Friday, March 26, 2010

My PInk Stamper LIve Broadcast

Hello Everyone!!!

For those of you who missed last night's broadcast.  You can view the recorded version by clicking below.  

Streaming live video by Ustream


  1. I can't find the chat . . . . grrrr

  2. yeah I am watching now

  3. I sooooooo enjoy watching you craft!!!! Thank you so much!

  4. enjoy your videos



  6. ooh oooh ooooooh Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ntnab3 at gmail dot com

  7. You all are so funny!! You will have to come out with a Pink Stamper warning label LOL

    Pick me!!!

  8. Fantastic would love to win any of your prize's

  9. how do you send you a message while you are doing the live show?

  10. I'm new to the cricut and scrapbooking and I found your videos on utube and have learned so much from you. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorials and for showing your projects. Keep up the fabulous work!!! You are so crafty.

  11. This is the first time I've been able to figure out how to join the live chat-Yay!
    And I would LOVE to win a Gypsy! (Or any other cool prizes)

  12. I really enjoy your videos! You have great ideas...

  13. was actually exited to watch this but the man is downloading something on the other computer so my computer is really slow. guess I am going to have to watch the recap


  15. You Ladies are Hilarious! I enjoy your videos sooo much. I hope to get picked for something, who cares what! I'll keep watching!!!!


  16. I'm a new follower and really enjoy your videos and follow your blog and on FB all the time! Thanks for the chance to win!

    loki11400 at hotmail dot com

  17. I'm a new follower and really enjoy your videos and follow your blog and on FB all the time! Thanks for the chance to win!

    loki11400 at hotmail dot com

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  19. I can't believe you have all these designers. Have fun everyone and let us see what you got!! Blessings!

  20. You just look like you guys more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I really enjoy watching and learning from you. BLESSINGS!!!

  21. Great show - so very fun! Thank you for all you do!

    Card Mom - tkwhitectc at comcast dot net

  22. Can't find the live chat

  23. This is great. Congrats to all the designers.

  24. Watched the live chat tonight until I got kicked off! My first time and really enjoyed it!

    lilgirljt at yahoo dot com

  25. Well, I watched you girls for a few minutes, and then the whole thing went offline. I guess you will be posting the winners on your site anyway! So, have a great night!


  27. Loving the livestream!

  28. Wow Awesome Broadcast!! I love your video's!! thanks!!
    Amber White

  29. Ok i found you but how do you win the gypsy im lost.. You guys r too funny, Thanks for the great blog Robyn.... Linda Harris

  30. Having too much fun watching the live chat for the first time!! I love you gals!

  31. sktrichardson3/26/2010 8:08 PM

    Sooo much FUN!!! Love it!!

    sktrichardson at gmail dot com

  32. my first chat!
    so excited!


  33. This has been great fun ,

  34. I would love to win a Gyspy! I have wanted one for a while but I just bought a house...
    I travel a lot for work and it would be so cool to play with the gypsy while I am travelling...
    I would love to see the new cartridges before buying them...
    My fav color is pink also!

  35. Great chat! Nice of you to include several more designers. I would love to win the Gypsy. Thanks so much!

  36. Yeah that was so fun!!!! TGIF ladies.

  37. Would love to win a gypsy. Thanks for the opportunity

  38. Love you guys you are so fun

  39. I'd love to win. Thanks for all you do!

  40. Fun Ustream! Lots of fun and lots of great info! Thanks girls!

  41. I'd love a gypsy because I could design from work, work on projects while away from home, work on projects while sitting next to hubby while he's watching sports! take it with me while I'm babysitting gkids, and just for the design features! Gail

  42. Congrats to all your pink stampers designers! I would love to win something:-)

  43. I would like to have a gypsy for several reasons:
    1) you can load all of your cartridges in one place
    2) you can travel with it; maybe use your cartridges at your friend's house where she has her own cricut
    3)it is small-so you can still fit all of your other scrapbook loot in your crop bag!

    Hey, thanks for a chance to win!

  44. I would like a Gypsy because it is something I don't have yet..and I like learning a new thing..and it sounds very interesting..and also because I can load all my cartridges in one place if I understand that right..there are 4 reasons for me wanting a gypsy..Thanks for your giveaways.

  45. will be there

    mcwooten1999 at carolina dot com

  46. robyn...i need a chill pill here i am o excited, thanks thanks thanks!!!

  47. That was so much fun! Thanks for all the ideas and for making everyone feel like a friend!

  48. I would love the Gyspy so:
    I can use it when I travel by plane
    I can use it to weld easier
    I can use it while watching my kids by the pool
    I can share with my friends
    I can BE LIKE ROBYN and TAMMY.

