Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bye Bye Karlee!!

This is a super sad post, so either grab your tissues or skip it altogether.

My BFF & scrapbooking buddy, Karlee, is moving 11 hours away from me tomorrow morning!! We both attend church together so today when I was singing goodbye to her daughter in Primary I totally lost it and started bawling in front of all the children! It was pretty sad. I'm just going to miss her little family so much. What will I ever do??

Here are some pics of the two of us over the past two years. I just wanted to dedicate this post to Karlee and thank her for letting me be ME and not having to ever be something I'm not. We are both SO different but yet alike in so many ways.

This pic was taken of us just last Friday night at her DH's Dental School graduation dinner.  We had a fun time that night.  I kept making her laugh.  What I'm good at!

This pic was taken of Karlee and me at the Cricut Swarm last February.  She was my ultimate Swarm buddy!!

Here we are again at a Swarm last August.  We are such cheeseballs!!  

Love you Karlee!!!


  1. You'll always have Karlee with you, she'll be in your heart.....and on the phone!(smile) You'll have a great excuse for traveling to her new home and she'll have a great excuse to travel back to your home.
    You are truly BFFs. Look it up in the dictionary, your pictures will be there!!!

  2. Lisa Sturgill6/07/2009 10:08 PM

    I know it's difficult to be so far away from your BFF, but know that whenever you see each other or speak on the will be like you are continuing your conversation that could have been from a week or month ago. I know this as my BFF is in India..and we always pick up where we left off. It's obvious you two will forever be friends.

    I am so sorry you are hurting right now. :( *hugs*

    Take care Robyn,

    God Bless

  3. Hang in there. You are never too far away as long as you have a phone. Special friends as always special friends and will strengthen you where you or they are.

  4. lol, I wonder what those Primary kids thought. :) I'm sorry to hear about her big move. I know how it feels! (Try moving to Hawaii from Indiana!) Facebook is a life-saver for me, because I can keep in touch with all my college friends out west, and everyone from back home for free.
    (Look up Alma 17:2.) They were able to stay close to one another, because they stayed close to Heavenly Father. Stay faithful, and distance won't matter in the long run!

  5. Hi Robyn,

    I'm Yvonne Brilhart and I'm your fan for the scrapbook and making card. Your idea are great !

    Robyn, I moved to America on last February 2008 and I left my family, my lovely dogs and my best friend in Indonesia. Did I feel sad ? Off course...but be positif, you still can visiting your best friend Karlee anytime you have time or vacation.
    I know your feeling, but let see the bright side..okay ?!
    11 hours seem really small than 26 hours by airplane ;).

    Ok Robyn, if you let me be your friend. I'll be so happy.

    Nice to know you Robyn..oh yeah, I live in Honolulu.

  6. oh robyn, you sound so sad hunny. It must be hard to be excited for your best friends new start but sad you won't be there with her. Thank goodness for cyberspace!!! at least you can chat like crazy over the internet!!!!xxxxx

  7. Dear Robyn, i am so sorry you are feeling sad..... love caroline in uk xxx

  8. I'm sorry that you will be missing the closeness that you all have. You really need to set up get-a-way weekends maybe once a month. Alternate visiting each other and playing together. Good luck to you both.

  9. Hey, don't forget to sign up for Skype - it's amazing because you can talk AND SEE each other for FREE!!

  10. Everyone else who's said goodbye has good hints/tips. Our best friends (all 4 of us are best friends together) moved from DFW to Purdue to do ministry in 2002 and we all 4 thought it was so super hard. Even my dh (who we all joke never cries) cried!! But, we've seen each other once or twice a year, every year, even as our families have grown.

    Skype and FB are great! I make cards and scrapbook for her girls! And I scrapbook ALL our trips together ;-)

  11. Robyn, It won't be the same as having Karlee right next door, but it will be the same in every other way! My BFF and I spent most of our friendship a thousand miles apart, but we were always in each other's heart. Just think of all the travel ops you have now!

  12. I live 10 hours from almost all of my family because my parents made the big move when I was young. Sometimes I would catch myself missing them SO much and I just want to cry. But recently I have been talking to my cousins on Facebook and we have been playing interactive games together and are closer than ever.

    I am SO SO sorry that Karlee is moving but your friendship will endure froever!! Keep praying!!! Tell Karlee I will miss her helping on the videos too! She was very sweet!!


