Friday, November 07, 2008

Episode 70- Glass Etching with your Cricut

I learned this the other day from the Cricut Expression infomercial.  It's super easy and turns out beautiful!!

ETA:  Still much to learn!!  Always wear gloves when working with etching cream.  Remove ALL the cream from the surface!!


  1. I'll have to try this. I have done it before with stencils and tape, but I think I'll have to get some vinyl and try it that way. Thanks for the video!

    Cricut MB: dsnygrl07

  2. Robyn
    Very Cool! Thanks for showing how!

    Marilyn C.

  3. Thank you very much for this video.
    You did a great job and I enjoyed the idea. I must get some of that etching cream and give it a try.


  4. Great project! I saw that infomercial as well.

    I used the etching stuff at Mops years ago. The only thing we did different was to wash our items under running water in the sink so that there was no residue at all left. That really seemed to give it the "etched" look.

    Thanks for sharing your video! Have a great weekend and enjoy the Swarm today - I'm so sad I'll have to miss it.

    Renee (SoonerMT on the MB)

  5. I can't wait to show this to my daughter ~ she will flip!
    Thanks Robyn.

  6. Great idea! I would have ever thought of it. Etching stencils are quite EXPENSIVE!!
    Just a few tips -
    You really should wear gloves, that stuff will burn through your skin just like it burns into the glass.
    When you rinse it off, it leaves a frosted etching in the glass, that is why it is white and not colored since the cream is supposed to be washed away in the end. I would be afraid to leave it on the glass since it is a harsh chemical.

    Just my two cents!
    Now to order some vinyl!!

  7. Thank you Robyn.. that is so cool.. Love all of your videos...

  8. Hey Robyn ~ You don't have to wait for it to dry. Run it under water to remove all traces of the etching cream. The design you have left will be engraved in the glass. The cream "etches" the design by removing a layer of the glass.Great technique...will have to try it with the vinyl.Thanks for all you do!

  9. great job, love all the cool stuff you can do with vinyl. thanks for sharing.

  10. this is my first time at your blog. watched the video since i just did a demo on this yesterday at church. i did wash mine off too. now to find my clear bulbs. thanks!

  11. Question about Sign Warehouse - Which kind of vinyl should I be buying from them. They have so many varieties and I have no idea which one meets my needs. Thanks! LOVE your blog and follow it regularly!!! Thanks for the great videos! - Debbie (bttrflygrl98!

  12. Robyn,
    When I have used etching cream in the past I used gloves so it wouldn't etch my skin. I also ran my item under running water to remove all traces of the etching cream or else it will continue to etch through your glass. I can't wait to cut my own stencils though. I have an entire set of clear dished that I have been wanting to etch. I have have to get my act together and get it done!

    Wonderful video!

  13. very cool Robyn!!! I wanna try this too now.


  14. Robyn:
    thanks for the video - I went out yesterday and got a small bottle of the Armour Etch but I haven't tried it yet - may try some glass dishes and wine glasses for my daughter to use when entertaining - thanks for all your sharing!

    Jackie (KraftyChick)

  15. Hi Robyn! I saw that same infomercial! Its a great technique and I love it on ornaments. As mentioned above, try washing it under running water when the allotted time is up. It will have a smoother etched look.
    Great job!

  16. Great video..thanks! I want to try this also!

  17. Momof2ShihTzus11/09/2008 4:42 PM

    Great Robyn..however, you now much put your bulb under running water or you could use a damp cloth and wash the rest of the creme off....what you will have left is a dull look on the glass where your snowflake is....
    Good job! I use etching creme alot to etch my lampwork beads, acutually I use ETCHALL liquid.

  18. great video! thanks for sharing. i use regular old contact paper and it works great so if you are ever in a pinch with the vinyl now you know a great and cheap alternative.
    and yes as mentioned by a few others, please rinse your creations!! if the baby was to get ahold of something that had any residue on it she could get hurt. good luck with your future creations. love your blog first time visitor but i will definitely be returning!!

  19. If you get the time and the energy, can you show something with letters? I saw the same infomercial where they did the anniversary plate, and I'm not wrapping my brain around how they etched the letters. You do such a good job of explaining things.

  20. I too would love to know what vinyl you purchased - i have been to that site and there are so many varieties of vinal i wasn't sure wich kind to get. Thanks!

  21. Great job! I enjoy your videos. I have been wanting to do etching for awhile. Thanks for the tips.

  22. Me too I can not figure out which one to get either there are so many to choose from..I want the one with the sticky on the back Like U r using..

  23. Very cool, thanks for showing!

    I would like to exchange links for our blogs, would you be willing to do this? I tried to find an email for you but couldn't. My website is

    thank you

  24. make sure you fully wash them under running water. it should be a sheer white not opaque. you dont want to leave any of the cream there to dry if it flakes it is still acid based and can stain or ruin things and you dont want kids grabbing and then putting hands in mouth so rinse rinse rinse under running water until all cream is gone.

  25. Thanks for sharing this. I too saw he infomercial and ran out and bought the etching cream. I've always been leary of buying it b/c it's so expensive but I got a starter kit fo 13.99 with a coupon from Michael's. When I waited 1 minute, then washed it with luke warm water, it was dry immediately. It was so pretty and easy!

  26. Great video!!! Actually, great blog!!! You have for sure a special way to share ideas and how-to's. Love it!!!
    I am also interested to know which type of vinyl do you get. Thanks so much.

  27. Robin,
    Which vinyl do you buy? There are so many. I can't wait to try this.
    You can email me at

  28. They also make etch like vinyl that you can cut your design and then just place it on the glass as you would regular vinyl and it looks just like the end result above. It is also available on ebay in yard rolls or at the sign warehouse that was mentioned.

  29. here's a link to the etch vinyl.

    I haven't tried it with vinyl yet but I used stencils that you buy at the craft store with the etch cream and had a hard time getting it to not smear and or bleed on a wine glass.

  30. Hi Robyn!
    Just found your blog!
    I checked out the website where you said you buy your vinyl...but they have so many options!!!
    Which kind do you find best?
    Thanks in advance!


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