Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Years Goals

Of course I have to post about my goals for the new year. Everyone else is doing it so I have to do it, too. :) I do not use the word resolutions because I want my goals to be something I try to accomplish throughout the year not just at the beginning of every year. I'm just going to share my craft related goals as I'm sure you don't want to hear about my need to lose 25-30 pounds, or do you??? Okay, maybe I will add that in there. I eat when I create so that is really part of it all, right? Here we go.

*Send more of the cards I make. I used to be so good at sending out cards every week. I would usually make it a Sunday activity and just relax while I was writing friendly notes to people. Life just got too busy and I forgot why I started making cards in the first place. I need to get back to the beginning.

*Blog more, take more pictures, journal more about my life. This is a personal blog goal but I wanted to share it as it is a way for me to keep a better family history/journal. That is what scrapbooking is all about anyway.

*Talk on the phone less, work on genealogy & scrapbooking more.

*Eat less while I am in my Pink Loft and drink more water.

*Lose 20-30 pounds!! You can follow me over at The Pink Loser  if you want to root for me. I am in a Biggest Loser contest with one of my close friends. The stakes are high as the loser has to watch the other persons children overnight while the other couple gets to have a night kid-free. Ahhhhhhhh, just the thought of that!!

*Make my videos more professional. I have the equipment, I just need to try some new techniques.

*Learn how to use my new Nikon D90, that I got for Christmas. I LOVE holding my new camera. I feel so........ professional and like I know what I'm doing ....... when I don't!! I want to take on photography but I don't have a lot of time to do anything outside of the home. Therefore, I am going to watch a lot of online videos and read tutorials. I know I can do it!!!

*Do my best to be the ME I want to be. I cannot be you or her, I can only be ME!!


  1. that's nice goals , and i do agree goals are much nicer word .

    Love your camera , I'm trying to upgrade from mine but I'm still researching to find the one that will suits my needs best .

  2. Hi Robyn,

    I especially LOVE your last goal!

    This year I'm making an effort to enjoy the person that I am, and not be moulded into someone others think I should be!

    Thanks for sharing your goals - I know you will reach them!


  3. Hi Robyn,

    Thanks for sharing your goals for the new year. I love your site and especially enjoy your tutorials. I also wanted to thank you for your last statement. I think it would help us all to remember to be who God created us to be as individuals instead of striving to be like the next person. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Praying for all of us to reach our goals.


  4. Hi Robyn... great GOALS (I like that better too)... I just wanted to wish you a wonderful New Years... and that you reach all of your goals (and there's no doubt that you won't) I so love watching your videos. I have only been using my criuct with DS since I got DS.. but it looks like you can do so much with out DS.. (I got DS when I brought my Cricut, and never really played around with it, and now I don't play around with it they much because I don't know how to really use the DS... I do .cut files but I have a hard time figuring out where to place my paper...I am sure this has been way tmi... I just meant to say thank you for all you do.

  5. Happy New Year! Your goals sound very smart - good luck!

  6. Hi, Robyn,
    I enjoyed and was inspired by your goals for the year. Thanks for sharing those.

    I love your videos, and I am so glad you are focusing on Cricut projects right now.

    I do have a request for an instructional video or two: please demonstrate how you edit your flip videos for posting, how you add music, how you add text. I would also love to see your set up for your camera so that we are able to see what you are doing! Please, please, please! That would be great!

    Thanks again for all your inspiration. Susan

  7. so excited about your goals. woo hoo!

  8. OMG!! You are so spoiled!! You got the D90!! WOWZA!! I have the D80, but i'd love the 90 instead because of the video mode!!! :o(

    Anyways, u hush urself!! what's this I hear about u being overweight? U are Gorgeous!!! Stop your nonsense!!!

  9. Happy New Year Robyn! What great and realistic goals you've set. I've no doubt you be successful in all of your endeavors this year! Mine are usually too general and I get nothing accomplished or at least feel that way. I love your new camera too. I also want to learn more about photography so I'll be paying attention to what you learn:o) Thank you so much for the great tutorials!

  10. Great post Robyn!! Love the photo too!!! xxx
    Praying that God enables you to meet your goals!

  11. I like your goals. I also love your blog. Thanks!

  12. Wonderful goals! Good luck on the contest with your friend for a free night without the kids. I remember those days well, it was nice to have a little time for myself.

    I just watched all of your Cricut Series videos, they have helped me so much. Thank you so much, it was a huge help.

    Pleae stop by and visit me in blog world sometime.

  13. Just joining your blog! I just watched your Cricut videos and learned a few things.

    Your last goal for 2009, you couldn't have said it better, "Do my best to be the ME I want to be. I cannot be you or her, I can only be ME!!"

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  14. Hey Robyn,

    That's great you posted your goals for 2010. Thanks for the new video of the songbird cartridge, loved the page. Hope you have a great time with Karlee and I will see you guys at 8 P.M. on Friday

  15. I found this posting off of one of our recent postings. It's amazing to think of all that you accomplished in 2009! May 2010 be just as awesome for you!


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