Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bare Books

A friend of mine came over the other day to finish her Bare books. If you are a teacher you probably know what these are. I didn't so she had to share that with me. They are just blank books and are AWESOME!! She even brought some for me to have.


  1. What are the books?

  2. Hi! I can't believe what a great site you have! And I can't believe that it has taken me this long to find you!! But..thank goodness I have. I LOVE your blog. Your tutorials and your creations are simply fantastic. So...I would have to say, you have a new fan.
    Hugs to you, Leslie

  3. Hi Robyn!!
    I am a Middle School Math teacher, but I just don't have a clue what a Baer book is. Please let me in on the secret. These look really cute.

    I also have a suggestion for what you might do when you get back to "U-tubing". How about some fabric cut outs with your Cricket?

    I hope that you and your family are feeling lots better really soon.
    Love you tons!!

  4. Wouldn't those make fantastic personal journals? Where does she get the blank (bare) books??

    I'd love to make myself some of those. What a great idea.

  5. Rose Huffman4/06/2009 9:23 AM

    Hi Robyn. Hope you feel better soon. I love what I'm seeing for the Baer books but I've never heard of them. I googled them but have not been successful.

    Would you kindly show us some more when you are feeling better. I LOVE all your tutorials. You've inspired me to use my cricut a lot. Today I'm finishing up super simple Easter cards.

    Take Care! - Rose

  6. I taught school and have NO IDEA what Baer Books are. Please share when you are feeling better.
    Thank you,

  7. Looks like fun Robyn - hope you and family are feeling better.

    Here is the website for the Bare Books

  8. Cute and fun! I love all your Cricut tutorials!

  9. Cute covers for the BARE books. My girls love these just to play with.

  10. Robyn, I hope everyone is feeling better - the Easter Bunny is coming! I hope he brings me lots of dark chocolate - yummmm.

    I had to post a great big THANK YOU for your great tips. My original Cricket had finally been replaced by a brand new Expression. It was so much fun trying out all the features and your ideas. I was in high gear creative mode making Easter cards and containers when…..the third time I removed the clear protective cover from my 12x12 mat, it pulled off all the adhesive! Now the clear plastic was sticky and the mat was not! I was just sick because I had not found the larger mats locally and had not e-ordered extras yet - mine was brand new! What about my unfinished Easter cards and "baskets"?! Then I remembered ROBYN's tip for making the mat sticky again by applying Zig 2-way glue. It worked like a charm and my Expression was up and running again! So thanks a million for sharing your Cricket experiences - you never know when one of your tips might save someone's day!

    ...And the planet - I always thought it was so wasteful to throw the mats away when they lost their sticky. I had tried unsuccessfully to revive them with other methods. The Zig works great, is simple to use, only costs about $6, and will revive mats many times. Green and cost effective - gotta love that.

    Thanks again, -mary

  11. My sister and I both tried to make our mats sticky again with the zig pen that you used and both of our mats were so sticky after that it ripped our paper to shreds when we tried to pull them off. Have you ever had that problem?

  12. Hey Robyn! I've never heard of a bare book but they are very cute:) Hope you and your family are feeling better soon and you have an awesome Easter weekend!



  13. Love the Hk bag
    Hey thanks alot for your videos they have taught me alot.
    I would like to make my own videos but in spanish I live in Puerto Rico and my friends would love instructions in spanish.
    I have a cam and my cricut and have made some stuff and have been inspired by your creations.


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