Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Happy Moo-Day to You!

Happy Moo-Day Everyone!  

LOL!!  What does that really mean, anyway??!!  Well, it could mean ANYTHING!  What a fun sentiment, huh??  I made this card the other day using my new Moo-ey Doodles Mini Kit and love how it turned out.  I absolutely LOVE cute cows!  I also love how easy this stamp set is to work with.  I didn't even need to color anything in.  If you are looking for something fast, this one is for you.  Hope you all have a great Moo-Day!!

Check out the Moo-ey Doodles Mini Kit below!

You can purchase it here as a mini set at the Shop Pumpkin Spice Store.
 Also available is a combo set with both Mooey-Doodles and Yankee Doodles Set which you can purchase here.


  1. Cute card and love the stamps

  2. Love the card!

    To answer your question. I'm from the Netherlands. Lol is the Dutch word for fun. So the way it is used, I gues it means about the same hahaha

  3. That's a cute stamp set, perfect to color in with copic marker.

    Keep it up

    Lucy =)

  4. How cute! Love the colors with ti and the stamp is totally sweet.

  5. I love that little sentiment and the card you made is so adorable too! I use is for Happy Birthday, but you are right, it could be anything!! :0) XOXO, Julie.

  6. I was wondering what moo day was! Cute card!

  7. I adore those cute cows too! They may need to come out and play again :)

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  9. Your card is adorable Robyn, This is my favorite kit so far although I like them all.
    We can have a lot of fun with this one.
    I hope you are having a great day
    hugs, DIANA L.

  10. Hi Robyn,
    Just dropping in to say. Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

  11. This is so cute - love those stamps. TFS


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