  49. My 3 reason to win a gypsy
    1. when my MS kicks up i can't go up the stairs to my studio, gypsy would be great to play with when i can't get to my studio

    2. convenience of not switching out carts

    3. I WANT IT!!!!!!!

  50. Ohh,bummer, I just missed you. I will watch the video on your blog.

  51. I would love a gypsy to use while I am waiying for my kids, at soccer games and it will hold all 115 of my cartridges

  52. Thank you for the great information on your live chat and now it will be fun to go to each of your blogs.,,Thank you

  53. Awesome UStream!!! Had fun! Thanks so much!!


  54. In answer to why I want a Gypsy..

    1. To use it at another location
    2. Easy to find any image with the search on it
    3. Lets you see all of the images on any cartridge.


  55. A Gypsy is great to have when you are waiting for just about anything, Being able to weld words together, get cuts to just the right size, Travel, and the size of it is just too great!!

  56. Why I would love a gypsy:
    1. you have all your cartridges in one place
    2. you can design it all at once and push cut
    3. you can meld two shapes together and make a cute card out of it
    4. you get 2 new cartridges with it
    5. it is easy to take with you anywhere you are going

    Thank you for all the information and answering the question about losing cartridges if your gypsy breaks, was worried about that!

    Have a good night!

    dilsaverdesigns at aol dot com

  57. I would love to win a gypsy! Looks like you gals had fun :)

  58. The reasons it would be great to have a gypsy is that 1. will hold all my carts. 2. you can search and find the images you need. 3. You can see what is on other carts before you buy it. 4. great size to travel with. 5. it is just too darn cute!!!

  59. That was a great show. I loved it. I have the Gypsy, but was a little overwhelmed by it. I was glad to watch the show, it definitely has inspired me. Thank you all again. Congrats to all of the Designers!

  60. Kendra Green3/26/2010 8:47 PM

    Not sure if this is where we post but here goes...I WANT a Gypsy because:


    2 I rarely scrap at home so it will be nice not having to carry all my carts with me

    3 I have been unemployed for almost 15 months...just can't afford it right now

    4 Search feature...right now I rely on Google to find which cart has what I am looking for!

    5 So that when I visit my mom in Atlanta (I live in Cleveland) I can scrap on the go and cut when I get home!

    Thanks Robyn for the live feed tonight!

  61. I would love a gypsy because
    1. It would convince my husband I need a cricut
    2. I could make so many more cards
    3. I could take it anywhere
    4. I would love making new designs
    5. I have been a good girl all year:)

    Veronica C.

  62. Loved your feed tonight!!!!!!!!!
    Can't wait for the next one!!!!

  63. loved it!! You are all great!

  64. To win a Gypsy...
    1. I would love to combine carts in one layout. (weld)
    2. I wouldn’t have to turn my Cricut off and on every time I wanted to make a design change.
    3. Because the covers/skins are so cute and I saw a bag to match. Ooowh!
    4. Would be able to scrap on the go. Go mobile!
    5. It would be super cool to win.

    Thank you the Live chat was great.

  65. I want to win the gyspy cause
    1. I don't have one
    2. small enough to fit in my purse
    3. I love to be creative and most of time I am a work therefore I have alot of sketches on pieaces of paper or
    4. Help with the cludder with all the boxes of the cartridges leave me more room to scrapbook.
    5. I love to scrapbook and card making I love my circuit therefore I know I will love the gypsy.
    I hope I win thanks a bunch

  66. 3-5 reason why I would love to have a gypsy:

    1: It would be a great improvement to what I love to do!!!
    2: I can't remember the last thing I have ever won?? If any.
    3: I would know what everyone is so excited about.
    4: I really can't afford one..maybe in the next year or two.
    5: Wow!! Thanks for giving me the chance to play!!

  67. I would like to win the gypsy because.
    1. I would like to give it to a friend who has all the carts just
    2 I know she will love it cause she needs orgnizing
    3 might inspire her to use her cricut more.
    4 I feel so bad everytime I mention the gypsy to her

  68. WHOOOHOOOOO!!! Thank You!

  69. I would love to win a gypsy because....
    5. I want to be a winner!!!!
    4. My kids want me to come out of my scrapbook room and spend time with them and not my cricut cartridges.
    3. I don't have anymore room for more cartridges!!!
    2. I want to weld letters together to save time, so I can spend more time on your website.


    1. My husband won't buy me one!!!
    Says I have enough stuff! LOL
    Yeah right!
    Told him to go get a life and get out of my SCRAPBOOK ROOM!!!!!

