Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Episode 122 - Color Challenge & Card for Karlee

Hey everyone!!

I just wanted you all to know that I am doing well. I finally got in the mood to make a video today and a color challenge! Hope you will play along! If you want to participate just put a link in the comment you leave.

Color Challenge colors.....

Olive Green
Dark Brown
Accent Color Purple


  1. Robyn:
    Thanks for another great video - I love how fast you can make your cards!! It seems to take me forever just to make a card (of course, thinking of the design takes the longest) - you are so talented!

    KraftyChick from Cricut MB

  2. So cute. Love the ctmh sets!! Sorry about Karlee. That is very sad. Take care. Sandy

  3. Great job! I may do this color challenge tomorrow!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  4. Thank you for the video! It's so nice to see one done just on a whim! And I'm glad to see you don't let your kids slow you down either! Great to hear them in the background.

  5. Thanks for the video. It's fun for me to take a break during the day and get inspired. Here's hoping you and Karlee have unlimited minutes....

    Michelle in Texas

  6. So nice and thoughtful...I think I'll make the card for my friend too. My best friend in Indonesia...
    Thanks Robyn..

  7. Love it! You did a great job as usual!!!

  8. Speaking of enabling...ever since I've heard you rave about the PTI mixed messages I finally decided to place an order. I had a hard time deciding between the regular and mega but sounds like I've chosen the right one. Unfortunately they're out of stock *sigh*

    Great card as usual. I love your videos!

    Lindastamps at gmail dot com

  9. Robyn - this is adorable. What a keepsake. If I received a card like this from a wonderful close friend, I would frame it and hang it where I could see it everyday. You are a special person and friend to Karlee.

  10. so cute, i am sure she will love it :) great job!

  11. Another great video... love the tearing, never though though of doing that on a card... you always teach me.. and ENABLE me...!

    Love these colors together.
    Thanks for the inspirtation and all you do. I love your blog.

  13. Another great video, Robyn. I love the pink cheeks!!! So cute!!! You captured you and Karlee!!

    Hugs and I hope the sting of her leaving is subsiding a little!! So proud of you that you could get past it today and make a video!

  14. So glad to see you back! We've missed you, so many people on the web LOVE your videos. That is an adorable card, she'll love it. Thanks for taking your time to teach us so much.

    Sheri in Florida

  15. I love how sweetly you talk to your children.........the sign of a great mother.

    The sign of a great stamper??.....anything that you do. You are so creative, inspirational, and especially fun!!!

    Thank you,
    Pat B.

  16. I think I may try this tomorrow with the new Stampin Up In Colors. There's a great pink and purple that look great with Old Olive!!

  17. robyn,i am so so sad for you. my heart goes out to you and karlee both.bff's are hard to come by.

  18. Robin, I'm sure Karlee will love her card.
    I love watching your videos.
    Thanks, for all your great work AndreaA

  19. Hi Robyn

    I just have to say that everything you make is super cute! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    Could I please ask you a favour? I have just started my own blog, would you please, if you have the time, take a look and perhaps give me any ideas/advise
    my blog is at

    Thanks everso. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    Crafty hugs Donna xx

  20. blessedgram24/Dawn6/11/2009 7:55 AM

    Again, a cute card and so quickly and creatively done! Thank you for sharing and helping to motivate the rest of us!
    Hugs, Dawn

  21. Just soooo cute! I love it! It takes me all day to get one card done and you do cards in two seconds.

    Thanks again for a great video and tip :)

  22. just adorable!!
    Best, Marcy

  23. Hi Robyn!
    Karlee will love her card when she receives it! I've never done a color challenge before so I thought I would try, it looks easy enough right? So here is my card

    Hope the rest of your week is GREAT & I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  24. YAY! New Robyn video :) Check out my blog for your blog award :)

  25. I am COMPLETELY new to all of this but thought I'd give it a try! Thank you for all of the great, informational videos you make! My 4 year old son loves to sit and watch them with me! :-) Here's a link to my first ever color challenge card:

  26. Cute card, thanks for sharing.

  27. Wonderful card/ideas/ usual! :) Thanks so much for sharing with us. You provide so much inspiration.

    HUGGGSSSS for missing your BFF! :( She will love the card.

    Can't wait to see what's next!


    Hi Robyn
    I love all of your work. I love the tips and ideas.
    Thank you so much

  29. Thanks for the lovely card! My best friend lives really far away and my phone is always going!
    My 4 year old daughter loves to watch your videos with me. It is always so nice to cuddle by the computer and see your designs!

  30. Hi Robyn,

    I posted my card here:

    I didn't have an olive green so I had to improvise :D

    HOpe you like it

  31. Gwen Jackson6/11/2009 8:27 PM

    Hey Robyn
    I love love your videos. I race to my email every day just to see if you have posted a new video. I get excited when you do them. Please keep up the great job. I love your cricut videos too! Can't wait til the next video. you keep me inspired.

  32. Hey Robyn! Thanks for putting the challenge on your blog. I am glad you had time to do it again. Click here too see the scrapbook layout I came up with. The link is to my blog so just scroll down a little and you will see it. :)

    I can't wait to hear what you think. You are so talented so your feedback means a lot to me.

  33. Here is my card!

    Thanks for posting this challenge!

  34. Hi Robyn,

    Here is my card..hope u like it.
    I used the butterfly from Tinkerbell.

  35. Beautiful card! Love all the stamping.


  36. cricutlover206/12/2009 3:56 PM

    Nice card and hang in there...Karlee will always be your BFF ya no. Thanks for all.

  37. Hi! Thanks for your wonderful videos.

    Here will you find me card after your color challenge.

  38. Like you, I had forgotten about tearing. Thanks for reminding me!

  39. Robyn- I love your blog and loved your card for Karlee! :) The stamp set you used is one of my faves for friendship cards and LOs. :)

    Here is my card for the Color Challenge:

    I hope you like it! :)

  40. 8:43 PM

    this is my first time doing a challenge hope i am doing it right my blogg is

  41. I really like the sped up video. You should do that more often! Thanks for all yu do. I have learned a lot!

  42. Hi Robin..I love your blog! I was inspired to do the color challenge..
    Here is my card.

  43. Here is my first color challenge try.
    [url][/url]Karen R.

  44. Robyn, I love how you use those markers, I really need to get some and play a

    Great card!

  45. Robyn, These are so cute. I love
    your videos. My computer crashed
    and I haven't seen any of your
    videos in awhile. I went in and
    signed on again and hope you add
    me back. I have missed you.

    Shirley Birnbaum


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