Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone!

Where did the time go this week?  I cannot believe it is already the weekend, and a 4 day weekend for those of us in our school district!  YAAAYYY!!!

I was going through some of my childhood pictures and thought I would share a few.  Look at how blonde I was!  Can you believe how 70's I was??  LOL!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Biggest Fan Visit!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to share some pictures from this past March when my biggest 12 year old fan came out to visit me!  It was her birthday surprise from her mother.  How fun is that?  We met for lunch at Mimi's Cafe, then they came back to My Pink Loft to hang out and do a live show!  Do you all remember it??  Here are some behind the scenes pics of My Pink Loft and Studio.  You all know that they are now combined into one room, right?  Court also was the one who gave me the cupcake batter gadget I showed on yesterday's post.  I have seen them at Walmart but not sure where she got hers.  

It's funny because as I am going through my pictures this week, I am finding a lot that I never shared with you!  

Monday, August 27, 2012

Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Hello Everyone!

I was going through and cleaning out my many pictures and came across the Blue Velvet Cupcakes I made for my son's 10th birthday in March.  You can click HERE for the Red Velvet recipe.  I just substituted blue dye for red dye.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Charity Never Faitheth Card

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today has been a very good Sunday so far.  I went to church and felt spiritually fed.  In Gospel Principles (Sunday School) we talked about families and the responsibility of the father, mother, and children.  I am always strengthened as I listen to others comment and share their life experiences in the class.  I also was reminded that we cannot control our children (as much as I would like to) but are here to be their guides, to teach them, and try to help them make good decisions BUT we cannot force them to do anything.  

In Relief Society (the 3rd hour in which all the women meet) the lesson was on trials and enduring them.   I shared the experience of when I was training for my first (and only) marathon.  On a Saturday, as my husband and I were doing a long run, we experienced a lot of strong wind and had to run against it.  At one point I sat down, cried, and said that I couldn't do it anymore.  It was too hard!  My husband encouraged me to get up and just finish.  After a few minutes of feeling sorry for myself, I got up and finished the run, crying the rest of the way.  As I look back on that experience I can relate it to life.  We all have tough challenges that we face every day and some might seem too hard.  We want to give up.  But, we have the Savior there to help us along the way and encourage us to endure.  Life is hard but the greatest reward is that we can be with our Father in Heaven and our family forever IF we just endure and make it to the end.  

There was a sweet 86 year old woman visiting our ward (congregation) today.  She has been taking lessons from the missionaries about our church.  You can click HERE if you don't know anything about my church and are curious.  I am going to stop by and visit her tonight.  I made this card for her.  Do you notice that I didn't use pink?  I was very tempted though.  LOL!  I hope you all are having a WONDERFUL and PEACEFUL Sunday.  I am grateful for you and the support you give me daily.  Thank you all for being YOU!  Even though we come from different backgrounds & religions we have very much in common.  :)

On this card I used the saying Charity Never Faitheth which comes from the Faithful Sayings MPS stamp set.  The saying is our Relief Society's Motto.  

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Canned Applesauce

Dear Diary,
Hi Everyone!

Today has been a good day.  I am feeling more domestic these days.  I did laundry, cleaned my kitchen, organized the pantry, and made homemade applesauce for canning!  Loving it!   We had the missionaries over for dinner and I made a crockpot recipe I found on Pinterest.  Do you all know how much I love Pinterest??  You can see my board by clicking on the sidebar.  You probably won't see many crafts on my boards but you will see the things I am interested in right now.  Lots of food recipes (especially now that I can't eat them), home decor, organization, sewing, etc.!!

For any of you who missed it, I retired from my product line.  The post is buried right now since I have been rockin' my posts!  LOL!  I decided that I wanted to continue being a Stay-at-home mommy without owning my own business.  My kids really don't know the difference but my dishes and laundry do!  I have always been very much involved with my children and husband, as you probably have seen over the past 6 years since I've started my blog, but I wanted my head to be in the game (if you know what I mean).  Owning a business in a competitive market can really start to get in your brain.  I am SOOOOO much happier now that I am just Robyn!  I feel a peace within that I think has been missing for a couple of years.

Today is Day 3 of doing Jenny Craig.  I have been REALLY hungry today and have had a couple extra 100 calorie snacks.  That is totally okay, though, because I skipped the really unhealthy cravings I had.  I need to do this for ME!  I have been feeling sluggish lately, even though I play a ton of tennis and am very active.  I need to start paying attention to my snacking habits.  Wish me luck!  I'm going to do JC for 3 months and then do it all on my own like I did before.