  70. I'd like to win a Gypsy because:

    1. I work full time and am away from home 12 hrs a day I would be able to create even when I'm not home.
    2. I can have all my carts with me when I take my create and won't have the extra weight.
    3.My hubby won't let me buy one right now so I would have to wait another year to get one.
    4. I LOVE the pink silicone case cover I can cover it with. (My favorite color too!)
    5. I love all kinds of small portable electronics and this is the mother of them all because it combines my two favorite things: gadgets and crafting :)

  71. love to win gypsy
    1.i do not owe one
    2.i have 5 children and when i am the go i can use it in my car
    3.i am also a head start teacher i can use it in my classroom and during my break
    4.i just got addicted to scrap booking i know i will love it too
    5.last its small and portable almost like a laptop lol
    pick me pick me

  72. I am a new scrapper. I have enjoyed viewing your informative videos. I was a little disappointed in the video tonight hoping it too would be informative. The first 41 minutes was alot of jibber jabber. I was looking forward to getting new info.

  73. I would love love to win the Gypsy because:
    1. I have never won anything,ever !
    2. I have DS but really love the gypsy!
    3. I cannot afford to buy one for myself .
    4 So I can watch the videos on it to learn how to use it !
    5. SO I can get a pretty PINK skin for it! rosie06ctatsbcglobal dot net

  74. Great live stream, it was fun! I would love to have a gypsy:

    1/ I want one
    3/all the cartridges are in the same place
    4/I could design and cut at all at one time
    5/It would give me 2 more built in cartridges.

    Thank for the chance to win.

  75. I love all the giveways. Thanks to you and the sponsors, you are very generous and make it so much fun. Hope I win something.

    debsheets 82 at yahoo dot com

  76. I would love a easy to easy to use anywhere.......after loading carts, no need to carry the sleeves (pink)and just because i want one

  77. Top 5 Reason To Win The Gypsy:

    1. Nice and Easy to do everything in the palm of your hand
    2. Have all your cartridges in one
    3. Save projects
    4. Creativity on the go
    5. Nice to "weld" items together

    pink(dot)skullz at live dot come

  78. 1. I want to give one to my daughter who thinks she can borrow mine whenever she wants.
    2. So she can have her own and leave mine alone.
    3. So I can play with mine at all times.
    4. So she can start her own cartridge collection.
    5. So She finally gets the picture. It is mine and only mine. Get your own!! ;)

  79. You guys are so fun! I would use the Gypsy to expand my Cricut using abilities. There are so many cute and creative things to do with the Gypsy! I would love to have one!

    jalisamcdaniel at gmail dot com

  80. I'm new to MPS and I just want to say you ladies are FABULOUS! I've been learning SO much from your videos. I've had my baby bug for about 1 1/2 yrs but have used it very little UNTIL I found you! My DH bought me a Gypsy for Valentine's day and this is what I LOOOOVE about it...

    1. I can take it with me to search cartridges, play with layout designs while I wait for my children during their swim workouts, and wait at karate, and at soccer, AND piano! (I wait around ALOT)

    2. I especially love how I can plan my printouts and cut multiple colors on my mat at once (THANK YOU for that golden nugget info)

    3. I love how my baby bug will now cut in more increments from my gypsy!

    4. I love how I can see exactly what is on cartridges and play with it BEFORE I buy it. This has not been so kind on my pocketbook as I have purchased 12 cartridges in the past month because of this! OUCH!

    5. and last but not least, I find it hilarious that I have never been a "gamer" but have had SO many people ask me what "game" I am playing when I am out and about! I feel so HIP and YOUNG! hehe

    This is why I LOVE my Gypsy and have reconnected with my Cricut. Keep those videos and inspiration flowing. I need you!! Smiles,

  81. Great show tonight ladies. Congrats to all design team ladies. I would love to win the gypsy for my mom for mother's day. Thanks for a chance to win.

    cricut mb

  82. My 5 reasons why I would like to win a Gypsy
    1. It would be way cool!
    2. I could play while I travel in the car.
    3. I could play with it instead of doing laundry...ha ha
    4. I could play with it as a reward because I did do my laundry!!
    5. I would just plain old LOVE to have one!
    Thank you so much Robyn. If I don`t win the Gypsy I would be just as thrilled to win any of the other prizes.
    Loved watching you tonight. My hubby told me I could eat dinner in front of the computer because he could see how badly i wanted not to miss you live.

  83. Oh, darn, I missed it LIVE, but am watching it recorded.

    Thanks for all the giveaways and the changes on MyPinkStamper are Excting!!!

