Sunday, August 19, 2012

Missionary Fun!

Happy Sunday!

I wanted to share some fun pictures I took this week with some of our church's missionaries.  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we have many missionaries out around the world.  You might have seen them walking or riding a bike around your town.  LOL!  They are hard to miss with their white shirts, ties, and name tags.  We have 2 that are assigned to our ward (congregation) at all times and love getting to know them since they are not normally from our state.  One of our missionaries was getting transferred to another area in Oklahoma so they stopped by so he could say goodbye to our family.  We will miss him but wish him the best in his new area.   These boys sacrifice 2 years of their lives to serve the Lord.  What a blessing they are to so many to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   I am blessed that 2 of these missionaries knocked on my door over 16 years ago.  

Here we are!  My awesome family with the missionaries!  My 5 year old kept doing karate moves behind one of the missionaries!  LOL!

What fun my boys had doing karate with Elder Woodland!  

Did I mention that my 14 year old daughter broke her arm the week before she started high school??  She was practicing tennis outside our garage and tripped, twisting her ankle while falling and breaking her lower radius bone!   Poor thing!  She wanted to play high school tennis so bad.  I keep telling her that it will all work out and I am confidant that it will!

Hugs to you my dear friends!


  1. I'll be praying for your daughter and for a speedy recovery. Tell her not to worry, they rarely let the freshman play. So next year, she'll be ready for them.
    God Bless

  2. Robyn, sorry to hear about your daughter and hope she has a speedy recovery. It brings back memories for me. When I was 12 I had been out of school a few weeks when I broke my left arm and had to wear a cast that whole summer, but even worse, had to start 9th grade and wear it through see I'm left handed, but I found a way to write with a full on cast from bicep to around my hand like your daughter's. Actually it wasn't so bad...she will get noticed in a good way. Wishing all the kids a great new year beginning.
    All the best!
    Dee B

  3. Forgot to mention...Good luck to the young men and God Bless them on their journey. Wish we had more young men and women like them. Looks like your boy's had fun.
    Robyn, you're the best!

    Have a Blessed Day!
    Dee B

  4. Momof4inArlington8/19/2012 1:42 PM

    So sorry about your daughter's accident and injury! My grandfather has always said that trials build good character. (As she's YOUR daughter, I'm sure her character's already built on a sturdy foundation.) If she can weather a freshman beginning like this, the rest will be a breeze! Nonetheless, I'll pray for a swift recovery!

  5. god bless the missionaries on their journey to where god takes them. we have 2 here that comes see us every week. I love it when they come. you sure have a nice blog and the cards you make. wow. you have great talent.

  6. When I was your daughter's age I would love to have the missionaries visit our house and those are both cuties! Doesn't hurt to look!

  7. awe your poor daughter hopefully she will havee a quick recovery

  8. Sending prayers that your daughter's arm heals quickly.

    Great pictures!

  9. Do they just wear white shirts when visiting? Why? I recall them coming to visit us when I was a child (stepmom's family and some of our neighbours were LDS) but I just remember the dress shirts, I never noticed a colour.

    Cute owl cards :)


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