Friday, September 07, 2012

Garden Update

Hello Friends!

I just wanted to update you on our garden. I cannot believe that we have so many vegetables growing! We have 12 tomatoes, 5 squash, and still only one cucumber so far but it looks like we will have much more. How exciting this is to be able to plant something from a seed, watch it grow and then eat it! We are going to pick the cucumber tonight and share it between the 7 of us. I'm a farmer now! Lol!!


  1. Looks good my friend!!

  2. So will you be changing your 'name' to The Pink Farmer then? :P

  3. Hey robyn can you show how to make a glimmer mist
    i love dying yarn
    check out chemknits on youtube to find out more

  4. Hi Robyn!
    Your garden looks great! Just wondered if you knew to also harvest the squash flowers? My grandmother used to dip them in a simple batter (flour, baking soda, salt & water) & fry them...they were awesome! (It's an Italian thing, I think) What a wonderful childhood memory! I always wished they sold the flowers at the supermarket or farmer's markets here in R.I. I would love to eat them again!! I guess now you have a green thumb...PINK & GREEN go hand-in-hand so to speak! All of our Fathers' creations are so incredible & always amaze me! Now your family can enjoy your crops...both the paper ones AND the veggie ones!
    God Bless & bunnie hugs from R.I.,

  5. Glad you discovered the joy of gardening!!! What a wonderful skill to teach your children!

  6. Looks great. I believe you are a natural.

  7. It looks great! Gardening is very rewarding, I am so happy to are having fun with this.

  8. Mmmm...squash blossom risotto...fried green tomatoes...yum! Good for you!

  9. Beautiful garden, I gave up on our gardening due to the insects, they always got the best of our veggies.

    Hugs, Lori m

  10. Looking good!!! all those baby veggies are so cute!!!

  11. Robyn, you are too cute! I just had to log in to post to this blog. As someone who grew up on a farm in California's Central Valley (San Joaquin Valley), I can say that yes, you are a farmer! Actually, my dad used to and still farms cucumbers, plums, nectarines, peaches, apricots and that's just in his little garden. Oh and watermelons!! (Love.)
    Cucumbers grown in your own little garden are the best!!
    Congratulations on your crop and enjoy your cucumber with your family.

    -Veronica Padilla
    in CA

  12. Robyn your garden looks amazing. What wonderful memories. Let us know how the cucumber was :)

  13. Robyn, I love reading your posts. I didn't get to plant a garden this year because we moved right in the middle of the planting season. So I get to enjoy it through you. Thanks.

  14. Way to Gooo Robyn!!! Now you're going to have to share your first Garden Creation Recipe when you begin to pick them. This is sooo Awesome You Go... Girl! Smooches...

  15. Our garden didn't do really well this year. Tomatoes and peppers were ok, no squash crop. boo hoo. I wanted to do a fall garden but hubs just wanted to give it a break so maybe next year.


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