Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My Original Stamp Sets in Stock!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Wow!  It's HOT here today!  I played 2.5 hours of tennis in this humid, muggy, sticky HEAT and it was awful!  It felt like the middle of Summer, not the beginning of September!  I did have a blast playing, though.  I just didn't enjoy the heat!  I bet I burned a ton of calories today!  YAAAYYY!!

One of my retailers just contacted me to let you ALL know that they have my ORIGINAL stamp sets in stock!  You know, the 2 that I released at CHA 3 years ago??  These were the stamps that started it all!  Get them before they are gone forever!  She also has Family & Friends in stock which I know some of you have been looking for.  

Click HERE to purchase Everyday Occasions.
Click HERE to purchase Simply Sweet. 

They also have more Volume 3 Cricut Fun DVDs in stock!  These are my FAVORITE Cricut DVDs out there!  I'm not just saying that because I created them but they have great step by step instructions which will help you if you are a beginner or advanced Cricut user.  

Click HERE to check out my DVDs.  

These will be the LAST Cricut DVDs that I plan on making so once they are gone, they will never reappear.  

Okay, now I am off to make 3 more batches of Apple Pie Filling!  Wish me luck!  Click HERE to get the recipe for the filling I showed yesterday.


  1. Fabulous Robyn! I have all of them but will definitely let my FB followers know in case they need them. :)


  2. Hey Robyn. I have a couple of your stamp sets but want to get as many as I can before they are gone. Do you have a retailer that sells a bundle of them?

  3. Thanks for sharing Robyn have to get these before they are gone. Bummed was so hoping you would do a Tennis themed stamp set. I'm currently making tennis bags for the girls in my league and there is very few tennis stuff out their.
    Enjoy playing

  4. I recently purchased 3 of the stamp sets. I wanted to make sure to get some while I still could!!! I wish you the best with your future endeavors!!

    P.S. I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you on Cricut Cruise 2011!!!!


  5. I order all three Fun with Cricut DVD sets. I just couldn't pass up the deal.


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