Monday, December 28, 2009

Countdown to 2010 and 2 Million!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!!

I cannot believe this but I am only 30,000 hits away from 2 Million hits on my blog! I have decided for the next 5 days to do lots of prizes and videos to celebrate. My goal is to reach 2 million by midnight on New Year's Eve. Think we can do it??? It is all because of you guys and I thank you for that!

For the first giveaway I have some Zip Dry Glue donated by Beacon Adhesives! Just leave a comment below by clicking on the comments for this post. Remember, do not check the little box that says subscribe to this post or you might get over 1000 e-mails!! Not fun!

I will be choosing 2 lucky winners for this giveaway!!!!

Good luck everyone!!!