Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Checking in!

Hello Everyone!

Well, it's been a crazy week already.  On Sunday, one of my little boys came down with a fever, on Monday night my other 2 boys came down with it.  Tuesday morning, I came down with it along with my 3 boys who are still sick!!  Good news is that I got my test results back and mine is only an upper respiratory infection so I am on a z-pack.  We will find out this afternoon what is wrong with my boys.  

On a happy note, I pick up my sister, Christy, from the airport this afternoon!  Then Karlee arrives tomorrow.  Woooo hooo!!  I don't even know what we are doing yet!  Can you believe I am going to be 40 tomorrow???  Neither can I!!

My awesome neighbor found out we were sick yesterday and brought us all these goodies including the homemade chicken noodle soup.  She is sooooooo sweet!!

They made me wear this at my drs office yesterday.  Fun!!  So claustrophobic, though.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Digital Scrapbook Pages

Hello Everyone!

I wish I had a lot to post tonight but I really don't.  Just wanted to write a quick update for you so you don't think I fell off the face of the earth.  LOL!  I've been using my time this past week to get some much needed chores done and try to prepare my house for this week.  My sister flies in on Wednesday and Karlee flies in on Thursday to celebrate my 40th birthday with me.  YAAAYYY!!  Only 4 days left in my 30's!  My husband has something planned for us 3 girls on Friday to celebrate my birthday.  I wonder what it could be??  I'm so curious but of course, I can't get it out of him.

On another note, I have been digital scrapbooking lately.   Here are some pages I completed.  A friend of mind gave me a fabulous idea!  She is putting all of her digital scrapbook pages on discs to give to her children when they move out.  I think that is WONDERFUL!!

P.S.  I have my 12x12 pages printed from Scrappin' Simply.  They are only $1.99 a page and are good quality.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scrapbooking Thoughts and Craziness!

Good morning everyone!!

I hope you have had a good week so far.  Mine has been busy but great!  I've had some wonderful service opportunities through my church and the Relief Society Organization that I am a part of.  Nothing helps you get out of yourself like serving another person.  :)

Today is going to be a lazy day.  I can tell.  It's rainy outside and I am BLAH!!  Two of my children have ortho appointments throughout the day, so I have decided that I am going to fill in the rest of my day with scrapbooking!  I am doing traditional scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking now.  I rotate months.  I will print out a few months at a time and then if I have a big month filled with a lot of events, I will digital scrap that month.  That way I am still satisfied with the paper crafting but am able to also get pages done when I cannot pull my paper supplies out or I am not at home.  On New Year's Eve I went through all my 16+ years of scrapbook paper I have collected and organized it.  I actually had a stack about 8-9 inches high of paper that I gave away to a friend who just got her first Cricut for Christmas and had very little supplies.  I had been holding on to paper from the first Stampin' Up! release of patterned paper!!  I figure, if I haven't used it yet, I'm probably not going to.  LOL!  I am VERY organized now with all my paper!!  YAAAYY!  Do you want to see it??

Monday, January 07, 2013

Happy Sunday & Monday!

Hello Everyone!!

I had meant to post this last night but forgot to hit Publish!  I wanted to share some fun journals that we handed out to the Sisters in my church.  I taught the lesson in Relief Society this month and had the help of the full time missionaries.  I am the Relief Society President in my ward and along with my counselors, we decided to have monthly goals in the year 2013.  We handed out these journals so the women could personally write down their thoughts and inspiration in their daily lives regarding our monthly goal.  Our January goal and theme is RESCUE.  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (just in case you were wondering).  :)

I ordered these 5x7 notebooks online from The Dollar Tree.  They are the perfect size to fit in a church bag or a purse.  

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Episode 237 - You are FABULOUS!!

Hello Friends!

I just wanted you all to know how fabulous you are so I made you another video!!  This is seriously a SUPER quick card!  You don't even need to pull out your Cricut or anything.  Very basic but, oh so elegant!!

I hope you have all had a great week!!  I am teaching in Relief Society tomorrow in my church.  I'll share more about the lesson tomorrow.  It is about Rescue and helping find His lost sheep.  I want you all to know how grateful I am for YOUR friendship.  Even though I have not met 99% of you, I truly appreciate all of your support over these 6+ years.  Love you!!

Also, I just discovered Instagram on my phone.  I am robynstamps over there if you are interested in seeing my silly daily pictures.  Here are a couple I posted this week.  

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Episode 326 - Relief Society Invitations

Hello Everyone!

Can you believe I made another video already?  I was working on some invitations for church tonight and thought I might as well make a video of them for you!  Hope you enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

With Sympathy Card

Hope you all are having a great January 2nd!!  I have to go and get a new crown today.  YIKES!!  I broke mine on Christmas Eve.  You see, I was hoarding some yummy homemade peanut brittle that one of my friends gave me, and secretly eating it in my room.  That is when I took one bite and my crown broke!!  That is what I get for being selfish and not sharing, huh??  I decided I'd better share the rest with my hubby.  LOL!!

A couple of days ago I organized all of my cards and realized I was low on Sympathy cards.  I made these 8 using some of my really old Stampin' Up! stamps.  I actually copied I made over 6 years ago.  I cannot remember if I ever shared it with you guys so I am sharing now.  

Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Black & White Cartridge Winner!

Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments this week!!  I have the winner of the Black and White Imagine Cartridge!  Wasn't that quick??


Blogger Linda said...
Great to see a project from you.
Very cute! I would love to win the cartridge. Thanks for the chance.

Happy New Year & My Pink Loser Challenge!

Hello my dearest online friends!!

I hope you all have had a Happy New Year!!  Today has been one of organizing and just hanging out with my family.  It's been really nice.  :)

For those of you who are doing the My Pink Loser Challenge with me, get ready!  We start officially tomorrow on January 2nd!!  Here are the websites where you can visit and check in....

In order to participate I will need you to add your name to tomorrow's post on My Pink Loser Blog.  I would like to know how many are participating with us.

Facebook:  My Pink Loser

Blog:  My Pink Loser

My Fitness Pal:  mypinkstamper

See you all tomorrow and have a GREAT January 1st!!