Monday, September 12, 2011

My Pink Stamper Live Questions & Answers!!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Karlee just sent this over to me!  This was from My Pink Stamper Live in June when we called some of our viewers and listened to their questions LIVE!  It was super fun!!  Karlee and I will do this again in November.  Cannot wait!

My Pink Stamper Live Questions
  1. Cindy asked about where you get inspiration for layouts.
Page Maps
  1. Missy V asked about where you get your packaging (cello bags) and the sizes you most often use. 
Cello Bags with no flap
Small (3x5)
Medium (4x6)
Large (6x8) can use for cards
Clearboxes for cards as well
Can 8 ½ x11 for bread bags
Clear cupcake boxes (100 qty.)
Envelopes from Xpedex or
  1. Theresa asked how do you do it all.
Love and support etc
  1. Christina asked about doing a project with contact paper and how would you cut it.
Same as Vinyl- Kiss Method
3 speed 
3 pressure
3 blade 
  1. Denise asked how you start a blog.

Also, I  need Box tops for education. If any of you have these on

 your boxes of groceries and would like to send them to my PO 

Box that would be AWESOME!! We are collecting them at my 

children's school (like some of you) and know that some of you

 do not have kids in school at this time. I would soooo appreciate

 this if you have the time! My PO Box is on the left hand side. 

Thanks everyone!!


  1. Thanks for sharing that info.
    DIANA L.

  2. This was so informative. I actually didn't have the opportunity to watch it. But definitely would do it this time. Yes, my girls collect box tops at school too. I actually am a head start teacher for 0-3 year old and in the pull up packages they have them so every time we get our inventory I cut them off and give them to the girls. I also have coworkers that will help me collect them.
    Great idea Robyn you would definitely get a lot here.


  3. Good luck on the collecting. we pull them off everything we can- I have to send them with 3 different kids! :) Alwys good to support you school as much as you can!

  4. I'm glad that you put this up. I get stuck quite a bit. I'll be sure to send you some box tops when I've collected a few.

  5. Just to let everyone know, it's I dk if I was the only one that got lost or not. :D LOL

  6. Robyn, you are such a great mom. I bet all of the teachers are dying to get your children in there class because of all of the great things you do for the children and all of all of the neat gifts you bring to the class. Just think of the teacher who would have all of your children, boy wouldnt she be!!!!!! Gotta love ya Robyn, you are such a sweetheat! Buffy Scott,

  7. Robyn, I am one that does not have kids in school and will start looking for them...will send your way. Anything that can be put to good use is worth so much.

    Thanks for all you do.
    Dee B

  8. Thanks for all the info. I save the box tops for my friends son but if something changes, I will gladly send them to you.

  9. My kids aren't old enough for school yet, but I will definitely start saving them for you!!

  10. Miss Elaineous9/13/2011 4:18 PM

    I keep telling myself that I have enough cartridges, but then they make another beautiful one like this one, and I just have to have one more again.

  11. Box Tops?????

    pualiilii1 at yahoo dot com



  12. Hi Robyn! I actually already started saving the box tops :) My kids are grown, but I knew I would find someone that could use them. Several items lately have double points! Yipee! I will save some up and send them your way!

  13. Feels good to have the house in order. Mine doesn't stay that way very long! LOL

  14. Working on cleaning and organizing as well. My craft area is least that will be fun, I'm redesigning and adding some cool new storage! I love the Q&A thanks for sharing :o)

  15. Love the Q & A.. I too have been requesting the box tops - they are so important for our schools.


  16. HI Robyn!!

    Can you tell me where you get your transfer tape and vinyl OH and pop dots? I love the size of the pop dots you have :) Thank you!!


  17. Robyn, Is the site you order your bags from to like make the goody bags? What size do you normally order?


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