Thursday, July 08, 2010

Yellowstone Update

Hello Friends!

This is going to be a post all about my trip to Yellowstone so far.

This morning we woke up and headed out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming on our way to Yellowstone.  We stopped off in Moose, Wyoming to go on a boat across Jenny Lake to take a hike to see some awesome falls.  I was kind of freaking out having my kids on that trail but they did great!  My husband held my 3 year old most of the time, thank goodness.

Next we headed on over to Yellowstone National Park to look for wildlife.  We were so lucky to find elk, deer, and buffalo!
This is the beautiful scenery we were greeted with in Yellowstone.  Isn't it gorgeous? 
My son was so excited to find buffalo droppings along the way!  Gross!!
As we were driving later in the day we realized that traffic was stopping along the highway.  We looked up ahead and saw that two buffalo were standing alongside it.  As we were getting ready to approach they walked out in front of our car and they passed right next to our car!!  I took these pics through the moonroof!  They were touching our car on each side!!  It was soooo cool and they were HUGE!!

Later, after we had spotted over 120 elk, we saw that traffic was stopped again to view this AWESOME elk on the side of the road.  I was able to get a great picture of that, too!!  

We still have one more full day in Yellowstone before we head on to Montana where we will be flying home from.  This has been a FABULOUS family vacation.  Even though it gets kind of tough being in the car for hours with 5 little children, I wouldn't trade this experience for the world!  The best part was that I was forced to be without my computer for most of the time.  It was great to focus all of my attention on my family and that is what a true vacation is.  

More to come tomorrow.....