  13. I'm just wondering where she is moving to? AND, this may sound really silly but my daughter lives in Texas and I live in Michigan, she is my scrappin buddy, and what we do is set up our webcams and scrap like that, it's not the same, but it's better than nothing and we can still comment on what we are doing, and I get a chance to see my grandkids almost everyday!! It's the next best thing to being there!!! Hang in there, it's not over!!

  14. Robyn, I'm so sorry you are hurting sweetie. (hugs)

  15. Robyn,
    My BFF lives 12 hours from me and all I can say is thank goodness for cell phones!!! We also have made a couple of meet in the middle trips!! We find a spot that is halfway for both of us and meet there for the week-end. If you need a swarm buddy just contact me ( I met you in Michaels in OKC) and maybe we can do it together!! Best of luck to Karlee and her hubby on their new move.

  16. Cathrynlongisland6/08/2009 8:22 AM

    I am so sorry Karlee is moving. It's such a sad and happy situation all at once. You do not find best friends like that too often in life, sometimes never! You will keep in touch I can tell.
    Much Love to the both of you.

  17. Robyn and Karlee,
    It is so refreshing to see two young women that love each other unconditionally. I wish you and your family a safe move Karlee. And Robyn your frienshipe will always be there. It's hard now but the only change will be your locations not your hearts.


  18. ((((Robyn and Karlee))))

    Sending caring thoughts and prayers your way today.


  19. Hugs Robyn ~ I lost my BFF in an auto accident 2 weeks after our high school graduation which was over 20 years ago. I know how it feels to lose a BFF. :( Keep the faith!. But for now it sounds like you will be racking up some frequent flyer miles. YEAH!

    Hugs my friend,

  20. I'm so sorry about your BFF. It stinks when our loved ones move away, or we have to move away from our friends. I can completely sympathize - I don't have any close friends where I am, and I miss them all so very much. I'm going to Tulsa this week to see a dear friend of mine from HS. She lives in Wisconsin, but is visiting her parents for the week, so I can't wait to see her! We've known each other for over 20 years, lol, and even though we are about as different as night and day, I can't wait to get caught up with her life.
    Make sure you and Karlee always make the effort to stay in touch, or you might lose one of life's most precious gifts.

    - jamirachel from the FCTSC and Cricut boards.

  21. Robin and Karlee,

    "True Friends are like Diamonds,
    Precious but rare,
    False Friends are like autumn leaves,
    Found everywhere."

    Karlee--happy,safe new home! and thanks for being such an awesome friend to the fab Pink Stamper. You both rock!

  22. ooo so sad she is moving so far away. But I think this friendship wil last forever.
    The pics are so great to look at, they make me smile.

    Big hug for both of you (((((Robyn-Karlee))))) Linda

  23. HUGS to you both I know this is hard.We moved 11 hours away for a year and now we are 24 hours away. I miss my family and friends soooo much, my dd and dgd, my bff and best scrapping buddy ever is there among others :).We were there 42 years born and raised before moving.
    Prayers and hugs

  24. I had my best friend move two states away 5 years ago, and I know it feels horrible! On the positive side we see each other once or twice a year and talk often and e-mail or facebook daily. When we see each other its like we never have been apart, our children are still more like cousins than friends, the love and closeness between our families has remained the same. It will be hard at first, but it will be o.k.!

  25. Awww girl, I'm so sorry! I hate to see her go, she was so sweet! I hope you guys will still see each other often. I know its not the same but maybe you should get a real cheap long distance plan and maybe some rope to tie around your head, so you don't have to hold the phone the whole time. :) Call me if you ever need to talk!

  26. Hi Robyn-

    I know this is a hard time for you now. Get a Webcam so that the both of you can see each other on video. If time and money permits, try and visit each other at least once a year. Remember, you are just a phone call away. One of my closest friends moved away(2 years now) and we talk at least twice a week and keep in touch via Facebook. I still keep trying to get her to move back! LOL All the best to you! Julie. :0)

  27. I totally know what you are going thru. I live 12 hours from my brothers and sisters and 2 hours from my daughter, so I haven't any immediate family close by. I had the best friend in the world that lived in my neighborhood...she and I were like sisters...I swear we are relateed. I love her like family. As you said, we could just be ourselves together, and weet never were at a loss for words when together. We could talk about anything and everything...and we did. She moved away over a year ago, and I miss her desperately. She is closer than your Karlee (3 hours), still, she isn't just up the street where I can just drop in when the feeling hits me. So, know that there is someone out there who went thru what you are going through. When we visit each other, I still cry when one of us goes home. I just miss her so much. Just stay in touch by phone, and if you don't have a webcam, get one so you two can talk together on the computer and actually see each other.

