Saturday, August 11, 2012

Collin's Fight & Cancer Sucks Card

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~ Hi MPS Friends ~ Design Team Member Tracy to share Hope and Courage with you today!

I share a heartbreaking story of Collin who is 13 years old and recently diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma.  This special guy is very near and dear to me because we've known his family his whole life, my son is friends with his twin sisters and we belong to the same church.  Instead of shopping for school supplies, school clothes and a backpack Collin is taking chemo-therapy and cooped up in a hospital where he will most likely be when the school bell rings for his 8th grade year.  I wanted to share a card I made for Collin to send to him along with a care package.  I thought he would get a kick out of the card with lollipops.  

My Pink Stamper's HOPE AND COURAGE stamp collection has the PERFECT sentiment on it….because Cancer Sucks big time! 

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Lollipops are found on
Disney's Mickey & Friends Cricut cartridge

You can visit Collin's facebook page here -- and follow his journey and treatment.

Please keep this special guy along with his amazing family in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.  

Go Team Collin!

Thank you everyone and hug your loved ones a little tighter today!
If you'd like to send sweet Collin a card you may do so at the address below or if you feel so inclined please contact me here to help more. 

Collin Capps
Room 1057
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, Texas


  1. You did a great job on your card. I'm sure it will bring a smile to his face. TFS

  2. What a wonderful card! Thank you for sharing! My two year old nephew was just diagnosed in June with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, and recently had his third chemo treatment. Our family will be sending many prayers to Collin and his family!

  3. Super card! He's sure to love it. You are doing a wonderful thing for this young man...prayers for him, his family and friends.

    Dee B

  4. Hi, Not sure if you will read this on time, but collin has been moved to room 1057, it is next to his old room so I'm sure even if you send it there it will reach him, just thought I'd let you all know for future mail :)

  5. Great card. Will add Collin to our prayers.

  6. Awesome card! I'm sure Collin will love it! I am all too familiar with what that family is going thru as we went thru it with our son, Zack (2/10/00 - 7/31/08...Wilms Tumor). Unfortunately, childhood cancer research does not get much support financially or through the media. If anyone wants to donate go to (they support only childhood cancer research). Prayers to Collin and his family.

  7. Thank you everyone and special thanks to AJ for updating me on the room number.


  8. Fight Collin! You give it your all. I know how much cancer sucks, I am in remission since 2006. My prayers go out to you!

  9. Great card! I made a "cancer sucks" lollipop bouquet and a "cancer blows" bubblegum goodie bag for a friend of mine battling a rare and aggressive cancer (figured his 9 and 13 year old would like all the candy. Just another idea for another pick me up...
    God bless him!


  10. I live in Houston and know he is in the absolute best place for treatment. M D Anderson is the # 1 hospital. My thoughts an prayers are with him and his family. I will also send him a card. I have the perfect one in mind to make for him.

  11. You're a good friend to Collin and his family, Tracy. My husband was recently diagnosed with a form of Non-hodgkins lymphoma and will be starting treatment soon. So I couldn't turn down your request. My card is made and will be mailed on Monday! Stay strong!

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about Collin. I am sending prayers their way. Cancer does suck, I have lost too many family and friends to cancer. I'll get a card out to Collin. Your card is adorable.


  13. i am so sorry about collin can you put up address to that we all can send him a card just to let his family know that we care and are praying for him

  14. Hi Tracy,
    What a wonderful card!!Very Sweet!Collins will love it!My prayers and hugs are with him and his family.I am sending him a card!

  15. My prayers are with Collin and his family & friends. You card is great and I am sure that he loved it!

  16. I will be sure to make a card to send off soon!!! What a true warrior and inspiration. Thank you for sharing all about your friend. God Bless him and his family.

    Cindy (fan in AZ)

  17. I am also making cards for kids with cancer, and have it myself.

    I do not understand why you would even put those words on a childs card.

    We only put positive, supportive messages using positive words. We do not speak of the cancer because they have to deal with it every day. With children it's fun to put some young fun supportive messages without mentioning cancer.

    I would not like to receive this message myself. I loved the messages I received on my cards which were light, inspiring, encouraging words with pretty or fun card fronts.

    From the barrage of phone calls, to the zillions of appointments, your mind is always thinking about it. I prefer cards that make me smile and let me forget for a few minutes. :)))

    I don't have the accounts listed, that is the only reason I am on anon!


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