perfect in any sense and I know he has something amazing coming for you, I am praying for you. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!


  145. Hi Robyn I hope you start feeling better soon. Just make sure you take care of yourself. I would use the stamp set to make a card for a dear friend who miscarried on the 28th of April. It would have been her first baby due in October.

  146. Hang in there! You are an amazing and positive person. I admire your strength! Not entering the contest, I just wanted to comment. :)

  147. Robyn,
    No worries we all have meltdowns and usually it is exactly what you need. You are on your way to recovery and have a wonderful family at home and online! The stamps are perfect for get well cards but also for pages of pictures you have from sick kid days, surgeries etc. Thanks for sharing your products and life! Shannon Shannon.colon97@gmail.com

  148. I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad day, but hopefully things will be getting better for you! That stamp set is super cute!

    Amy V

    silly_girl_823 at hotmail dot com

  149. Hi Robyn!
    I'm so sorry that you're going through difficult times...
    Lots of hugs to you! God will give you strength and heal you soon...every day will be better than the day before. I will continue to pray for you! :)
    This stamp set is a great get well set. I would make get well cards for a few of my friends who have gotten ill within the past month. Thanks for the chance to win! Take care & God Bless!


  150. It is good to see you feeling uplifted and better today! Hugs and what a great giveaway! Thank you!

  151. Robyn, I pray your days ahead will be full of sunshine and great memories. What a wonderful Father we have to guide us. I'm so thankful you are on the mend.

  152. Hope you are doing well! My boss who is a great guy and has spent the last 30 years of his life providing free legal services to the elderly is recovering from cancer again he had it and was in remission and 4 years almost to the day he found out it had returned. He is a great guy and I would use this stamp set to make him something to help make him smile while he works through the chemo and radiation for the next 2 months. He loves soup and used to eat it every day at lunch so I know he would love it!!! Keep strong and I am glad you are doing better.

  153. My thoughts are with you! Only time will heal your pain. Stay strong and you can get through anything.

  154. I would love to use the stamp set for get well soon cards! Thanks for the chance to win!
    PS Sending healing prayers and thoughts you way.

  155. Be strong and give it to God, he is the great physician. I am going through taking care of my brother, her has stage 4 melanoma cancer. During my "free" time I go into my fave websites (yours) for strength and to create. Thanks for all you do!!!
    Carol Strahsburg

  156. Hi Robyn,
    So very sorry to hear about your bad day...girl, I have been there! My grandma suddenly passed away, my mom had a heart attack and my husband had surgery...all within 6 weeks of each other. Oh and did I mention that was the time when I was supposed to start back to school to get my degree? That was a little more than a month ago and Jesus is THE ONLY one who could help me through this. I still have some bad moments (not too many though) but knowing our Lord and Savior is ALWAYS there for me is the one thing that keeps me going. Sending healing prayers for you today, both physical and emotional. Take care and stay strong girlie!


  157. Thank you for thinking about us during while your recovering. God bless you!

    Carolyn Irizarry

  158. It will get better Robyn...day by day we are always here for you.

    I would use the stamp set in the card swaps that I participate in. I haven't sent out as many get well cards as I probably should have so I'm hoping by having some on hand I'll be more apt to send them when someone could use a little cheer! :0
    HMcWhirt at gmail dot com

  159. I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you. I would love this stamp set to make cards for my meal ministry. With the summer coming soon I hope to get many cards made!

  160. This comment has been removed by the author.

  161. I believe we all feel this way at times and other times we are that cashier. But as I get older I now know how to ask for help with undestanding. God will see you through this time and you will be better at the end of this journey. Just keep your faith.
    shewhodreamz at gmail dot com

  162. Hi Robyn
    I know your day will get better. How can it not with all the well Wishies :) any way I would love a new set as always but with me I have RSD so I'd have to make myself a card lol. Hope your feeling better soon, cuz we all have out bad days

  163. Thanks SO much for this giveaway!
    I am praying for you and hope you feel better! Those stamps are SOO cute! They would be great for a get well card!


  164. It is perfectly OK to have a pity party now and then. Hope you get well soon. I LOVE the stamp set. So cute and perfect for summer

    - MB

    misaacmom at gmail dot com

  165. Hugs to you and I know what it's like having a moment similar to yours. I feel your pain too.

    Thank you for all you do for us and keep up the great work.

