Thursday, August 16, 2012

My 1st Little Garden from Seeds!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

If any of you missed my big announcement from yesterday, click HERE!

I have so many thoughts in my head today floating around..... 
*My kids start school tomorrow
*my oldest starts high school and she just broke her arm on Saturday night (so no tennis for her for at least 6 weeks and she was so excited to play Freshman tennis!)
*my baby is going to FULL DAY kindergarten and he told me he will not miss me!  (Lol and BOO HOO!)
*my 9 year old is going to do Online Charter School from home so he is basically homeschooling (but I am not his teacher, just here to help him stay on track)
*I'm having small health issues (low Vitamin D), so I am tired ALL the time until my medicine kicks in! (Funny that I have low Vitamin D because I am in the sun at least 8 hours a week for tennis!)

Even with all that on my mind I wanted to share my latest passion!  GARDENING!!  Do you all remember my herb garden I planted last year in a small, plastic swimming pool?  Well, because of the heat wave and drought we had last Summer, they all died!  YIKES!  This Summer I decided to start a late garden from seeds and, guess what?, it is growing!  

Here is what I planted!  About half of it survived our SERIOUS heat wave this past month but what did survive is THRIVING!  I cannot wait to eat my harvest!  It is so rewarding to plant something from a seed, water it, weed it, and watch it grow.  I hope you will all try to plant something this year and watch it grow.  It's a GREAT feeling!

I used the Cricut Cartridge Preserves to make these adorable stakes to put in my garden so I would remember what I planted and where.  I laminated these after I made them.  (Note:  My lettuce did not survive the heat.  I will try to plant again in a week or so.)

This is my square foot garden made from 2 4x4 pre-made gardens bought at Lowe's.  We put this together and added it right on top of my lawn.

The next thing we did was add a layer of newspaper.  

Next, we added a combination of garden soil, compost, peat moss, and something else that I cannot remember.

 Then, I tried to follow the instructions on the seed packets the best I could and planted my seeds in rows.  I then put the markers at the back of each row.  

Here is a picture I just took yesterday of my 3 varieties that are growing like crazy!  Cucumbers, Summer Squash, and Winter Squash.  
PEOPLE, I GREAT THESE!!  LOL!!  I thought I had a PINK thumb, not a green thumb!!

My sweet little 7 year old got a couple pumpkin seed the same day and planted them right in my garden.  Look at how bit his plant is!  He is so excited!!  

Okay, I'd better get back to my busy life.  I'm trying to think of ideas to make my daughter a "High School Survival Kit".  If you have any ideas for me please share them!  She is so nervous starting High School with a broken arm.

Hugs & much love!


  1. I remember when my twin daughters started HS (they will be Juniors this year). The things that they were most afraid of were simple things like...forgetting their locker combination & not finding their classes. Those were their two worries but after about a week, they were fine. Those worries were gone. Just reassure her that all will be ok. :)

  2. Great job on your garden Robyn! Sorry to hear about Catilyns arm, hope it heals quickly for her. My daughter (Leia) starts high school tomorrow to. Leia is excited. We went to the school a few days ago and received her schedule. Then I had her walk me through her routine on how she'd get to her classes. No ideas on survival kit, but I really like the idea. Please post if you come up with something. Thanks. Take care and tell we wish her good luck tomorrow. Hope your other kids have a great first day also.

  3. The best thing my kids did for starting high school was to get involved in a sport and the practices started a couple of weeks before school started. By the time classes started they were totally familiar with the school and felt like they had been going there for a year and there were no nervous jitters.

    I have acorn squash growing that have grown outside of my garden plot (up and over the fence) and have taken up as much room outside of the garden as inside! Good luck.

  4. I'm so happy for you and your family. I love your stamps, but I also love your blog, personality (from your videos, lol) and your love for your family. I look forward to reading what comes next.

  5. Hi Robyn!!

    Your garden is growing so nicely :) Keep up the great work.

    I hope your daughter has a fast recovery with her arm. When I started high school, I was so nervous. But after a couple of weeks or so, I became familiar with the school and I met lots of new people and made new friends. I look back at it now and think to myself, what was I ever nervous for? LOL She'll have a great time!!