Guess what???  Karlee is coming to visit me in 3 1/2 weeks!!!  I have not seen her since April!!  Sooooo excited about that!!

Okay, here are the pictures of my applesauce that I canned.  It was soooo good.  You can find a recipe online by searching for canning applesauce recipes.  They were all pretty close to each other.

I picked up these apples at the Farmer's Market this morning.  There were more in the box but I remembered to take a picture after I had peeled a bunch of them.  
My apple peeler/corer from Pampered Chef.
My sweet helper!
I even used my pressure cooker for some of the apples!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Saturday night!  I'd love to hear from you!  Since I've retired, I have had time to read ALL the comments and even respond in the comments!  LOL!  Love you guys!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Can you believe the weekend is here already? It's 10:15 pm on a Friday night and everyone is asleep and I'm on my way to bed. Thank you school! My kids had a very busy week and now it's time to let them catch up on a little sleep.

I started Jenny Craig yesterday and am still adjusting to eating less than what I'm used to. I decided that it was time that I got healthy again and made better eating habits for myself and for my family. Actually, these first two days haven't been too bad and I know that my body will adjust.

We have blossoms on our squash plants!! HURRAY! We also have Cucumber Beetles on them! BOO!!! We went out and manually picked them off today. There weren't too many but we need to nip them in the bud (literally!!)

Tonight I made my 6th pressure cooker meal in a row!! I will attach the recipe. I made it up and my family loved it!

3-6 steaks - cut up and cubed (I used thick cut yummy ones from Sam's Club)
1 stick butter (I know it's a lot of butter. I normally don't put much in my meals)
Salt & Pepper
Cubed potatoes (as many as you want)

Put your electric pressure cooker on browning and melt the butter. Add the steak and brown. Add seasonings. Add potatoes plus 1 1/2 cups beef broth.

Cook on high pressure for 15 minutes. Release pressure. Strain the meat and potatoes. EAT!
*Remember to alway read the manufacturers directions and warnings on your pressure cooker.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pressure Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

Hello my fabulous friends!

This morning I was feeling ambitious so I met two of my friends to go bike riding.  Remember my pink bike that I bought last year that I only rode about 4 times?  Yep, it's been a year so I thought I'd give it another shot.  I biked 7 miles and it was LITERALLY uphill both ways!  It's such a tough ride but I feel good that I finished it.  It will get easier and easier.  

Tonight I played with my Electric Pressure Cooker again and made Chicken Noodle Soup!! It only had to cook for 8 minutes and was the BEST chicken noodle soup I've ever had and I'm not just saying that!  Here is the recipe I found online.  

Today, after I picked my boys up from school, my Kindergartener fell asleep in the car.

He stayed asleep while I transferred him to the living room couch.

Then I looked over and he was posing below.  He said "I knew you were going to take a picture so I pretended to be asleep"!  That little stinker!  LOL!  Do you see his lovely bruise on his eye?  He got it Saturday night jumping on the tramp and getting hit by the hose they were all swinging around!  I sent him to school on his 2nd day with a big boo boo!  

Pressure Cooking Crazy & Gardening Fun!

Hey all!

I just had to post this before I forget!  I am in love!!  Can you believe it??  Do you want to know what I'm in love with this time?  LOL!  Well, it's my new Electric Pressure Cooker!  I just got it in the mail on Saturday and have already used it twice!!  It's SUPER AWESOME!  I originally bought it so I could do some pressure canning since I own a glass top stove and they don't recommend the traditional pressure canner/cooker as it will crack your stove..... but I digress!  On Sunday I forgot to put my roast in the crock pot before church, as it normally takes a good 6-8 hours on low for a nice tender roast.  So...... when I got home I put a layer of carrots, celery, potatoes, and roast with 2 inches of water in my pressure cooker and set it on high for 60 minutes.  VOILA!!  I went out to visit some women in my ward (congregation) and when I got home dinner was ready and it was DELICIOUS and tender!!  (Always read the owner's manual for any pressure cooker you purchase and follow the instructions suggested.)

Tonight I wanted to test out frozen chicken breasts so I added 3 frozen chicken breasts, 3 quartered onions, and about 4 cups of chicken broth.  10 minutes later it was done!!  Dinner will never be the same around here!!  

Here is the one I own.  I bought it here at but you can pick these up almost anywhere.  

Do you want to see my garden so far???  My squash and cucumber plants are getting HUGE!!!   I grew these from seeds!!!  I cannot even believe it!  Wait until you see our garden next Summer!

