Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here it comes!!

I think in order to really appreciate something new in your life you need to have some major trials.  Today begins that trial.  Our air is out and we need a new compressor AGAIN!!   Every summer since we have lived in this house we have had air problems.  Last year our air upstairs was out for 1 month in July/August and the year before that when I was pregnant our air was out for 1 month!!  We have a home warranty so we have to wait until they call, then make the appointment, order the right parts, come to install it... etc.  Ughhh!!  We are trying to get our home ready to put on the market right now so this is going to slow us down just a bit.  I know that everything will work out just fine but can I tell you how hot I am after packing boxes WITH the AC working???  This is going to be a long 3 weeks!!!

I hope you are all having a great day!  Did I mention that it is in the upper 90's this week?


  1. OOOOOHHH NOOOOO! Poor Robyn and family. I FEEL YOUR HEAT!!!! -

    It's that hot here in Tennessee too. Hope you get it fixed soon!


  2. Shawna Maxwell7/23/2008 4:46 PM

    Robyn I am so sorry! It's bad enough when you have to pack- but now you have to pack in the heat???? Be careful! You guys are more than welcomed to come stay at my house through the day. Our Ac works however it is set for 73 and gets up to 80 in here during the day. It runs all day with out shutting off. :( Our bill was 246.00 last month so no telling what it will be this month.
    I am so sorry-make sure you drink lots of cold ice water!!!

  3. Oh noo!! You poor people!!
    I hope they fix it for you very soon!

    I'll send some rain / coldness over for you!

  4. So sorry - sending COOOOOL thoughts your way!

  5. Oh, isn't that how things usually happen? Just when you need it the most it won't work. I hope they get it fixed soon!!

  6. That is just wrong!!

    It's cooled down enough here, that we shut the air off last night...great to have the windows open for a the a/c but love fresh air too!

    Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!

  7. Oh I am soooo sorry about your air! We were out on our water slide and I was sitting in the wading pool area of it and was still hot!!! Can't imagine inside a house with no air in the OK heat. YIKES!!

  8. Mine is out too. Hubbie is on the way to pick up the new heat pump but they can not hook it up till SAturday. SO I feel your PAIN too.. I got tot get hubbie ready for surgery tommorrow too.. ;o(
    Mine has lasted for almost 28 years tho. ANY WAY I AM SWEATING with U... I am fixing to go jump in the POOL!! No cooking are cleaning.. HEY I AM HAPPY.. HAHAHAHAHAH

  9. Poor you! What a nightmare. I have a little something for you on my blog which will hopefully cheer you up. :o)

  10. Robyn,
    Here's hoping that you get your air back on quickly. We were without air here for one day and I thought I was going to melt! Congrats on the new house and best wishes for the packing and moving.



  11. You poor things, heat can be very difficult to do anything in! I hope the three weeks pass quickly and smoothly! Cool English HuGs Kim

  12. Since I live in a mobile home and have not had AC ever, I feel your pain. Every year I think this is going to be the year that does me in. Hope you get yours fixed SOON.

  13. Hiya Robyn, sorry your having AC problems, we don't have that over herer in wet Northern Ireland, however I think I have the solution, how about a house swap?! You can bring your family to our lovely home with small craft/computer room and I will go there and enjoy myself playing with all your crafts, how does that sound? Seriously though I hope that you get your problem sorted soon as I know when we go on a foreign holiday it's horrible when the AC doesn't work. All the best for the next couple of weeks, Karen.

  14. Bridget Lolar7/25/2008 8:42 PM

    Bummer about the AC. I live without AC all the time. Just fans. I should mention that I have started to put $10 away per month for a mobile air unit next year.

    Congrats on all your great news. Good luck on the packing and getting the AC working again.

    Can't wait to see some new videos from the new pink loft! Or are you renaming??

  15. Hi Robyn :)

    I hope you have cooled down over there - it is absolutely freezing here in South Australia!!

    If you pop over to my blog Hev I have an award here for you :)

    Thankyou for helping me smile.

    Have a wonderful day!


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