Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Back!!!!!

Hey everyone!

The Pink Stamper is back up and running! I just got back from our family vacation Saturday night and am still literally EXHAUSTED!! I'm hoping to get my groove on again real soon. My daughter had pneumonia the entire trip so that was not fun at all for her. We are so happy to be home.

Watch for new stuff soon!!


  1. I hope everything gets back to normal for you and your daughter is feeling better. I'll be looking forward to your next video. :)

  2. I Robyn sorry to hear about your poorly one, wishing her a speedy recovery.

  3. yay!! Welcome back!! Glad you are back - missed you!
    Sorry to hear about your poor daughter, praying she is feeling much better now!!

  4. Welcome back! Sorry about DD being sick...I know it is no fun.

    I saw your paper on the cricut MB. Love the colors. I assume most of it is SU. I'm going to have to get some myself.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that your daughter was sick while you were on vacation. I hope she is feeling much better by now. Glad you are back.....I've missed you =0)
    Sherry (thanks for sharing your amazing work !!!)

  6. love your blog! can't wait till i can do stuff like you. really want a cricut but don't have enough money to buy one (or all the stuff needed to go with it). any advice on how to start out with scrapbooking and card making? what little trinkets can i get that'll satisfy my scrapbooking needs but won't kill my wallet? thanks so much! o yea and, LOVE your videos!

  7. Robyn So glad you are home but so sorry your dd was so sick. Take care of the little ones give them all lots of hugs from us.

  8. Wow! Vacations are hard enough but a family member having pneumonia has got to be stressful in itself.

    Glad things are doing better.

  9. I am sorry to hear your daughter is sick, I hope she is feeling better :)
    I am glad you are back!!! We missed u!! LOVE your videos!!
    Have a great week!

  10. So glad to see your back , very sorry to hear you daughter had pneumonia hope she has recovered and all the family are well, BiG HuGs Kim x


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