Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Imagine Videos for you!

Here are some of my Imagine videos and projects.


  1. That is an amazing deal. My Imagine was a Christmas present from my parents and they paid twice that price on HSN--but the you can't beat their flex pay =)

    P.S. I 'sold' a Cricut Cake to one of my friends who LOVES to bake. I told her about the sale & flex pay that HSN has going now. She's so excited!

  2. I'm so glad I paid twice that much! My hubby keeps reminding me..

  3. At that price, I'm wishing I hadn't bought an Expression just 5 months ago.

  4. That's such a great deal, Robyn. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Hi Robyn!!
    WOW, what a price!--(I've gotten the email from I got my Imagine on the HSN launch in Sept 2010 for $500! Still haven't used it's STILL a little scary for me! If ANYONE is even thinking about the "I", GET IT TODAY! I've seen your vids on it, but I'm gonna watch 'em again! You make it look soooo easy!
    (Using the Gypsy, too!)
    Safe travels tomorrow & have FUN with your family!
    God Bless & Hugs from R.I.,

  6. What an awesome deal!! Thanks for sharing.

    (:(: SMILES :):)

    ROBIN aka thecricutscrapper

  7. Although I cannot afford the Imagine your projects are just lovely.

    Here is a link to the pink stapler for you!

  8. Wow!! Great deal - but, like many others it's not in the budget for me.
    If it were I would be certainly in the ordering process right now -LOL :O)

  9. lovely that they came out with such a nice price after making so many people buy it at full retail just a few months ago. Not right!

  10. i saw that by accident and my wanderful hubby got it for me for our anniversary. i so dont deserve him. but when he told me i watched your videos religously until it came.

  11. OK Robyn,...I succumbed. I did not think I needed this... I ignored the sale all month...I know how to use photoshop elements to print my own backgrounds...I actually had my own little print, then cut party just to prove I don't need this...

    At the 12th hour... I put the Imagine in my basket... then went back to check out the carts just to make sure they were worth it, since I can make similar backgrounds with Photoshop...

    Then... I saw Lori's Garden on sale for $49.99. That cart sells for big $$$ everywhere if you can get it.

    I bit the bug, again... wasn't gonna do it! Got the Imagine and Lori's Garden just before midnight. WhooHoo!
    I'm so bad... :)

  12. Robyn, these are so cute. I also have 5 kids, but the youngest is in 8th grade so I really miss making fun treat bags for the kids. I used to love doing that, maybe when the grand kids come along.Right now the imagine is not in the budget for me :( but someday hopefully. Thanks for the fun video.


  13. Thanks for sharing your videos Robyn,
    You are so encouraging.

  14. Robyn you are always awesome. Nice video.I have a request. Can you show us how to make one of the everyday pop up cards? Can it be the sewing machine or the flower?

  15. Thanks Robyn for showing us this! Love all your videos, I always learn so much!!!
    Thank you,

  16. Hi Robyn
    Just wanted to let you know what a great enabler you are! I order myself an Imagine and an so excited! Can't wait to get it and play. Will be watching your imagine videos again and again. Thanks for all you do. Connie O.

  17. I just may have to ask my husband for the imagine in 2013 for our 25th wedding anniversary. Thanks for the great videos.


  18. Great Video Robyn. Oh how I wish I had an imagine. It doesn't hurt to wish or even dream maybe one day.


  19. Had to have my Robyn fix today, now I can start with a smile on my face & a potential new card of the day after work of course, but I can't stop thinking about what kind of card I'll dream up during the day.

  20. So glad I found your site. I got a Cricut Imagine for Christmas and am so intiminated by it. You make it seem so easy.
    Thank you for posting the video.



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