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  85. ok, the reasons I would enjoy a gypsy are:
    1. I was disabled in a car accident 3 years ago upon which the more serious injuries inlucde 2 neck fusion surgeries 1 back fusion and a brain injury known as DAI. I am still having back broblems that are causing me to spend a majority of my day flat on my back. It would be SOOOOO awesome to be able to create while I am resting!!!
    2. My spinal chord was damaged in the car accident and I am in severe pain all the time. Crafting helps take my mind off of it. Therefore bring on the gypsy and those fonts you can only find on the gpysy.
    3. It would make my life easier to sotre my carts on the gypsy. I am having a hard time finding my carts sometime (not becuase there are so many, I think I may have 20 )I just don't feel like standing up and putting them ack in there boxes and then it overloards. It would be really nice for them to be in one place.
    4. THe gypsy would be light engouh for me to use. My DF got me a pink notebook about a year ago becuase I was not able to carry his laptop or even sit it on my lap. My netbook weighs less than 3 pounds and I am pretty sure the gypsy does as well.

  86. I love watching your live chats. Thanks for all the great inspiration you provide! jlkordes at yahoo dot com. Hope I win something!

  87. That was fun! Had a great time! Can I get in on the drawings???


  88. How fun to have the chance to win!

  89. This was my first "Live Chat" and I loved it! I would love to win the Gypsy and here are a few reasons why . . . .
    1. I'm a "gadget geek" ... love getting new electronic "toys" and figuring out everything about them. The Gypsy looks like it would be a lot of fun to play with!
    2. I travel a lot to visit my sister in northern MN as well as out east (NY and PA) to see my grandkids...I'd love to have something like this so I can be creative while riding in the car or waiting in airports.
    3. I love the idea of being able to load all my carts and have them in one convenient place!

    I'm sure I could come up with more . . . I hope I win!

    I "heart" MY PINK STAMPER!!!

    phokan at comcast dot net or
    patti at quiltsfromthetrail dot com

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. Congrats to all winners.
    I would love to win a gypsy...because....
    I have a cricket and it goes together well I have been told!!LOL
    I would love to have all of my carts on it..
    I would love while i wait for my daughers violin lessons to make pages...
    But most of all I would love to have it because its one of the toys I dont have!!! You know us scrapbookers got to get it all!!!!
    Thanks Sharon

  93. Great show...I like when you have an agenda, I think it helped us get more questions guys are great. Thanks!

  94. Ya'all were so much fun tonight! Congrats to all the designers! And here are my reasons for NEEDING (?) a Gypsy.
    1. I already carry waayyyy too much stuff to crops!
    2. I can "act" like I'm watching tv with my DH, while I'm working on a project.
    3. I can't afford all the carts I want & the Gypsy, too!

    Even if I don't win it, I would love to win any of the giveaways!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  95. you guys were soo much fun. love watching you guys cracked me up. wtg to all the designer winners !! and soooo many cool giveaways.. so generous !!

    Shelley T
    lostnwa98 at verizon dot net

  96. My 7 reasons for wanting a Gyspy are:
    1- Because I cannot afford to buy one!!(Due to buying SO MANY cartridges lately!!) :)
    2- I think it would be so much easier to create having the screen to play on!
    3-Have seen so many COOL videos using one..would love to get to try myself!
    4-Could create while sitting at the doctors office..where I am quiet often with my Mom-in-law
    5-I could take it to my nieces class room where I help her teacher with craft time for the kids...they love to dress the dolls and choose things to go on the bulletine board! Could put all the requests on the gypsy and cut em at home instead of having to take my Cricut to the school!!!! Im always afraid one of the kids will mess up my cricut...the Gypsy I could keep in MY HANDS ONLY!!!:)
    6- It would be easier to follow along with all the videos you and all the other talented generous designers put out!!
    7-I would be so TICKLED to own because I want one SO BADLY!!! Thank you so much Robyn for a chance to win such a FANTASTIC prize!!
    Hugs From Ky~

  97. It was great watching your live show. Congrats to all the pink designers.

    gvanis at gmail dot com

  98. I rushed home to watch and it was perfect. For some reason the last one at the convention had a lot of echoes and kept freezing on me-but not this one! I need a BFF who likes to scrapbook!!! Enjoyed it a lot!!Thanks Ladies

  99. You guys are so funny! :-)

  100. Super!!

  101. You all are so great to watch. Thanks for taking time to do the videos and for a chance to win!!
    blply05 at yahoo dot com

  102. Wonderful chat ladies, Thanks for the chance to win so many wonderful prizes.

  103. Reasons why I want a Gypsy
    1- I can do crafts while sitting at park with Baseball games and practices.
    2-Just got a cricuit(Xmas) and a BigShot(Birthday in March) and can't afford another thing for a while.
    3- I can't wait until Xmas for one.
    4-'Cause I need WANT ONE badly!!!
    5-Cause I can share it with my scrapping BFF'S
    Thank you and all of your sponsors for the great gifts!!!!