    Crystal Edwards

  166. I could see myself using the ice cream stamp on a scrapbook layout documenting my pregnancy. Even though I haven't had a huge craving for ice cream while I'm pregnant, I've eaten my fair share of it. :)


  167. Robyn, sorry to hear about your awful day. You have been through a huge ordeal. I wonder if you have grieved for the baby you lost.
    Once, years ago, I was feeling overwhelmed with my life and had an anxiety attack in the soup aisle with my newborn and 16 month old in the cart. It was horrible because I'd never had one before. I thought I was going to die among the Campbell soup cans!
    You will get better! It takes time and faith.
    If I had this stamp set, I would use it to make cards for my sister who just had surgery for breast cancer. She could use the comfort.


  168. I am sure you are going through lots of emotions but be thankful you have 5 beautiful and healthy children. I love this stmap set.



  170. Cheer up:) hope you feel better, better days are coming, we all have rough patches:) Love the stamp set. I could use them to make cards, of cheer and get well for others. In these rough times I am sure it will not be difficult finding someone who needs a card of hope and wellness.

  171. SUCH a cute set!!! Thank you for thinking of all of us by doing a giveaway! If I win I would make a card for my dear friend who is ill and also one for you of course :-)

    I do hope you are starting to feel better. I was sorry to hear of all that you have had to go thru. Take care.

  172. Thanks for sharing your story and God is awesome! I have a few sisters from my church that have been going through something similar that you are and also a few that are just under the weather a lot lately and would live to create a cute and fun card with this stamp set :) have a great week in Christ!!

    Patty pschell99@gmail.com

  173. Oh my What a day. I will continue to pray for you. Thanks to the meds hahah.

  174. Sometimes we just have to cry. You are recovering from a huge loss, not just a surgery. Give yourself some credit for being a strong woman, but also give yourself permission to grieve.

  175. Oh, Robyn! I'm so sorry for your loss and your unexpected hysterectomy. I don't know whether you wanted more children or not, but either way having the decision taken from you in such a way (even though it was obviously necessary) is a hard thing. I've had six miscarriages at various stages of pregnancy, including up to 14.5 weeks, so I know a little something of how this feels. I've also now had a complete hysterectomy. Like you though, I've also been blessed with a house full of children as well (7) and I'm so thankful for them. I know you are full of faith and the Lord will heal you, physically and emotionally. Thank heavens for eternal families! My prayers are with you. P.S. You cry anytime you want to!

  176. Robyn--

    So glad to hear you are on the mend. It's amazing how just one little unexpected thing can bring us to our knees when we've been through a lot and held it together for so long....just a reminder how really fragile we can be and how much we need to each other and our higher power to survive. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    The stamp set is so me! Ice cream cures just about everything and if that doesn't work, homemade soup always will. I would so love to have this stamp set to include with my homemade chicken soup for cards when my daughter calls to say she needs her mommy still when she's sick (she's 28). It warms my heart to know Mom's chicken noodle soup made with love will make her feel better. thanks for the chance to win this one.
    harperpooh at yahoo dot com

  177. I am so sorry for all that has happened. My sister went through the same thing with twins in October. She is now pregnant again and so far so good. I am Mormon also and know u will be with your family all safe and sound!Take care and know you are loved! Hugs CallyAnn

  178. Oh, boy, so sorry you're having to go through this. I used to have breakdowns in the car after work (worked with abused kids many years ago). Think it was just a safe, private place to wail. Don't fight it. Grief takes time and it's different for everyone.

    As for the stamps, I love the ice cream ones. They'd be cute to use with a gift idea I saw on Pinterest. Include various ice cream toppings, sauces and cones in the gift. Add the ice cream too if you're hand delivering. Who wouldn't feel better after getting such a gift?

    Take care!

  179. So sorry you aren't well....I am however happy you post more often.
    I would use the stamps to make beautiful cards to mi friends.

