Thursday, August 16, 2012

School Lunches!

Hi everyone!

Do you think I have enough stuff for lunches to last for the next month? I sure hope so. With 5 kids to make lunch for, the food goes very fast in our house!

I can't wait to share pics of the kids' first day of school tomorrow along with some cute goodie bags I made for my boys!

Have a FAB night! It's quite around here. All my kids are asleep! Hello school year!! Yaaaaayyyy!


  1. Wow! My first is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks...I'm nervous about making lunches everyday...I'm thinking of joining emeals.

  2. Your counter top looks like mine use to. Had 6 kids so went through a lot of food for lunches. At least you know what they are eating. I finally got smart and let the kids all make their own lunches. Worked out great! I like your garden. Always had one but we live in the desert now and nothing grows here. Bummer! Have fun.

  3. Wow! thats a lot of Yummy brain food, wishing everyone a great first day :)

  4. Hope all goes well for everyones first day back :-)

  5. It looks as though you have the lunch thing covered...Including the chocolate in the right corner... yeah I noticed it tucked back there...LOL.
    Here's to a wonderful stress free new year!! Fabulous!
    Love the garden - remember the cucumbers and squash will need to climb something sturdy and up will save your other plants from being taken over.
    Best wishes. :O)

  6. Well your counter looks full but sadly I don't think it will last too long!! Looks like they will be having healthy lunches though!!

    Amy V

  7. Wow Robyn looks great but I don't think it will last the whole month maybe three weeks. I read about you taking a break from your business and I decided to go ahead and pick up a couple more of your stamp sets 5 I think over at custom crops. I am glad that you are going to continue your blog and sharing all of your creativity with us for years to come. Thanks for all you do and say. Have a great first day of school.


  8. Did you say that should last you a month? That would last maybe two weeks in my house. I go to Cosco every other week and have to purchase items just like this. It's good to see my kids aren't the only ones who eat PB&J every day at school.

  9. The food looks delicious! Hopefully it will last a month! Good luck on first day of school! It will be busy!

  10. I don't think it will last a month sadly. Good luck on their first day of school. My 2 boys are done and over with school and I miss that time. I love your little garden. I'm glad that you are taking time for you and your family. Sad to see the stamps go as I love them so much. I only wish that I had the money to purchase a few more. Tell Caitlin that I hope her arm heals quickly.:)
    scrapnmom atlive dotcom

  11. Shawna Maxwell8/17/2012 3:14 PM

    It depends if they come home and eat it as a snack or if you have if under lock and key. :) I always buy enough for the whole week and then it disappears somehow and then I have to make another mini grocery run so they will have lunch items. :)

  12. You must have an assembly line to make lunches for your kids! Hard to believe summer is coming to an end.


  13. Robyn, with 5 growing kids...3 of them being boys...this looks more like a weeks worth. Peant Butter is one of my favories. I've been using Almond butter and love it. Almond's are supposed to be really good for us. It all looks great and you've got it covered perfectly....yuuummm Watermelon!
    Have a great weekend!
    Dee B

  14. Aloha Robin All my kids are grown and now its the ggrandbabies time finally my second to last grandbaby started Kin and she is so cute comes over friday night they spend the weekend comes sunday she comes and kisses me bye before she leaves to go home and say ok grandma going home i got school tomorrow .. so adorable and whats amazing is her dads Kin teacher still teachs at her school amazing she's a wonderful teacher and obviously dedicated to bad my sons girlfriend elected to have my grandbaby be put in her teachers class vs her dads (my son) :( but as long as she enjoys and get the knowledge they have to offer i cant complain. She is a very smart and quick learner. god bless all ..a island.granny

  15. Robin sorry i have to send this classed as anonymous .. I dont know how to do this im a simple granny from hawaii that been trying to talk to you for sometime now I been trying so hard to but as you can see i have no clue but if you ever find time here is my email.. name is vicki .. I alpoligize all for posting this if it offends aanyone forgive me .. god bless


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