Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day of School and Goodie Bags!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today was officially the first day of school for us!  Can I tell you that it went by SOOOO fast!  It was so nice getting back in a routine.  The only problem we had was that my 5 year old got up at 4:15 am because he was so excited about Kindergarten!!  LOL!!  He is such a sweetie pie!

My oldest started high school with a broken arm.  She was such a good sport and has not complained one bit about it.  She has a great first day!  
 My 2nd oldest (but my baby girl) started 7th grade and was so happy to be on the same team as all of her friends.  This is a first and she is thrilled!
 My middle child but oldest boy was happy to stay at home with mom and start his Online Charter School.  He is the only one of my kids doing this and it was a prayerful decision.  This is the best for him at this time and I am excited to see him excel.  He is super bright and such a joy in my life!  I'm looking forward to having him craft with me this year!
 My little platypus is starting 2nd grade this year.  He looooves his new teacher!  She is fresh out of college and so excited to teach!  I could feel her enthusiasm and love for the children when I met her this morning.  
 Here is my BABY (but don't tell him I said that)!  He started FULL DAY Kindergarten today.  He couldn't stop smiling.  He absolutely LOVES school!

Here are the goodie bags that I made for my 2 little boys' classes!  Such a fun treat on the first day of school!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Much love!


  1. OMG!!!these are so cute & i'm sure all the kiddo's enjoyed the...:)

  2. Your children are adorable! The bags are so cute!!!

  3. I'm sure that the kids loved the goodie bags. TFS

  4. Robyn, What beautiful children! I hope that they have a wonderful school year! My one and only started Middle School this year. Dropped her & her cousin off on the first day at the front of the school and off they went in together. I rounded the corner out of the school and burst into tears! LOL It seems like yesterday that I was dropping her off at Kindergarten. Yikes! Well we have both survived the first 2 weeks of school and I am no longer crying. LOL Have a great weekend!

  5. So daughter will be in second year University...away...sob! My son is starting his first year at our local University. Time really flies...Lee-Ann :)

  6. happy first day of school! Love the goodie bags! It is amazing how much your oldest girl looks so much like you!

  7. Super cute kiddos Robyn!!! It cracks me up that he woke up at 4:15 because he was so excited!!! (If only I could get my high school students that excited, HA!!) They goody bags are adorable, good idea to put the fruit snacks in there!!

  8. You have beautiful children

  9. Your kids are so beautiful. All of them unique and special. Your eldest will have that cast off before you know it!

    Thanks for sharing. The treats are adorable. I just bought that stamp set. How exciting!!!


  10. Gorgeous children, adorable goodie bags, and sweet you for sharing all this joy with us!

  11. Fun times and great memories, Robyn. My oldest son started his 8th grade year with a broken arm and it was absolutely fine. He actually became the center of attention because so many friends, students and teachers were concerned. Hoping your daughter is right handed because that makes a huge difference which arm is broken. Skyler is a lefty and he broke his right arm so we were thankful for the small things too. Love ya!

    Oh yes and the bags are ADORABLE. I need to get busy making some. Texas kids start on August 27th.


  12. Your kids look so excited for school to start!!! I wished the online charter school was available when my kids was younger...I have a friend using it with her daughter and she is doing very well...your son will do great!

  13. so happy to see your kids growing up.
    you have a beautiful family.
    hugs to all!

  14. All your kids look very nice. Hope they all have a good yr in school and on-line schooling. Good bags look adorable. Thanks for sharing.

    Deanna Ohio

  15. Don't know about starting school on a Friday but at least the first week goes by fast!! Our grandson starts Kindergarten next Thursday and we are so very excited. I may nab your idea for my busy daughter. I will be watching her Daycare so she can enjoy his first day drop off and pick up.

  16. The bags are so neat. Your kids are very lucky that you do this for them. Love all the pictures. Have fun at school kids.

  17. Too Cute...they're sure to love them and your boys will be a big hit.
    Take care!
    Dee B

  18. Love these pics!!! They are growing up so fast!!!

  19. Robyn

    You are truly blessed with such a beautiful family. My prayer is that God will continue to bless you daily. Love your work.

  20. OH wow your kiddos are growning up so fast and they are so adorable!! I loved seeing all of the pictures of them :)

    The treat bags are so cute!

    Big HUGS

  21. awe precious i home school my daughter she is now n 2nd grade love being able to say i taught u that the best is reading


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