Friday, February 20, 2009

How great it feels to be CLEAN!!

Today a friend of mine came over to visit. We ended up spending the day organizing and cleaning up our playroom. Doesn't it look great??? Isn't my carpet in there fun?? That might eventually end up being my stamp room........ maybe! Anyway, she is coming back over tonight after supper to scrap.......... as her reward. :)


  1. I would love to have a scrap room that big. I just have a desk and a bookshelf off to the side now. I suppose that keeps my addiction under control :)

    YaY for a clean play room!

  2. That's looks awesome! Wonder what I could do to bribe her to be MY friend??? LOL

    Your kids have lots of room to have a dance party while ya'll scrap.

  3. Stamp room AND a scrap room???? YOU STINKER!!!!Love that carpet, that is fun and I don't blame you.

    What a great friend you have, can I borrow her too??? Have a great weekend

    Marilyn C.

  4. What a great playroom/scraproom, the carpet looks like beautiful paper!!

    I'm looking for a swarm in NC, anybody that can help me? I'm in central NC, thanks a millon


  5. Let me know when you and your friend want to come over to my house and we can clean... anytime is ok with me. LOL It looks great.

  6. That is a fun carpet. Lots of space for the kids to play. I'd love a room like that myself! Hope you are well. Hugs, Lainy xxx

  7. what a super friend you have , the room looks lovely , such a fun carpet .
    feel free to pop over any time *bring your friend too * :)
    hope you having a good weekend

  8. A clean playroom, what a treat for you! Love your carpet. Me, I'd be claiming rights to that one as my workroom. Unless, of course, your stamp room is even more fun. What a nice way to spend the day with a friend.

  9. Does she want to come over and help me? She can scrap in my room if she helps me with my scary basement...LOL

    Your room looks great.

  10. Your carpet is so fun. I just cleaned my whole house yesterday and I love it, bad thing is I don't want my kids to mess it up. Oh well story of a mother.

  11. Looks great!!! Can she come to my home next?? LOL Have fun tonight scraping.

  12. Wonderful playroom! Will you be able to see the carpet when the kids get going?? Thanks for the cuttlebut video...never have been able to do the smear but haven't tried a craft ink. Thanks for the tip. mary jo

  13. Robyn!

    I hope you and your friend had a GREAT time scrapping! That would be a great room to work in.

    Just for some sillines....
    you've been TAGGED!
    Check my blog for details...


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