Friday, August 01, 2008

About Me!

Hello Everyone!!

Thanks for visiting me on "My Pink Stamper"!  Here is a little bit about me......

I am Robyn and have 5 children ages 11, 9, 7, 4, and 2.  Life is very busy but I always find time to stamp & scrap at night when the kids have gone to sleep.  I've got to do something for me.  I feel that it makes me a better mom!!

I enjoy stamping, scrapbooking, reading, dancing, and sleeping.   Sometimes when I am creating a video or project in My Pink Loft, I will break out in dance while my favorite song is playing on my Ipod.  It really embarrasses my kids but what are parents for, right?

I am a retired career Stampin' Up! demonstrator and was privileged to serve on the Advisory Board 2004-2005.   I retired so that I would have more time to spend with my family.  Being a career demonstrator was very demanding on my time.  I loved what I did but now I get to enjoy it without having to leave my home.  :)

I enjoy keeping up on my blog and making video tutorials.  Please e-mail me anytime you have requests or questions.  That is what I am here for.

Thank you again for taking time out of your day to visit me on my website!!


  1. Love all your ideas you share with us. Thanks soooooo much, I have learned lots. I do have a question about Eposide #4 about unmounting your stamps. Where can I find the easy mount foam. I have been to two craft stores and they look at me like I am from another planet. They do not have a clue. Thanks again soooo much.
    shepgirl55 aka Sue

  2. Hey i would really love it if you could add my blog, i mentioned u in it and well i just added my 1st post and no one has added me, so would be really cool for u to be the 1st one to add me, k thanks hun

  3. i dont know where i am supposed to comment for the chance to win a pink Journey cart, but i hope its here!! i really really really want ti!! its just not in the budget, so pick me!!

  4. Just wanted to say This is a great site ,and Im very excited about joining, I am a newbie to the critcut and scrapping :)

  5. hey everyone,
    If your into scrapbooking like so many of you are . Make sure you check out the site below .
    It is a new Web site called " Cutting above" They have a wonderful Contest and so many wonderful scrapbooking ideas !
    HSN had it on its show on Sept 24 th @ 12:01 am ... So all Scrappers that are Night Owls ... this is your chance to check something really cool out !

    Thank you
    Angela Floyd :)

    Newbie to Scrapping :)

  6. I love your blog and all the tutorials you do. Thank you so much for sharing all the info with us. I think i have to have a cricut expression.:) I have the original one, but i love what all you can do with the expression.

  7. I love the new give away !
    God bless all the people that are out there that make these walks/runs for cancer. We lose to many of our love ones to this horrible disease.
    god bless you for making the choice to help others :)
    Angela F

  8. Hi Robyn! I so glad I was cruising YouTube for instructions on cutting word books. It led me to your blogspot. You are so inspirational! Your tutorials make me smile:-) I will definitely keep up with your site.


  9. Robyn,

    I totally enjoy visiting your blog. Your tutorials are the best.


  10. Hi! Thanks for all the great videos! I am really starting to get the hang of this scrapping thing!

  11. Hello. I love your site. Its so helpful and i get LOTS of ideas from it. I subscribed to your videos on youtube as well. Thanks for everything!

  12. Hi there I just purchased this cricut a week ago for my daughter and I to enter the world of crafting. so I have been viewing your videos the past few days and I have to say I'm hooked and I haven't even received my cricut yet. You are a truly talented woman. Thank you so much for sharing your God given talent with everyone. I'm a mother to 6 children and I don't usually stumble onto moms who have more than 3 children :o) and get comments all the time from shocked people about how many kids I have. Thanks again for sharing all of your hard work, you are a true blessing. :o)

  13. Hi Robin!! I love your blog. I have a question about stitching. I want to do that on my page, but I really don't know how to do it. Could you please tell me if you have a tutorial about that? I will apreciate your help. Thanks!!

  14. Hi Robin!! I love your blog. I have a question about stitching. I want to do that on my page, but I really don't know how to do it. Could you please tell me if you have a tutorial about that? I will apreciate your help. Thanks!!

  15. Hi Robin

    Nice to Meet You I'm looking forward to see your future youtube video. I'm learning how to edited my video on my macbook, thats very new to me first time doing it as well.

    Lucy From San Francisco CA

  16. HI Robyn My daughter told me about yur website. She loves watching your videos and I do also. I am ordering your video for her. She loves the cricut and also has the gypsy. Gayle

  17. Hi Robyn! I just discovered our website during Christmas vacation and am totally addicted to it already! I've also recommended your site to my mom who is still trying to learn all her little bug can do. Do you have any videos on using the little bug that I might tell her about? I, too, have 5 children and I don't know how you have the time to do all the crafting you do AND make the videos! Power to you!

    Thanks so much!

  18. Congrats on hitting a million! I have been watching your DVD time & again... I've sent you some of my work I recreated...thanks for your comments & thanks for sharing!

    Cindy B
    Saginaw, MI

  19. You were a rockstar in my mind prior to me finding out you have five kids. Now I don't even have a good enough title for you. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I have four kids and do not make time scrap anymore. I will have to make me a priority from here on in. Good luck and take care.

  20. I so enjoy watching these videos. You inspire me to get my craft room in order and start scraping again..not to mention, now I am wanting to start buying stamps!! Looking forward to the next video.


  21. Hi Robyn! I just watched almost all of your cricut tutorials. I just got mine for Christmas and was wondering how to get started. I discovered so many great things to do with it and now I can't wait to break it out and start scrapping and card making. I have lots of stampin up stuff too and love their papers as well. Thanks for the great tips and info!

  22. Thanks for all that you do! I am looking forward to seeing more!


  23. Hi...I am suchh a bigg fann of yourss! I am aalways watching your vids and i just cant stop. I am 13 years old and you have already inspired me to start crafting. I absolutely LOVE IT! (thanks to you..)
    just wanted to thank you...


  24. Hi Robyn!

    I absolutely adore your blog. I've been coming here to get inspiration for making cards. I've only made a few and they're nowhere as good as yours, but I love the feeling of making something and knowing that they'll bring a bit more happiness to the recipient. (:

    I've ALWAYS wanted to start scrapbooking, but I'm a poor (like broke haha) college student and I really don't have enough money to buy a CriCut or any fancy things yet. Do you have any suggestions on a starter kit to get me started? :D

  25. Hi Robyn,
    I just wanted to jump in here and Thank you for all you do! Love the many ideas you have! Keep up the wonderful work!
    Hope you have a nice day! :)

  26. I just loved your live show this past weekend. You are too funny. I love how you never forgot about Carley - you kept trying to find her. What I liked most about your live broadcast was for us newbies, you mentioned how there are a few different ways to follow you or get in touch with you. I love Facebook, so I'll watch you there:) Thank you for all you do...

    Cynthia - Long Beach, CA You can reach me at 562-431-5862

  27. Hi Robin, I am really enjoying your videos. I just bought a cricut thanks to my step-daughter and you. You both give great advice. As far as childhood super heros... I'm going to have to say Fred Flintstone or the Brady Bunch. Our 6 year old son would enjoy the BATMAN cartridge though. Thank you again for all the great advice.

  28. Love the cards and pages -So many choices to add to my list to buy!!!You are inspirational - thanks, Sandy,

  29. Thanks for all you do. You have the children, house, husband, running, etc. and yet you still find the time to share - even if it is your passion, I feel priviledged to have you share it with all of us. I also want to know the full name of the website I think Angela suggested called "Cut Above" HSN suggested, I can't find it. Again KUDOS to you and all you do.

    Nana Crys


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