Monday, May 04, 2009

My NSD Pictures!

I thought it would be fun to share what "I" was doing the entire NSD while you were all doing my challenges.  Karlee and I were having a blast being goofy and I also was sitting in front of my computer the entire day!!  FUN STUFF!!!


  1. Oh how fun! Looks like you all had a blast!

  2. That sounds like fun! You are looking younger Robyn. Congrats on the weight loss. Hooray for friends!

  3. What pretty Ladies... Robyn, you are my inspirtation in losing weight. You look Gorgeous. Congradulations on your weight loss. I agree you look very young. If I had to guess your age and I didn't know you at all..I would think in your 20's.. Seriously!

    HOT Mama...

    You girls look like you had a blast.

    LOVE the laptop.

  4. Your eyes must have been wiggling after reading all those posts! Looks like the two of you werehaving a great time.

  5. hey robyn you look great.. i am on my way to loosing my weight too.. i got a lot to go but i know i can do it. you guys look like you guys had so much fun! well thanks for all the fun stuff on NSD!


  6. That really does not look like your pic... off to your weight loss blog... CONGRATS!!! Great job whatever you are doing you are doing a good job!

  7. Robyn,
    I can not find the backing you put on your wood stamps after you peel them apart. What is it called and where did you get it?
    Thank you~I really enjoy everything you do.

  8. omg your pictures are adorable!! you look pooped!!

  9. Robyn, I started watching your videos about a week ago. I think I've watched ALL of them now. You are not only incredibly creative, you are also the incredible shrinking lady! Congrats on your weight loss. You look smashing! You inspire me on so many levels!

  10. Robyn

    Had a blast getting all these challenges done. I feel so creative after all this. Thanks for all your encouragment

    Looking forward to more videos and cute cards.

    Have a great week Robyn

    Marilyn C.
    in Tennessee

  11. Robyn,
    You look fantastic!!!! It looks like you both were having a great time. Thanks again for all that you do and did do on NSD! Lisa G ;0)

  12. WOW - Robyn! You look great! May I ask what you use on the back of your stamps - do you make them into cling mounted stamps? Also - your laptop is SOOOO cute! What kind is it? Thanks for all of your hard work on NSD - I check daily for your new stuff & videos!!!

  13. Robyn,
    Thanks for all the fun on NSD!! I had a blast! You look like you had fun too! By the way congrats on the weight loss you look good. I love your blog and have watched all the videos!

  14. robyn. i tried to get ahold of you.can u send me your address so i can send you some stuff to either keep or give away? thanks.

  15. Robyn you really look great--younger even!!

  16. Jessica, if you go to my blog and look at the "All My Videos" link on the right side you will see Episode #4 where I show how to unmount your stamps.

    I forgot what your other question was. :)

  17. Robyn--

    Have you even hit 25 yet?:) You look SO YOUNG! Again, I want you to know how generous I think you are.

    Take care,
    Gracie from Imagine That, formerly Everything Cricut

  18. Looks like you had a blast. I love the pink laptop! What kind do you have? I'm shopping for one


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