Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Christy!

I cannot believe I posted earlier today without saying Happy Birthday to my big sister, Christy!  I hope you had an AWESOME day!  Wish we lived closer!!

I am 5 inches taller than my sister so I refer to her as my "little" big sister!  LOL!  It's funny because our youngest sister (who is 7 years younger than I am) is at least 3 inches taller than I am!


  1. your post made me laugh .. my little sister is 7 inches taller than me and always refers to me as her "little big sister" too!

    Happy Birthday to Christy!

  2. I use the same intro for my younger brother. He's definitely taller than me. I introduce him as my Little "Big"

  3. Happy Birthday Christy!!! Enjoy my fellow Septemberan!!!

  4. Hope your sister had a wonderful birthday. I am the youngest of three girls and am taller (and bigger) than my older sisters, too.

  5. I feel your sisters pain...I'm the oldest my sister (3 years younger) is about 1-2 inches taller then me, my other sister (4 years younger) is about 3-4 inches taller then me...but my baby sister (13 years younger) is 1 inch shorter then least I'm taller then her. LoL!


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