Sunday, September 09, 2012

Cucumber Update & Sunday Stuff!

Happy Sunday All!!

I hope you had a wonderful Sunday?  I had a very uplifting day, so far.  We had what is called Stake Conference today where we were able to hear inspirational talks from some of our local church leaders.   The main theme of this conference was about applying the atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives.  I learned A LOT, to say the least.  The most important thing that I learned was that I am not perfect and neither is anyone else.  We all have our own struggles that we deal with everyday and IF we apply the atonement in our lives and remember WHY we have it in our lives, we can know that He has felt all of our pain and trials.  There were some great personal experiences that some of the speakers shared in which I was very touched by.  I am going to try and apply some of the principles I learned in my daily life.  :)  

We cut my cucumber today and had it with our dinner!!  Some of you have e-mailed me and said "DON'T CUT IT YET!  LET IT GROW, ROBYN!"  LOL!!  I think I forgot to mention that this variety is a Pickling Cucumber and I want to pick them when they are about 4-5 inches in length.  Can I tell you how yummy it was!!!  We grew it from a seed and will have a bunch more in the next few weeks.  The bees were pollenating away out there!!

I have GREAT news for you!!  Karlee will be here THIS Wednesday!  For some reason I was a week off and didn't think she was coming until NEXT Wednesday!  I was on the phone with her yesterday and said that I'd see her in a week and a half and she said, "Robyn!  I'll be there on Wednesday, remember??!!"  I think I am going a bit batty before my 40th birthday!  LOL!  I am soooo excited she is coming so soon.  I've honestly had a rough week.  I am feeling like my normal self today but I have been kind of a bear to live with for a few days.  I am grateful for my family and how they put up with me every few months.  We all have weeks like that, right??  I was calling Karlee to tell her that I needed a BFF break when she told me the great news!  LOL!  I love how that worked out.  

Okay, I'd better get going.  I made some yummy homemade bread that I need to go deliver.  I am trying to visit some of the ladies in our church who are on the rolls but I haven't seen at church and have never met.  We just want them to know we were thinking of them.  I love how our church looks out for everyone, through the Visiting Teaching program.  If you are curious, you are welcome to read more about my church HERE.  

I love you all and will talk to you very soon!!


  1. Seeing you with this cucumber makes me laugh. My Nana used to make her own pickles...they were wonderful. When my Mom was a kid...her Nana, had knitting club meetings at her house. She put out treats and such. I guess when she was pickling that year, the kids were driving her nuts...4 boys and 1 girl(my mom). She accidently peeled the cukes before pickling. She never even noticed the mistake until she served them..a few months later. They had no skins. All the ladies teased her about her "circumsized dills". It just goes to show can totally make you lose your marbles. Lee-Ann :)

  2. I sooo love reading your stories Robyn...thanks so much for taking the time to share with us about your life. Love your little cucumber...Can't wait to plant our little garden soon!


  3. Cute little cucumber Robyn, and great idea putthing them on the eyes!!! ;)

  4. Oh, I am soooo jealous. I forgot to plant mine this year :-(. There is no better tasting food like homegrown!

  5. Yes, we definitely all have weeks like that. YAY for Karlee time!

  6. omg you are so lucky you have cucumbers
    my familys garden has no plants

  7. I love hearing about the talks from conference time. it does make one think.thank you as i enjoy hearing about it.

  8. Great post...made me smile! Keep up the good work.


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