Thursday, October 07, 2010

Update and a new Karlee Krafts Video!

Hi Everyone!

Been super, super busy but I just wanted to check in!  Things will be back to normal really soon over on MPS!!  

For now, check out this AWESOME video my BFF, Karlee Krafts, made using home decor blocks.  Super cute!!


  1. Her blocks are GORGEOUS! Great idea Karlee! TFS

    Terrie B

  2. wow i am speechless now i want to buy my first thing of Mod Podge..i didn't know you could do so much with it...i love this...all the words you could do!! Thanks Karlee!!


  3. Beautiful. Very Crafty Karlee. ;0)

  4. Now you went and did it! I'm stalking Karlee now! Lol. Love the blog love the blocks love to watch the 2 of youzzz together.... That's my Ok. Slang

  5. Ohhh I love when you are super secert busy lol!!!! only means that we are in for some awesome fun stuff very soon, can't wait:)
    Loving the craft from Karlee will have this one on my do list very fun.

  6. I now want to do some blocks!! Great idea Karlee has there.

  7. I have a gallon jug of mod podge, lol. did i spell it correctly, lol.

  8. Lisa Blacksten10/09/2010 11:12 AM

    Thanks for the great idea, Karlee! I can't wait to make some for the mantle!


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