Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dear Santa

My DD has been asking for a puppy for years now. That is all she is asking for for Christmas from Santa. Here is her cute homemade card. :)

Edited to add: We will find out on Christmas morning if Santa brings her a puppy. :) She is a regular on this blog and loves to read all that I write. :)


  1. So, is Santa going to bring her one??
    That card is too cute :)

  2. oh gosh! u have to get her one! sooo cute!

  3. Very cute. Mine wants a golden retriever. Did I mention we just got new carpet and new furniture???

  4. That is too sweet. I hope Santa grants her wish!!

  5. Too Sweet!! You gotta love a girl that knows EXACTLY what she wants!!
    So, does Santa have permission to bring it? That's what i tell my kids... Santa can bring anything - he makes wishes come true, BUT the presents still have to be approved by Mom & Dad. (That kind of let's Santa off the hook when the wishes just aren't practical at the time.)


  6. Oh, I hope Santa gives her a puppy! We have a Maltipoo and he is the nicest dog I've ever had (they're great with kids : )

  7. i really hope she gets the puppy!!!
    this letter is the sweetest.

  8. the card of your dd is very sweet :)

    Hope she will get a puppy and will not grow big :)


  9. This is so sweet. I hope her wish comes true! I love that she doesn't like big dogs at all. SO CUTE!


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