Thursday, September 18, 2008

Episode 66- Princess Scrapbook Page using Cricut

Hi everyone! This video took me longer than any other video I've made. There was A LOT of editing involved. Maybe some day I'll make a bloopers video with my out takes. That would be a hoot!!


  1. Love your Princess page. I always enjoy visiting your blog and watching your videos. You do a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your video Robyn,

    So nice to hear you again!!

    I love the page too!! Nice work!!


  3. Super Cute! I especially love the "fingers."

  4. Awwww LOVE this page and thanks for the xyron tips for the glitter coverage! I so have to try that!

  5. Great page Robyn,Did you sketch it out first or did you do it as you went a long? I love your video.

  6. Robyn, You are such an inspiration!!! Thanks so much for all the fabulous videos you do for us!

  7. Yet another great page! I love the idea of using the Xyron for the glitter. Very clever!

  8. Great page...I love it.. Thanks for another awesome video.

  9. Wow I am loving that xyron glitter technique I have to try that,
    You're an inspiration keep up the great work

  10. WOW! Great LO and great ideas!

  11. SOOO glad you're back! I learn something from every video you make!!! Great page! Adorable subject!!



  12. Love it!!! Never thought about doing glitter that way. Thanks for Sharing

  13. great video & LO.
    It's great to have you back.

  14. Robyn,

    Okay, I just have to tell you this because I think you will find it as funny as I did. So I have that SU punch and when I saw you using it, I thought oh I hope she gives me a new idea for it...then you started to fold them and line them up and I thought Wow how cleaver, she is making fingers and this is going to be a sign or something that the princess is holding....LOL Even when you put the brads in I was still thinking oh that is an odd why to show fingernail polish...LOL I'm going to have to make some fingers with that. Could be a funny Halloween card...especially if the fingers are green. As always, I enjoy your stuff, even if it takes me awhile to catch on.

  15. Hi Robyn, Love the princess page and I learned something new. Would not have thought to flip the word over and add the glitter. Great Tip!

    Robyn, I don't know how to send you an email, so I posted my question here yesterday but I don't know what happened to it. My question is regarding the Stamp-a-ma-jig, do you think you can do a tutorial on how to use it. I bought one and for the life of me, have no idea how to use it. I did it once in a class, but couldn't remember how to use once I got it home. Anyway, if you can't, I understand.

    Thanks, Rosalie, CA

  16. First, as always, LOVING the Demi Lovato music. She makes me want to sing--of course, my voice is hoarse right now, so I might sound like her! :)

    The page is adorable! You just do it all so quickly, and effortlessly--and no matter what it is, it always turns out great! (I have a hard time believing there are bloopers--LOVE to see them, though!) :)

    :) Happy you are "back!" :)

  17. Hi,

    I wanted to let you know that I love your webepisodes and that I've discovered that is a better source to post your videos online. What I love even more is that the video quality and time limit are better than you tube. I do tell you, that I added a video with music and had problems with copyright but you might like to check them out!

  18. very nice scrapbook page and layout!!

  19. ROBYN

    ADORABLE Daughter
    AWESOME Video
    AMAZING Teacher!

    Can you elaborate a little on the technique you used on running the word thru the Xyron to get the glitter? I think I am going back and watch the video again. You are so talented!

    Oakland TN

  20. Brenda/Cardsbybrenda9/19/2008 7:36 PM

    Love, love, love the video. My princess came running at the sound of Demi Lovato - she runs around the house singing this is me at full volume all the time.
    Love the xyron tip too - never thought to do that for glitter.
    Thanks for another video, Robyn!

  21. Love the LO and your DD is a little princess

  22. Love the princes page Robyn! I avoid glitter because of the mess but I think I need to try it again! the worst part is when you put the page into a page protector and the static lifts it onto the plastic and it goes ALL over the page!

    Love the video!

  23. Hello ROBIN....Great to see you back...Nice video very helpfull.
    could you PLEASE do more on the design studio...Thanks...Just wanted to say I have just received my order Cricut cartridges from "OH MY CRAFT"in the u.s.a.
    What beautiful thing you can cut from these 2 My New all time BEST...Best wishes from West Australia..."FRENCHPOSSUM"

  24. You make this look so easy. Thanks for the video.

  25. OMGoodness I just love those little fingers! So cute!!!


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