Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sports Mania Layout & Waiting.....

Hello everyone!! It's a new day so I thought I would post a new layout. I am still waiting for my external hard drive to arrive so I can clear off my computer for more videos. Waiting is really hard. I think I might take my Mac down to the Apple store just to add some more hard drive, too. You can never have too much!


  1. Sweet LO! Love the DCVW Animal Crackers paper you used.

  2. sunriseonthebeach992/26/2009 8:45 AM

    Cute that glad I waited to do most of my DGS's sports photo layouts til this cartridge came out. Can't wait for more videos...I checked your blog constantly yesterday to see if you'd posted the new videos you'd done and when I saw that you had problems, I nearly cried!!! LOL

  3. This is so cute! I may have to look into Sports Mania. You always do such great LO's and thanks for sharing them with us!! I love your style.

  4. Me again... I was not sure how to contact you for some video suggestions using the Cricut. I am hoping you have a chance to read this.
    I am wondering if you have tried cutting a phrase or shape from a Cricut cartridge onto a photo?
    My other suggestion is using the Cricut on other materials such as vellum with the regular cutting blade, chipboard or foam if you have the deep cut blade. Love to see your videos and please keep them coming! Thx.

  5. I love it!! I think it really shows off the great photos!

  6. Awesome layout Robyn! Love it ;)



  7. I noticed your comments about being a MAC user
    and so am I. Any thought to using the "SCAL"?
    I love the videos---I am a new cricut owner and you have helped so much!!

  8. Hi Kam,

    I'm really not interested in the SCAL program right now but maybe I'll change my mind in the future. I'm happy with using the cartridges. :)

  9. Awesome LO!! Love your design elements.

  10. Robyn,
    I want you to know that largely due to your response to my questions about the cricut expression, I am now the proud owner of one. I also purchased the Wild card cartridge, and I am loving both. I had a chance to play a little today and really think that I will be using this cartridge often. I want to thank you for all the tutorials and the honest answers you gave me to my questions. I really appreciate it.

  11. Robyn,
    I love your videos and check back often to see them. I have a request. Your WITG card video helped me so much, could you possibly do one for Doodlecharms? I am at a loss as to what to do because the card seems to cut out differently. If you can help me with this, I appreciate it!


  12. Great LO! love it... I like everything that has to do with boys. HUMMM? wonder why.... lol

    HUGS...SK :)
    Visit my blog, follow it and link me to yours for the chance to win a $50 RAK full of scrap goodies at the end of the month.


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