Friday, May 08, 2009

Teacher Appreciate Gifts

Good morning everyone!!

It is looking like it's going to be a very busy day for me so I thought I would quickly post something for you. I made these books for my children's teachers for Teacher Appreciation week. Didn't they turn out AWESOME?? The teachers loved them, too.

Today I have to take 2 of my children into the dr because we think they might have Strep Throat. YUCK!! Then I have to take my doggie into the boarders because we are going out of town this afternoon until tomorrow night. Wish me luck! Lots to do!


  1. How cool is that!! I hope you all feel better!!!


  2. CraftJunkieToo5/08/2009 8:10 AM

    Okay - you and your friend have convinced me that the next 40 % off coupon from HL is going to a bind-it-all. Those are awesome. I know why they loved them.


  3. Hi Robyn

    L absolutely love these. Where do you ge the paper for the inside? Is it precut or did you cut it all yourself? I would really love to know
    Thanks Amy

  4. Lisa Sturgill5/08/2009 8:49 AM

    Too Cute Robyn!!! I need to make a eating journal for myself... I think this would be the perfect size! You did a great job! I hope the kids feel better soon.

  5. These books are lovely!! You did a wonderful job on them. Hope the kiddos get to feeling better soon.

  6. Hi Robyn!
    Great job (as usual.) Those books look great. I'd love to know about the inside paper too. Did you purchase these precut?
    Hope everyone feels better soon.

  7. Robyn,
    I would also like to know what you are using for paper inside. Is it cardstock or regular paper?
    I hope your kids are better soon.

  8. Oh, I know you are really busy! So I understand if you can't get back to me!
    I really wish we had a Hobby Lobby in California! Why is it that we are supposed to be such a wonderful state and we don't have Hobby Lobby?

  9. Oh My Gosh these are so cute! You never cease to amaze me Robyn. I must get crackin' on some BIA projects! Thanks for the darling blog. LOVE IT!!!

  10. Shawna Maxwell5/08/2009 10:27 AM

    Those turned out so adorable!!!
    Of course they loved them.

  11. this is soooooo cuteee!! lovfe them.
    I love your videos, i'm a pink stamper fan from Spain!

  12. What cute little books.

    Good luck trying to get everything done today.

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  13. Robyn I don't know how you do it! They are so creative. Have a fun weekend. I have been praying for your family to have a speedy recovery! :0) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Julie.

  14. count me as another wanting to know what you use for the inside paper.....MOre nad more I think maybe I DO need a BIA afterall! :)

  15. ACK! Between you & Carlee (Karlee?), you are TEMPTING me with this darned BIA. I've avoided it for a while now, but I am totally wanting one now. It's a very good thing HL doesn't have a 40% off coupon right now. LOL

    Strep Throat isn't fun, but according to the docs out there, it is WAY easier on kids than adults. I've had it and felt like I was kids bounce around as usual. LOL

    Hope everyone feels better soon!!!

  16. So cute! Lucky are the teachers who will be receiving those. (A video instruction perhaps?)

  17. The books are sweet and I too was wondering about the paper inside, I also had another question. What do you use to mount your stamps that were on wood. So you can store them in the CD cases and use the acrylic blocks???
    Thanks, Cheryl

  18. Very cute Robyn! Those teachers will love these 4 sure!



  19. Really lovely.. lucky teacher's!
    have a great weekend,

  20. I LOVE those! I may have to make one for myself - and DD, because she'll want one, too.

  21. i see ur hooked!!! love that bind it all.

  22. PLEASE! Please post an instruction video. I am perplexed.

  23. michelle kosednar5/09/2009 9:09 AM

    I love the album but HOW did you do it? Cardstock inside? I would love an instructional video. Hope your family is feeling better soon. Nothing worse than sick kids. You are a terrific mom and we LOVE that you can have your hobby and be a great mom too!!

  24. Those are awesome! I so want to do something for the teachers before school is out. I keep waiting thinking my room will be finished and then I can do it. Now I'm afraid I won't have time if I wait.
    Hope the kiddos feel better soon.

  25. Loved the video you and your friend did on NSD. I knew then I wanted a BIA. Now you go and post that gorgeous work and it's like a Bind It All emergency here, LOL!! Sadly, my HL's only have the blue one and I want the new pink 2.0. Auggg!! I'll find it sooner or later!

  26. i watch all your video it was great 2 learn from you "AWESOME" thank you . i made birthday card 4 my grandma she said like and it cutie .

  27. Hello
    I love you book , I just brought a zutter bind-it-all machine , I hope you will give a lesson on it soon and tell me what type of paper did you use inside to put the pictures on? you did a wonderful job. I hope you have fun on your vacation and your children get better.
    Please email me at


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