Monday, August 20, 2012

You're Owl-dorable!

Hello Everyone!

Are you having a good Monday so far?  I loooove Monday mornings!  One of my favorite times of the week.  I get my kids off to school and then get down to business getting my house back in order after having it DESTROYED over the weekend!  LOL!  I am actually going to play tennis this morning at 9:00 am with some friends and then come back and get my laundry done.   BLAH!  Laundry is no fun at all!  

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Sunday!  Mine was GREAT!  In the morning we went to church and I got to hear my 12 year old give a talk on Service to the entire congregation.  Do you want to hear her talk?  Here it is!  Can you believe she wrote this by herself and then got up in front of over 200 people to present it??  Here we go.....


"For those of you who don't know me, my name is ____________ Cardon.  This is my first time giving a talk in church, so I'm a little nervous.  I was asked to speak on service.  The definition of service is the act of labor to benefit another person.  It can be as easy as opening a door for someone, or even smiling at someone.  When my sister broke her arm and was in a long cast, I helped her out with the things she was unable to do.  Almost every Sunday, me and my mom, mostly my mom, make a treat for our friends and neighbors.  When I do an act of service, I feel really good inside to know that I had helped someone, usually during a rough time.  Every Saturday all of the kids help my parents out by cleaning all the bathrooms in our house, along with some other small chores.  In the scriptures we read that if you have spent your days in service, you have been in the service of your God.  And that means when you do service for other people, you are doing service for Heavenly Father.  I know that we are all able to serve, and that if we do, we will be blessed."

Didn't she do a fabulous job?  I was one proud mama sitting in the church pew!

Last night I wanted to make more cards to use in my church calling.  I get to work with the women in my ward (congregation) by checking on them and making sure they are taken care of.  I realized that I am getting low on fun cards!  I thought, what about a cute owl??  This is what I came up with.  What do you think?  

I used the Cricut Lite Hoot & Holler cartridge.   I also used Biggie Punnies (which will be gone forever soon, so get them while you can!)  

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Missionary Fun!

Happy Sunday!

I wanted to share some fun pictures I took this week with some of our church's missionaries.  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we have many missionaries out around the world.  You might have seen them walking or riding a bike around your town.  LOL!  They are hard to miss with their white shirts, ties, and name tags.  We have 2 that are assigned to our ward (congregation) at all times and love getting to know them since they are not normally from our state.  One of our missionaries was getting transferred to another area in Oklahoma so they stopped by so he could say goodbye to our family.  We will miss him but wish him the best in his new area.   These boys sacrifice 2 years of their lives to serve the Lord.  What a blessing they are to so many to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   I am blessed that 2 of these missionaries knocked on my door over 16 years ago.  

Here we are!  My awesome family with the missionaries!  My 5 year old kept doing karate moves behind one of the missionaries!  LOL!

What fun my boys had doing karate with Elder Woodland!  

Did I mention that my 14 year old daughter broke her arm the week before she started high school??  She was practicing tennis outside our garage and tripped, twisting her ankle while falling and breaking her lower radius bone!   Poor thing!  She wanted to play high school tennis so bad.  I keep telling her that it will all work out and I am confidant that it will!

Hugs to you my dear friends!

Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day of School and Goodie Bags!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today was officially the first day of school for us!  Can I tell you that it went by SOOOO fast!  It was so nice getting back in a routine.  The only problem we had was that my 5 year old got up at 4:15 am because he was so excited about Kindergarten!!  LOL!!  He is such a sweetie pie!

My oldest started high school with a broken arm.  She was such a good sport and has not complained one bit about it.  She has a great first day!  
 My 2nd oldest (but my baby girl) started 7th grade and was so happy to be on the same team as all of her friends.  This is a first and she is thrilled!
 My middle child but oldest boy was happy to stay at home with mom and start his Online Charter School.  He is the only one of my kids doing this and it was a prayerful decision.  This is the best for him at this time and I am excited to see him excel.  He is super bright and such a joy in my life!  I'm looking forward to having him craft with me this year!
 My little platypus is starting 2nd grade this year.  He looooves his new teacher!  She is fresh out of college and so excited to teach!  I could feel her enthusiasm and love for the children when I met her this morning.  
 Here is my BABY (but don't tell him I said that)!  He started FULL DAY Kindergarten today.  He couldn't stop smiling.  He absolutely LOVES school!

Here are the goodie bags that I made for my 2 little boys' classes!  Such a fun treat on the first day of school!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Much love!