  104. Robyn, Tammy and Karlee. Absolutely loved the live video. There is so much going on that I cannot read it all and really want to . Just love watching anything you.
    1. Would just love to win the gypsy because I know with everything else I have I would not buy it.
    2. LOVE the fact of taking it with you , creating while out. Could take to friends and daughters to creat all anytime.
    3.LOVE that you don't have to get all of the cartridges and download them on the gypsy.
    4. LOVE that is it sooo small to put in your purse.
    5. I just really, really want the gypsy just because I do. LOL!!
    Thanks for allowing us win all of this fun stuff.

  105. I want a gypsy soooo bad. I would get great use of it. It's funny...I was dying to get off work tonight to see you guys live...but I couldn't get out of there soon enough. :) Great video/live feed

  106. I was so bummed I missed yet another live stream...the joys of having young ones. Anyway, watched the videos and wow...does your mind ever turn off. You are constantly coming up with awesome little announcements. Keep it up...I LOVE IT!


  107. To win a Gypsy...
    1. I would love to combine carts in one layout.
    2. I wouldn’t have to turn my Cricut off and on every time I wanted to make a design change.
    3. Because the covers are so cute and I saw a bag to match.
    4. Would be able to scrap on the go. Go mobile!
    5. It would be super cool to win.

    Thank you the Live chat was great.


  108. And I forgot, my top 5 reasons for wanting the gypsy!

    -The ability to group and duplicate images much easier then with DS
    -Portability of course (can't you just picture...sitting out by the campfire...designing!)
    -I like the added bonus of the storing of cartridges the I have(another downfall to DS) longer lugging my laptop will fit nicely in my purse.
    -easy to customize to my personality and switch out colors and designs for seasons or moods (silicone sleeves).

  109. Love the live video!! You guys are sooo much fun to watch.
    I love my gypsy because:
    1) create on the go
    2) small enough to put in my purse
    3) user friendly
    4) can link all the cartridges to the gypsy so you don't have to haul all the cartridges/books and overlays with when you go to swarms5)saves all your pages you create
    thanks for the chance to win

  110. Hey Gals!! I would love to win a Gypsy for my Step-Mom. She has recently gotten into Scrapbooking and paper crafting and I know she would love it. She drools over mine all the time :)

    Of course, any of the prizes would be super cool! :)

    Have a great weekend gals!!

  111. So great of you and all of the companies that are giving away the free stuff. Thanks for coordinating this.
    Why I want a gypsy
    1. I really want one! I get together with a couple of friends every week and it would be great to have all of my carts on the gypsy and not have to take with me.
    2. Did I say I really want one...I like the ease of being able to design or create a card while traveling or just sitting and watching tv.
    3.I guess by now you know that I really want one. I love the gypsy wanderings and font.
    4. Still want one...well to be honest it would be great to win one and not have to buy it.
    5. Yep, still want it. I like all of the different covers.
    Again, thanks for doing this and your video was awesome. Can't wait to see what the designers come up with and your gallery.

  112. Sorry I missed the chat, but LOVED the video's.

    My 5 reasons I LOVE my Gypsy.....

    1. It has all of the carts loaded, so I actually get to "see" what I can do, or kinda "try before you buy". The more I play, the more I usually want.

    2. I love know exactly where my cuts are going to be and can use the grid to get exact paper size... No more guess cutting.

    3. I love being able to "Save" projects and use them again.

    4. "Welding" is the bestest thing ever and brings the abilities of the carts into a whole new world.

    5 Duuuh...I LOVE my Gypsy, cause Robyn had one and showed it, so I just HAD to get one too!!!

  113. 1)I want to win a Gypsy Because I never ever ever win anything at all.
    2)I want to win a Gypsy because I can actually play at work with it when the boss is not around.
    3)I want to win a gypsy because my DH is too cheap to buy one for me.
    4)I want to win a Gypsy because Christmas is too far away and I doubt anyone would buy it for me.
    5)I want to win a Gypsy because it would help me so much to be a tiny bit as creative as MY PINK STAMPER!!

  114. Got on late, but enjoyed what I saw. I got logged off and had trouble getting back on. Will have to watch the rest later. Great to see Karlee and great to have Tammy on with you. I love her work, too.