  6. I'm a volunteer at our high school, the largest in the state, and the biggest fear of incoming 10th graders is finding their class rooms. After the first week they are all just like oldtimers. Your daughter will be fine.

  7. On my first day of highschool, everyone was there early. That was good because there was time to practice my locker combination, organize my books and what was super helpful was that I walked around the school before the bell rang, with my schedule so I could kind of get an idea of where my classes were. I don't know if that will be possible because of the size of the school, but it worked for me because my school was super tiny! Friends are easy to make if you are kind and friendly. :)

  8. Oh I love the garden Robyn!

  9. I am making a back to school survival kit for a friend of mine who teaches and I'm adding tic tacs and calling them chill pills. Then I found gummy people and am telling her to use them when she feels like biting someone's head off. Then, of course, I'm adding chocolate because Chocolate makes everything better. Hope these idea's help.

  10. Hi Robyn,
    Just want to say I think it is great that you know what makes you the happiest and going with that.Your products have been wonderful but life is too short to be stressed if you have a choice. Of course I will continue to be a "groupie" of yours and I know others will do the same.
    Hope your daughter`s arm heals quickly.

  11. Congrats on your garden! Oh no, for Caitlin's arm though! I will make her a card!! Hope all is well in your house!! Hugs!!

  12. I have been growing things this summer for my ever so slightly yard...they are doing okay...not the best. I tried a herb garden on my backporch and it did not fare well. I am going to try again in the fall.

    My grandson started high school this year and although he was nervous after the first day he said it was a piece of cake.

  13. Im loving your garden Robyn!! I also started a garden this summer. I have cucumbers, chilis, and tomatoes. So far so good lol. I even made some salsa with the fist crops I got lol. It was so yummy and the best part was knowing that everything came form my garden. Enjoy your garden!!


  14. Hi Robyn
    Just encourage your daughter to do her best, etc. Our HS is 9 - 12th, middle sch is 6th-8. My oldest is out, but the best thing for him was the orientation for 9th graders and some good encouragement from us parents. My youngest started middle sch last year, again orientation, and good encouragement. After a couple days there was no fear.

    I agree, nothing like having fresh veges. We have a 9x13 garden and plant tomatoes, carrots, beats, cucs, onion, garlic, peppers, and this year corn. The garden has done the best this yr than it has for the last 3 yrs.

  15. Yeah, Robyn is back!

  16. Will you pack my lunch to and then put a note in it with lunch box thought s sentiment added?

    Your kids are so lucky!!!
    hugs, DIANA L.

  17. Hi Robyn - my daughter starts High School in a couple of weeks too. I think I am more scared for her than she is. I suppose she will find her own way and I am there at the end of the school day, if she needs me:-)

  18. PS think of all the new friends she is going to make too, they will all want to sign her cast:-)

  19. WOW Robyn, you have alot going on. Love the homemade garden. You know, there are so many people that are Vitamin D deficiant. I am one of them, my husband and son are also. You can't possible get enough from food and like you said being out in the sun, I guess the sun isn't as strong as it was when we were young. I take Vitamin D everyday and I am still very tired. I think maybe I need to take more. Good Luck with everything :)

  20. Needed to edit deficient :)

  21. Garden looks great! Are you wearing sunscreen when you are outside? They say you shouldn't put it on until you've been outside 20 minutes cause it blocks the vitamin D.

  22. Garden looks great! Are you wearing sunscreen when you are outside? They say you shouldn't put it on until you've been outside 20 minutes cause it blocks the vitamin D.

  23. Your garden looks great. At least your son's pumpkins are growing...that's awesome. We tried planting pumpkins, everything seemed great until the flowers came out then the Deer and other critters started eating everything. So we decided no garden for us.
    I'm vitamin D deficient too. As a previous comment said about the Sunscreen is what I've heard as well. I was taking 2000 IU's a day then found out 1000 is enough and it has something in it that puts weight on...don't want that. Just do your research for what's best for you or what your Doc tells you.
    Have a great Sunday!
    Dee B

  24. Your garden box looks great! Funny because of all the plants I started from seed....lettuce was the only on that survived. But I got a few starts from a nursery and it has been so fun to go out and pick veggies. It's my first garden!


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