Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I cannot believe that Halloween is pretty much over here!  I love this time of year!  Let me share some of my favorite moments of the season with you guys. 

Just another day in the life of Robyn, mother of 5!!!  LOL!

Our poor Muffin!!

I love going to the pumpkin patch every year with my family.  We went on Friday night and had a great time and made many memories. Of course, that was also the night where I embarrassed myself many times. LOL!  Gotta love a wild soul, right?

Have an absolutely WONDERFUL day everyone!!  See you next month!!

My Pink Stamper Stamps New Release!!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to put this post back at the top.  It was kind of buried and I haven't updated my products page yet.  Hope you enjoy my upcoming stamps!

5 New Sets!

Available at most of my online retailers.  Click HERE to view my retailer page.
Happiest Moments

Even More Punny-licious

Faithful Sayings


Pinka-licious Puns

Thank you so much for your support!  I truly love what I do and am so excited that I get to share that with you!

Big hugs,

More Smiley Cards & Happy Halloween!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday so far!  It is Halloween here in Oklahoma where we will be dressing up & trick or treating later.  I just thought I would share some more of the Halloween treat bags I made for my kids and goodie bags I made for my husband's employees.  Hope you enjoy them!

This card was made for my Kindergartener to give to the "Gingerbread" man at school.

I made 66 of this tread bag for my 3 Elementary School-Aged kids.  The stamp is from Spooky Puns from My Pink Stamper Original Stamps.

I made 8 bags filled with Peeps, candy, chocolate covered popcorn, & Bath & Body Works soap for my hubby's staff.

Have a WONDERFUL Holiday weekend!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Think Pink Week Winners!!

Wow!  Thank you to everyone for a wonderful week of thinking pink for others!  I truly appreciate all that you all do for me!!  

Okay, are you ready to see who our winners are for this week?????  Here we go!


Winner of Love-alicious My Pink Stamper Original Stamps

MeganLynn (mlynn2)


Winner of Pinka-licious My Pink Stamper Original Stamps

Penbrandy (penbrandy)


Winner of the Breast Cancer Awareness (donated by Donna Hurley, my MOM!)

candkleo (candkleo)


Winner of one BRAND NEW PINK EXPRESSION!!!  (donated by Provo Craft)

Linda (kccr4m)


Cricut Cake Mini Just Arrived!!

Look at what was sitting on my doorstep this morning??  I couldn't just leave it out there, now could I?  So super cute and needing a good home.  We welcomed Mini in with open arms!  Now Pinky has a little sibling to help look after!  LOL!

 Here is what came in the box!  I am so excited to get started with my new toy!  I promise to make video tutorials, etc. showing how to use this AWESOME baby!
 Check out the extra features!
 My 12 year old daughter is so excited!  She even named it "Cupcake"!  She thinks it is hers alone but we will see.  I am sure she is going to use it to decorate her cupcakes a lot though.

We can't decide if Cupcake is a girl or a boy, though.  Why don't YOU decide!  Leave a comment on what gender you think our new Cupcake is and we will give away a Cake Basics Cartridge!

You can use all of the Cake cartridges in ANY Cricut machine!!

Don't forget to sign up to win a PINK Expression Machine!  I will be drawing in a couple of hours.  Click HERE to check it out!  

Cricut Cake Comparison Chart.  Click to view it larger.

Think Pink Week Day 5!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

This has been an amazing week!  I have felt uplifted by the many comments and e-mails I have received from those of you who are now going or know someone going through breast cancer treatment.  WOW! We need to stop this little bugger in its tracks!!!  

I received this letter yesterday...


My cousin Kelly just had her right breast removed on Tuesday.
Could we please add her to the list.  I know this would lift her spirits. Her motto is GOD IS ABLE
Her address is

Kelly Hutinson
63 Morningside dr
Utica, Oh 43080

This would mean the world to me if she opened her mailbox and got a card everyday or several in one day. I have attached a picture of here before she did a walk for breast cancer one week before here surgery.

