Friday, August 24, 2012

Can you believe the weekend is here already? It's 10:15 pm on a Friday night and everyone is asleep and I'm on my way to bed. Thank you school! My kids had a very busy week and now it's time to let them catch up on a little sleep.

I started Jenny Craig yesterday and am still adjusting to eating less than what I'm used to. I decided that it was time that I got healthy again and made better eating habits for myself and for my family. Actually, these first two days haven't been too bad and I know that my body will adjust.

We have blossoms on our squash plants!! HURRAY! We also have Cucumber Beetles on them! BOO!!! We went out and manually picked them off today. There weren't too many but we need to nip them in the bud (literally!!)

Tonight I made my 6th pressure cooker meal in a row!! I will attach the recipe. I made it up and my family loved it!

3-6 steaks - cut up and cubed (I used thick cut yummy ones from Sam's Club)
1 stick butter (I know it's a lot of butter. I normally don't put much in my meals)
Salt & Pepper
Cubed potatoes (as many as you want)

Put your electric pressure cooker on browning and melt the butter. Add the steak and brown. Add seasonings. Add potatoes plus 1 1/2 cups beef broth.

Cook on high pressure for 15 minutes. Release pressure. Strain the meat and potatoes. EAT!
*Remember to alway read the manufacturers directions and warnings on your pressure cooker.


  1. Just have to seem so much more relaxed and happy now that you've given up your business. It is very apparent to me, a virtual friend, I can't imagine how much you and your family must be benefitting. Blessings to you!

  2. Check out

    She has a blog and a cookbook.


  3. MMMMMMM....who doesn't love some meat and potatoes!!! Can't wait to try this one too, Robyn! Since we both have big families, I love checking out your recipes, knowing that if it fed your family of 7, my family of 6 should be set LOL! Also, I have to say that I'm LOVING seeing you post more often like you used to; and it seems like you're relaxing and enjoying much needed down time and family time. Good for you!

  4. Fabulous - looks so delicious:-)

  5. My husband and I were talking about an electric pressure cooker over dinner last night. We use our stovetop one all the time. COrrection: HE uses the stovetop one all the time...I don't cook anymore. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Pray for us in Miami...Tropical Storm Isaac is headed this way.


  6. We make an environmentally safer bug spray. 2 Tbls. ammonia, 2 Tbls. of Dawn dish washing liq. in a gallon of water in a sprayer. Apply to plants every few days and no more bugs. We used it all summer and no bugs, except for the occasional bee inside the blossom.
    Have fun.

  7. This pressure cooking thing sounds wonderful! I may have to get one.


  8. YUM! You make me want a pressure cooker! :D

  9. Robyn, I am so happy for you!
    I was told a month ago that I would be laid off for 6 months for the first time in 4 years. I was at odds, thinking of where I could find a job for 6 months and then my husband said to take that time and relax....maybe work for friends a few days a week but become a housewife again for the winter. So I will be joining you on the journey you have started! I am so excited, I will be able to spend my days cooking and cleaning again and reclaiming my home from the dust bunnies! :) and crafting!!!! Yeay us!
    Hugs from Canada! Denica


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