  115. I want to win a Gypsy because:
    1. I really want one but can't afford it!
    2. I want to "up" my creativity.
    3. I love "techie" items!
    4. I REALLY want a pink skin!
    5. They are just tooooo kewl!

  116. I miss most of the live but I did go back and watch it :0)
    Amanda B

  117. I like my gypsy mostly because of the portability, I can watch TV or ride in the car and do designs. It's also great to just plug it in and cut, no looking for carts and setting up cumbersome jukeboxes! Love the gypsy font, so easy to weld. Love to create designs ahead of time with carts I don't have yet so it's ready to go when I get it, plus it helps to see what's on a cart before you get it. Oh, I got it when it was launched on HSN, I guess I just got caught up in the hype and I'm glad I did! Is that enough reasons? Thanks for the ustream, you guys shouldn't be allowed to have that much fun!!

  118. i'd like a Gypsy to store all my cartridges in one place, I can work on my gypsy at work when the boss is "at a meeting",I really want one to make my grandaughter all kinds of stuff.I could use it to make lots of cards for Operation Write Home. I'd like to win because I've never won anything,

    Thanks for a greatlive stream.

    Have safe trips home.

    dianaherrera at comcast dot net

  119. Why would I like a gypsy?
    * because it is so cool!
    * the welding, flipping, rotating, etc
    * see exactly what size will cut
    * paper saver
    * I would just like to win something!! :)

  120. 3 reasons I would like to win a gypsy:

    1. It would be wonderful not having to pull out all the cartridges each time. Having them all together at the touch of a button.
    2. I can take it with me, when my friends and I get together for scrapping.
    3. wow to say I won something from "my pink stamper live"! How cool would that be.

    Thanks for sharing with us ladies. It was great as always!

    201001merci at gmail dot com

  121. KTbirdiegirl3/26/2010 10:37 PM

    You girls are too funny!! I would love to win a gypsy so I could design on the go, the convenience of loading all your carts, being able to search images instead of looking in the handbooks, and most inportantly....weld words!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  122. You girls are so much fun to watch! It makes me jealous that I don't have a BFF who likes to "play" with crafts.

  123. Oh how fun!! Would love to be picked as a winner!!!
    I would love to have a gypsy I could do it anywhere
    2. Would love to be able to weld letters and shapes together
    3. It is a Cool accessory
    4. Because you are giving us a chance to win!

    mjr1224 at yahoo dot com

  124. you all looked like you had a great time.

    *Planning before I waste my pretty paper I love so much
    *They are cool
    *It like the frosting on my cricut cake!!!!(who doesn't love cake)
    * I could play while my mini me play's
    *On slow days at work I could be crafting!!!!!

  125. i think the reason why i would want to win the gypsy would be because i dont have one and i dont have the money right now to buy it.
    also i'm new to the cricut i have only had alil while and i have only use it twice.
    last i want a gypsy lol
    i love watching your videos that was the 2nd time i watch and u guys are to funny thanks for sharing email

  126. Enjoyed the live stream so much. Reasons for loving the gypsy are:
    1. The portability
    2. Having all your carts on it
    3. Being able to design with multiple carts.
    4. The amount of paper you save with it
    5. the welding, flipping objects & duplicate

    Thanks for the opportunity for such great giveaways.

  127. Hi!
    Great as always. Thanks for the opportunity to win something, thanks to the sponsors for their donations. Congratulations to the Pink Designers.


  128. Thanks for the giveaways, I couldnt afford a Gypsy on my own. Gloria C.
    gloriaandmickey at yahoo dot com

  129. oh wow this is by far the best give away ever i would love a gypsy because on those long trips where you cant do your scrapping you can still be creative you can do the welding to make stickers and just have a better way to use all your cartridges i hope i win but if not congrats to whoever does it really is a prize

  130. WOW~ so awesome. Thank for the opp. I would LOVE a gypsy so I can be more "creative" in doing my Scrapbook pages.
    Thanks again
    Penny :)
    barefoot at spyfbi dot com

  131. Looks like you all had a great time!!!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways and the chance to win.

    Have a great weekend!

  132. I would love to win a prize, esp. the gypsy! Thanks Robin your the best!!!


  133. I would absolutely love to win the Gypsy for my friend. I have one and the fun of taking it with me whenever I travel is just a blast. Thanks Robyn for all you do!!!