  180. So sorry to hear what you have been going thru. I can truly say I know what it feels like. I'm glad you have your family to lift your spirits. Tomorrow will be better. Thanks for the sweet giveaway.

    marg0006 at Verizon dot net

  181. I hope you continue to heal and get better quickly! :) JenBrierley2 at gmail dot com

  182. Hi Robyn. I am so sorry you haven't been feeling well but I'm so glad you're getting better. My husband says that God sometimes puts us on our back to get us to look up.
    I love the stamp set. I think it would be great to make some homemade soup with a card and give a Bowl of Homemade Get Well Wishes! Thanks so much for the giveaway! Blessings to All! rickey whitlock @ gmail

  183. Isn't it amazing how we are admonished to throw our burdens on Him and he will sustain us. If I was so fortunate to be selected, I would make a card for my aunt, who is by my uncle's side in the hospital for the past six months. I would also make one for my mom, because she too has been by their sides this whole time. It is very difficult to see someone fight so hard, but their body continues to fail them. I hope you are getting better everyday.

  184. Robyn
    Sorry to hear you had a bad day. You are such a great person that brings joy to so many it makes me sad to know that you were sad. Your faith in The Lord, however, gives me comfort as I'm sure it does you as well. If I won I'd probably send YOU a hope you "feel better" card LOL. Hope your days get sunnier. HUGS
    Donna CMC at optonline dot net

  185. I know this an emotional time for you. All the hormones and medicines really change how you feel. I hope and pray that this too shall pass. I would use this stamp to make cards for the elderly in my moms congregation. They so often need cheering up.

  186. Sorry about your bad day. I would use this to make cards for the teachers at our school and my friends.
    tmyers109 at sbcglobal dot net

    Thanks! Traci

  187. What a wonderful set to create cards to send to special people going through trying times just like you. Sending big hugs from Michigan!

  188. So sorry for what you're going through. I hope all is well real soon. I would make cards and scrapbook pages. (My little guy and his boo-boos.)

  189. Praise God you are feeling better emotionally! Sorry you had a meltdown but sometimes it's what we need in order to get on the right path. Thanks for the cute giveaway...I love these stamps! Prayers continuing for your recovery~
    Jen, scrappyjene@gmail.com

  190. Robyn I can sure understand what you are going through Years ago I was pregnant and also had a tubal pregnancy and boy it's not easy getting through that surgery. Take it easy and you are so right, GOD got me though it all and I ended up better for it. I love your blog and you are the one that got me inspired to start crafting. Now I sell my things at craft fairs and have a great time!! Thanks for all you do for us and take it easy and feel better soon. casey1@me.com

  191. I wish you nothing but the best... God only gives us what he knows we can handle....my parys are with you and your family. Thanks for shareing....
    Ashley sweetpeachcreations@yahoo.com

  192. Robyn,

    I am sorry for what you are going through, sometimes a good cry and a hug is all you need. I lost my 38 year husband to cancer back in February and remember what I do have, the blessings that are here each day like our 4 children is what pulls me through. Best wishes on your continued recovery.

    Debbie B
    debbiebutcher at comcast dot net

  193. Robyn, you are certainly Blessed in many ways. Wow...it's hard to express any thoughts after hearing what you've been through. I have not been on the Blogs much lately because I'm trying to do MAJOR spring cleaning. I have not forgotten my close Blog friends and feel bad that I missed your original post. Moving forward I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Sounds like the setting Robyn I become to know over last few years has do I d her way back...it's part of the healing process. You are loved.
    Hugs and love,
    Dee B

  194. Sometimes a good cry and a hug is all we need. I'm glad that with each day you are feeling a little better. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  195. Robyn,

    I'm glad to see you sharing your thoughts whether
    they are good or not. Not being on top of your
    game is very difficult and you have ALWAYS
    been on top until now.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you and I know
    you will be back on top soon

    I would use this stamp set to send a card to anyone
    I know who isn't feeling well and could use a
    little cheering up. It wouldn't matter if it was a
    cold or major surgery...everyone needs to know
    someone cares about them.

    Thank you for sharing!

    grecopa at gmail dot com

  196. Hope you feel better Robyn! Thanks for all you do!

  197. Hi Robyn, My heart has been aching for your situation. I am sorry you have had to go through all of this. I am a Chiropractor in Indiana, and I love to make cards for my patients. I love your sympathy cards and of course get well cards. I only got introduced to your website in the past 6 months and have lost out on a lot of your stamp sets. I love the ones I have been able to buy. I would love to have this set to make more get well cards for my patients and friends. Prayers for your healing XOXO
    Robin Baker, D.C.


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