Thank you,
Tina Lee"

Also, don't forget to think about Brenda today as she has her double mastectomy.  I'm sure she is very scared and also needs our comfort.

I heard that all went well with Monique's surgery yesterday so thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

Today I have decided to share a card I made using Cricut Rock Princess Cartridge along with my new Love-alicious Stamp Set!  So cute!!

How about I also give away one of these new Love-alicious My Pink Stamper sets!  Just leave a comment on this post with one thought from this Think Pink Week!

Don't forget that you can enter to win the Pink Expression once a day by leaving a comment on a post.  Here is what I have shared so far this week.

Day 1 - click HERE

Day 2 - click HERE

Day 3 - click HERE

Day 4 - click HERE

Tammy Skinner is also joining me in Think Pink Week so please check out her blog HERE!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Think Pink Week Day 4! (Good luck Monique)

It is time for Think Pink Week Day 4!  There are 2 ladies & fellow scrapbookers that I mentioned earlier this week.  Monique & Brenda are both having double mastectomies this week.  Monique's is today so she will need our extra thoughts and prayers!  

One of my viewers sent me another mother, friend, grandmother that just found out she has breast cancer this week and asked if we would also send her cards.  I told her that we would love to!  That is what we do best, right?  What is the point of having this awesome hobby/talent if we do not share it with others and try to lift them up.   
Here is the note I received yesterday...
I know you are crazy busy. I just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. I have a really close friend who is a mother, grandmother, and retired elementary teacher in our community that has done so much for everyone. She just found out Monday that she has breast cancer. I would so love it if we could put her address up so she could get cards from all of us. Let me know what you think?"

Patti Perry
4403 W Redding Road
Coeur d' Alene, ID 83815
Here is a PINK card I made today using the new Smiley Cards Cartridge that will only be available to those who register their Gypsy before October 31st!  That is THIS Sunday!  If you are on the fence about purchasing a Gypsy, now is the time to go out and purchase it.  You also get 5 other cartridges for download FREE plus the 2 that come with the Gypsy.  That is a SUPER deal!

I used my new Pinka-licious Puns stamp sets that I created.  You can view or purchase it from one of my retailers on my Products page.    I am thinking that I would also like to have this as a giveaway, too, for the week!!  Just leave a comment on THIS post to enter, and that will also give you another chance at the Cricut Expression Giveaway that I announced on Monday!!
Think Pink Everyone!!

Smiley Cards Cricut Cartridge

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

I am so excited to share some projects I have made with the new (exclusive to Gypsy) download that is ONLY available to all Gypsy owners who register their Gypsy before October 31st.  This cartridge will not EVER be available to purchase later (from what I understand) and is a special promotion.  ANYONE who now owns a Gypsy will receive it on their next update on November 1st.  

Can I just tell you how much I am loving this cartridge?  It is similar to Simply Charmed but has a unique look to it.  I especially love the whites of the eyes.

Here is a card that I made for a Girls Night Out last night.  It was a friend's birthday.  Isn't it ADORABLE??
I used Pinka-licious Puns stamp set from My Pink Stamper for the saying.  ADORABLE!!!

This next project is made using the cutest crab EVER!!  I also used Even More Punny-licious from My Pink Stamper (all of my stamps are available for pre-order on my Product page).

This goodie bag was made for my 3 year olds Mother's Day Out Halloween party today.  I had to make 20 of them and it took me about 2 1/2 hours.  Today I will be making 60 more for my 3 Elementary age kids for tomorrow.  Going to be a BUSY day!!
The stamp is from Spooky Puns from My Pink Stamper, too!

Don't forget that this is Think Pink Week on My Pink Stamper and you can win the Pink Expression!!  Just watch for my posts and leave a comment on each one to get extra entries.  You do not have to follow or subscribe to enter.  Thank you to all of you who do, though.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Episode 247 - My Pink Imagine-Nation Wednesday & Think Pink Day #3!!

Hello Everyone!