  134. Robyn... simply said, you are the best! I check out your site everyday for a little inspiration, and to see what cartridge I now deparately need to get. LOL You definately don't make it easy on the wallet, but I love your ideas and videos. You are adorable.
    Thanks for everything you do.
    tahoe_luvr at yahoo dot com

  135. is this the right place to comment for the drawings?? I hope so, anyway, robin and all your sponsors are great. i love your live broadcasts and like to rewatch with my daughter. I would love to win any of the giveaways, especially the gypsy. it would be great to load all my carts so that i don't have to take them all with me when i go to my sisters. Thanks again Robin and sponsors. Leslie

  136. I hope this is where we are to comment on tonights ustream/prizes. As for the gypsy i'll give you 4 real good ones... First-I'd give it to my sister
    2nd-I'd do it because she has taught me so much about my cricut and it's time for her to go up to the next stage
    3rd-I'm disabled and her and her fam came down to my house and set my whole new room up.Removing everything from my lil area and putting it up one of my extra rooms.
    4th-I love her alot!!!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win any of your great prizes.
    mimirenault277 at msn dot com

  137. Loved the live show! You ladies have soo much energy. I'd love to win a Gypsy to be able to allow my creativity to flow while away from home. I attend various sporting events with my kids and there is always waiting time.

    kmgillon at yahoo dot com

  138. I would love a gypsy to hold all my carts, I also think that after the initial learning curve I would use it more, since I am more on the go in the spring/fall then all year long! Thanks for the chance!

  139. Why I want a Gypsy.
    I want a Gypsy because the more examples I see of people manipulating their images, loading up multiple images on their mats and cutting perfect every time, and combining features from different carts I just get so inspired and it makes me want to be able to do that too!!

    Love when you and Karlee get together... I hope all the kids are having as much fun as the two of you!!!

  140. Why I want a Gypsy.
    I want a Gypsy because the more examples I see of people manipulating their images, loading up multiple images on their mats and cutting perfect every time, and combining features from different carts I just get so inspired and it makes me want to be able to do that too!!

    Love when you and Karlee get together... I hope all the kids are having as much fun as the two of you!!!

  141. My favorite thing about my gypsy? Hmm. It's hard to pick just one. I think I love not having to pop my carts in and out of either my cricut or jukebox. I also love the portability of it.

  142. Fun live chat - thanks Robyn.

  143. BOOOHOOOOOO! *sniff* I totally forgot about this U-stream, and so wanted to see it because of Tammy being there!!!! Doggone it!!!!! I will try to watch the video later, I hope. It's so much fun to participate in the chat tho, goes super fast, but a great time!!!

    I hope ya'll had a great time!

    *hugs* to you & Karlee!

  144. I just got a cricut. I am so excited to get start and try a gypsy. I have so many ideas going around in my head.


  145. Hi, I love your video chats. You are all very inspiring young women. Please keep up the good work and enjoy the company!!

    love yas.

  146. 1. I have design studio, and would like to see someone win who needs one.
    2. I would much rather win one of the other fab. prizes.
    3. I really would love to win a dvd.
    4. the P.K. stamps.
    5. would love to shop at custom crops!!!

  147. I would love the opportunity to win any of the great gifts. But the gypsy would be so much fun when I had to travel for work.


  148. I only got to watch a short bit live last night. Wow, I don't know how you all keep up with the chat screen - it was flying by. Would love to win any of your great prizes. Thanks for sharing all the fun with us.

  149. Really enjoyed seeing you and Karlee and Tammy , its was crazy but fun !
    I would love to win the Gypsy. oh heck any of them !
    Angela F

  150. I was unable to watch it live but as soon i i came home last night i watched most of it. Thanks for all the great gifts we can win. I hope i win the peachy keen stamps. thanks gals.

  151. what a fun thing to watch on a friday night..

    susan polack

  152. HI! I was unable to watch you live but watched this morning! So much fun! Would love to win any of the prizes!!! How cool ! I would really like to win a gypsy cause I would give it to my family so they can share that one while I still have mine. So much easier to cary to crops and would keep them so busy! Thanks for making this such a fun hobby.
    Smile today, Jozie
    Smiletoday at cox dot net

  153. I so enjoyed yall. You are great entertainers and educators. Please keep it coming.

  154. You guys are so FUNNY - love watching you guys. I would love to win the gypsy (I'm having to send mine back - a minor issue - SAD). The other prizes are neat also. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


    gigiact2 at bellsouth dot net

  155. Thank you girls for taking the time out to do this stream for us. It is so fun to watch!

    Thanks for all the give aways too :D

  156. I got to see all of the live chat ... but the audio kept cutting out -- it was much more fun watching live and seeing comments from other viewers! Thanks for the chance to win! Love YOUR designs, can't wait to see your new designers creations!!