  28. Robyn-

    I see a road trip in your future! :) It will get easier and I KNOW you will miss her so much! :)


  29. Aww, Robyn, so sorry you are getting separated from you bff. Aren't you glad we leave in the computer age? You can still keep in close contact and hey, you have an excuse for a trip now and then..LOL

  30. Robyn and Karlee I just wanted to send (((HUGS))) your way.. It so hard to say goodbye to a really good friend.. My thoughts are with you girls..

    Amanda Bodine

  31. I'm so sorry about your friend. She will always be with you in spirit and just think, it gives you a reason to travel!!! ...and have swarms that she can come to!!!

  32. Robyn and Karlee,
    I know the great thing about a BFF is that you can be together and sometimes not talk, but just know that you are both BFF(s), and you can be far apart and talk forever to catch up. Both of those situations occur because you are BFF(s).

    My BFF didn't move away, but she changed jobs and although I sometimes feel so far away from her, I also really enjoy the time we spend together (like last weekend!). So you will both survive this and really enjoy your time together.

    I wish both of you the best of luck in all you do and hope that you get together and post some fun projects for us. We will also miss you Karlee!

    BugHappy from CMB

  33. Oh I am so sorry Karlee is moving so far away... but you will see each other more often then you think... Hugs to you Robyn

  34. Robyn, I'm so sorry that Karlee left. I know just how sad you really are, my bff left two months ago to move back to England to be closer to her family after her divorce. She was my scrapping buddie too. For the last 9 years we've spent NSD together and always made that into a weekend not just a day!!! This last one though was a really sad day and I didn't even want to get out of bed, but I did and I just happened to find your blog that day and thanks to you and your videos my day turned into a good one :o) We email all the time (I know it's not the same) but remember our true friends live in our hearts forever!!! Take care and chin up
    (((((HUGS))))) Diana

  35. I know how sad you are feeling right now! My hubby graduated from his Residency (which was in our hometown) and being Air Force, we moved very far away (from OHio to San Antonio, TX.) So hard to be so far from friends and family, but I DID make the best of it...met new people, but NEVER forgot those so special to me back home. You two will ALWAYS be can commicate thru email, your blog and the phone!
    Hang in there! You DO have a friend for life now!!
    Best wishes to you - -
    Teresa K

  36. I hope your day went okay. I know how you're feeling today. I live in Hawaii and a couple of years ago my BFF moved away from me...all the way to FLORIDA!! sniff, sniff!! Technology keeps us in touch...Skype is a WONDERFUL thing! :-)

  37. awwww how sad for you...I'm sorry! Saying goodbye in Primary...nice to "meet" another LDS scrapper/cricuteer! And, in case no one has told you lately, thanks for this amazing blog it's one I frequent daily.

  38. Thank goodness for email! All of my BFF's are far away now.
    I wanted to tell you that I’m hosting an incredible giveaway for a $195 EZ View Desktop on my blog. Come on over and enter!

  39. Best freinds never leave you. They are the ones that love you no matter what, they take all the bad stuff and only see the good. Time or distance can't take that away.

  40. Robyn,
    So sorry you are sad. =(
    Sounds like webcam is the way to go. That way you'll can still see each other everyday.
    Take care,

  41. Don't know where to put this but thank you so much for showing me how to do cards. They are so much fun and so easy.

  42. You don't know me, just another avid blog follower but I have been through the same thing. It will get easier and you never know what the future holds or what paths God may have for you both. My BFF just moved back after 5 years so you just never know. I am praying for you. :)

  43. So sorry Robyn! I hope your day went well, Now you can start planing your vacations, out to visit with her, and your little getting away weekends every once in a while for yourself to go on ..... those times will be very special time between you both and you will look forward to them.

    Hugs Cathy

  44. Come back Pink, we miss you!

  45. Hi Robyn, I totally know what you're going thru. My BFF moved to Connecticut a year ago this month. I still cry when when I talk about it. Naturally we keep in touch by phone and texting. She was my Kohl's buddy. I've only been there 2 or 3 times since she left. :( Hang in there!

    Hugssss, Tammy

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