What a wonderful week it has been so far!  I am touched by all of the comments and appreciate so many of you sharing your life with us.  Please continue to pray & send cards to Monique & Brenda.  They need all the support they can get.

Today my mom, Donna Hurley, is our sponsor!!  Can you believe it??  She is a Scentsy consultant and has donated a Scentsy Breast Cancer Awareness warmer.  Here is a link to my mom's website so you can check it out...  Tell her that I sent you!  LOL!  

I absolutely LOVE my Scentsy warmers and I have them all over my house.  With small children around, we do not like to light candles.  These are so super yummy smelling, too!!  
Thanks Mom!!!

Here is a direct link to the Breast Cancer warmer...
Don't forget that you also need some yummy scents to melt in it!

To enter to win this giveaway, please just leave a comment on this post!  It will also give you another entry to win the Pink Expression!

For My Pink Imagine-Nation project I decided to share how you can use the printable vinyl in your Imagine.  Hope you enjoy my video.  This was super simple to make, too!!  I filmed this the night before Karlee arrived.
Don't forget that you get your name in the drawing for the Pink Expression for every post you comment on.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Think Pink Week Day 2!

Good morning Everyone!

We are on to day 2 of Think Pink Week!!  Don't forget that every post that you comment on all week long will be entered in a drawing to win a Pink Expression, donated by Provo Craft.  No need to follow my blog to be entered.

Yesterday I shared Monique Griffith's address so that you can flood her mailbox.  I just found out last night that another of our scrapbooking sisters is also having the same surgery this week.  She said that we can also share her address.  Some of you might be familiar with Bren's Designs over on the Cricut MB and her blog.  Here is her address...

Brenda Followell
6425 East H Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Brenda is having a full body scan today to see if the cancer has spread and a double mastectomy on Friday.  She needs all of your thoughts and prayers today.  Please think of her and I know that she will feel our support and be comforted.  

Let's also flood her mailbox!!

Here is my project for today.  I made this card using Cricut Forever Young Cartridge.  I also used one of my new stamp sets called Pinka-licious Puns.  Hope you like it!

Don't forget to check out my post from yesterday!  Click HERE!
Don't forget to check out Tammy's blog HERE to see what she has come up with today for Think Pink Week!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Think Pink Week!! Episode 248 - Pink Christmas

Happy Pink Week Everyone!!

It is time for the weeklong event to begin!  Every day I will be posting something with PINK in it!  There will be videos, challenges, giveaways and lots of fun stuff!

Guess what I get to give away on Friday?????
YEP!  A PINK CRICUT EXPRESSION donated by Provo Craft!!!

Tammy Skinner over on Cricut Critters is also giving away a Pink Expression as well as participating all week long with me!!!

Here is how you can enter!!  Just leave a comment on each post every day and you will get an entry each time!!

This Pink Week is dedicated to our friend Monique Griffith who is going through Breast Cancer treatment right now.  She has surgery this week and we would love it if we could flood her mailbox with cards & goodies!  

Monique Griffith
1879 Butterfly Ct.
Rocklin, CA 95765

Here is my Think Pink project & video for today.   Feel free to make something yourself and add it to the link on the bottom of this post.

Cricut Car Decals Cartridge

Happy Monday Eveyone!

Today I will have at least 3 posts so don't forget to check back regularly!  I will be starting Think Pink Week here after noon!

I made the CUTEST decal ever for my car using Cricut Car Decals Cartridge!  Hope you like it.  Everyone can see me comin'!!

Here is a quick tutorial on how to apply vinyl to your car.

Step 1:  Cut out your image on vinyl with setting at 3 for blade, middle for pressure.
 Step 2:  Add transfer tape over the top of your image.
 Step 3:  Peel the backing off the vinyl.
 Step 4:  Wipe down your car window where you want to add the vinyl.  (I used a baby wipe on mine.  LOL!)
 Step 5:  Add your image to your car.
Step 6:  Peel off the transfer tape.
Don't ya just love it!!!