  157. I would love the gypsy because...
    There is no way my hubby would let me spend that much money on a craft item :) It would be great with my cricut!! My kids love seeing me craft and helping me- it is good for their self esteem :)
    Any prize would be fun! LOVE you guys!
    rkrk04 at gmail dot com

  158. Didn't get to watch last night and I was sitting here all by myself doing nothing....just forgot.
    But I did watch it a bit ago and you guys are so fun.
    I wish I had a BFF like you and Karlee.
    I spend alot of time in my car sitting and that would be a good time to have the gypsy.
    2. I just would like to have one.
    My 7 y/o Granddaughter would probably learn it faster than me.
    She loves crafting with Nana.

    But any of the gifts are very nice.

  159. Thanks for all your videos and great give aways!

  160. Reasons I would love to win a Gypsy

    1. I have a friend who got one and handed it to me and asked me to figure out how to use it and then I had to give it back and give her a tutorial. That was painful!!!

    2. I could use it at the pool while I watch the kids swim.

    3. I just love to scrapbook!

    Thanks, I loved the Broadcast.


  161. What wonderful prizes you have; I would like a gypsy; I don't have one and I think it would be something fun to use.

  162. Great job Tammy, Karlee and Robyn. Looking forward to the newer MPS. Loved the q & a.

    kbuksas at aol dot com

    kathib from salt lake

  163. I would love to own a gypsy because:
    1. all cart's will be in one place.
    2. "welding"
    3. could design on the go.

    The 3 of you (plus those off camera) did a beautiful

  164. You women are an inspiration to stay at home moms everywhere. The reason I would love to own a gypsy would be:
    1. Family craft night would be easier (even hubby likes the cricut)
    2. Save money, less scraps!
    3. I love Provocraft Products!!!
    Thanx again Robyn for everything.
    jeepchickie underscore 44 at hotmail dot com.

  165. Hi guys, I am so bummed that I didn't get take part in your live chat on Friday. I really enjoy when you and Karlee get together. It reminds me of my best friend and myself..You do such a great job and I have enjoyed your blog now for over a year. Thanks for all your awesome work. Hugs, Lisa g

  166. It was wonderful watching you three on the recorded session. So glad you can do that. Thanks to Angela and others in the background!! I would, dearly, love to win the gift certificate from Peachy Keen!!
    3 Reasons I love my Gypsy:
    1. I can travel to my daughter's house and not have to carry my cartridges.
    2. I never could wrap my head around Design Studio. The Gypsy is extremely user friendly.
    3. I can pretend to watch sports with my hubby and still have a wonderful time!!

  167. First off, let me thank you guys for making our lives so much easier and more creative!!

    Now, the reasons I would love to have a Gypsy:

    I can keep all my carts in one place.
    Make going to crops MUCH easier.
    Can't afford to buy one
    Most of all, when my husband & I travel to see our grandchildren we can have a much easier time scrapbooking because inevitably I forget to pack at least one or two of them.

    I must say though, I would be very grateful to win any of the wonderful prizes. Your generosity is so refreshing with our society the way it can be now days!! I'm always trying to organize my crafting room or dress it up.

    Have a very blessed day!!

    dhalsema @

  168. Robin
    Great give-a-ways. Thanks for so many opportunities to win. Keep crafting, you have great ideas and projects.

  169. Thank you for all the great giveaways..I love watching your videos. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for all the time that you spend teaching us new tricks.

  170. I'm so sad :( I missed this live.. I was off being gramdma for the week-end.. and wouldn't miss that for glad it is recorded...and am watching a day later..and enjoying it..and would a chance at for a giveaway

  171. I'm so sad :( I missed this live.. I was off being gramdma for the week-end.. and wouldn't miss that for glad it is recorded...and am watching a day later..and enjoying it..and would a chance at for a giveaway

  172. I love you and your work. I was inspired to make easter egg hunt favors for all the kids in my mom's group Mocha Moms Lehigh Valley. I'll send you a picture by email. I'd love to win any of the gifts but am salivating over the gypsy!! Thanks for this opportunity. nice to see more than your hands in the video!! L_BORDE@YAHOO.COM

  173. just heard the part about 5 reasons... here's my 5

    1. I have many cricut cartridges and it's hard to find a certain image I am thinking of while I am scrapbooking. I always have to look through all the books and often give up

    2. I love my cricut but feel heavy laden to drag around 3 jukeboxes or to have to limit what I take to a crop

    3. I love the idea of welding the letters together. I am definitely exhausted with dealing with individual letters

    4. I feel left out because it seems like everyone else has one

    5. i have design studio but haven't opened it yet ... subconsciously awaiting my gypsy!

    thanks for the chance to win! L_BORDE@YAHOO.COM


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