Saturday, September 24, 2011

Box Top - Thank You!

Happy Saturday Everyone!  Hope you are having a TON of FUN today! I'm super excited as tonight is our Women's General Conference meeting for our church and I get to watch the live broadcast with women from all over the world.  So looking forward to receiving inspiration and being uplifted.  It will be broadcast at 6:00 PM MDT on if anybody would like to watch with me.  :)

Just wanted to take a moment to thank the 3 ladies who have sent in box tops for my kids so far.  We were sooooo excited to receive 230 box tops today!!!  I am so overwhelmed with your kindness!  

Shout out to....

Kimberly Cook
Jean Reinert
Rhonda Mercer 

Can you tell how excited one of my boys was??

We stil would love more if anyone has the time or any extra.  Just send them to the PO Box on the side bar.  My kids and their schools thank you!!


  1. Glad you received so many box tops. I save them for my friends son but if she weren't to need them anymore, I would be glad to send them to you.

  2. I love his face! You know Robyn, I thought of you Friday morning on my way to work. The sun was just coming up behind me and I got in an area (I was driving on the inner state) where the road was built up. I looked around as I live in farm country and there was a beautiful haze over the countryside. It was just hanging and everything looked smokey and beautiful. I immediately thought about you and knew you would have know how to capture that in a photo! I'm happy for your new hobby!

  3. Hey Robyn, come on by and visit me....I just posted about Conference TOO!!


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