Thursday, July 17, 2008


Things have been so crazy busy for me that I feel like I'm losing it.  I really want to make a video or new project but life is totally getting in the way right now.  Just keep checking back with me and maybe I'll surprise you with a new episode this week!

On another note, I'm still doing Weight Watchers and have lost 10 pounds!!  I started last Monday and I have faithfully stuck with it.  Honestly, because of some things going on in my life I haven't been very hungry.  The other night my DH came up to my office and brought me a candy bar but I didn't even eat it!!  Usually I would have gobbled it right up!!  

I hope you all are having a great week!  I really appreciate every one of you.  You brighten my day when I read your comments.  This week a number of you have sent me personal e-mails or pm's telling me how much you missed my work and I am touched.  I will get back on my feet as soon as possible.

Okay, I'm off to take my son to tennis lessons.  


  1. Great job on the Weight Watchers! I hope things settle down for you soon so you can get some "me time". : )

    Take Care!

  2. Woo hoo on the weight watchers! Call me if you need anything!

  3. 10 lbs...that is super duper! :)

  4. Great job on WW I'm impressed no candy bar even with the stress of being so busy good for you! Keep up the great work.

  5. Great job, Robyn! I hope that things get better and easier for you! I do miss your videos, but totally understand where you are coming from. Blessings,


  6. 10lbs... WOO HOO !! Congratulations !

    I totally understand being crazy busy...same here...

    I'm sure when you get back to us, we'll have lots of lovelies to see!

  7. Please take of yourself and please don't feel pressure to constantly update your blog. It's a pleasure to see new stuff but you have a lot going on, it seems! We can certainly wait! :)
    Thanks for all that you do,
    Michelle :)

  8. 10 lbs ~ WOW Robyn that is great.
    I hope you are doing well and that we see you soon. We made Sterno can for enrichment. WOW what fun and so easy. See you soon.

  9. I am so happy for you, 10 pounds, WOW! I can't believe you passed on the candy bar! Well Done! I hope things slow down for you soon!

  10. Peggy S from Ohio7/17/2008 11:18 AM

    WOW! Congrats on the weight loss! It certainly is not easy when you have children around - we all know how they like to snack! Hope things slow down for you, and you get to do some things you want to do, as opposed to all the things you need to do.

  11. I hope everyone in your family and you are OK. I know you know what comes first. But 10lbs! good for you! I will faithfully continue to check back in. Relax go buy some skinny cow ice cream, it is really good and low in calories only a few points!

  12. Congrats on the WW 10 lbs. We do miss you Robyn, but realize that you do have a family. Just rest when you can, you'll be back on line when you can. We'll be here waiting.


  13. Hi Robyn,

    I hope things get settled quickly. Remember that even when things are getting you down, you have to stay healthy. Take care of yourself and get back to us when things are better.

    Lots of luck,

    Joelle B.

  14. I dont see how U do anything raisning 5 children. I only had 1 I always said Mothers that had more than 1 child they needed an award show just for them..;o)
    Congrad on 10..Be patient Your beautiful any way u r..

  15. Robyn, congrats on the 10 lbs. Great job. don't worry about life being crazy' it never ends.

    Yep, I'm one of those who miss your blogging everyday but family first and with kids you need to be cloned (sp?).

  16. I think we all go through a slump like this and we just can't seem to get anything done.

    Grats on the WW program, that's fantastic! I wish I had the willpower to do something like this!

  17. Congrats on the weight loss Robyn! Take some time away. It is good for you. Don't make yourself feel guilty for not blogging or making a video. We all need a rest and this is all for fun anyway. When you start pressuring yourself it will become a chore.

    I will keep you in my prayers & if you need anything or a shoulder I am here.

  18. Congrats on the ten lbs!! You're doing sooo well!! Way to go! Hope things look up for you soon - you know there's a whole slew of pink ladies & pink koalas there for you!

  19. So sorry you are having so much going on right now. Take it easy! Well easier said than done with five children, I know! I'm praying for you!


  20. Way to go on WW! You have got to try the fiber one bars they are like a candy bar! I think 2 points?? Don't know as I am not currently on WW.

    I had to LOL because you are soooo busy and then had to take your son to tennis... I forgot to take my dd to tennis tonight! OOOPS! LOL!


  21. Hang in there, girl! Way to go on the weight loss -- it's an even bigger achievement when things are crazy in your life. Hope things settle down soon!

  22. Way to go on the WW! Sounds like you are having a great summer with your family. We miss you and we will be here when things slow down for you. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  23. Robyn..great job on your WW success...maybe I should try it? Anyway..we'll all be here for you when you return, waiting patiently for new stuff to see, although, I think my DH is going to cut up my debit card, I just ordered my ATG gun and got it last night, so you know what I'm doing tonight!

  24. Robyn,
    Take time to care for yourself. Your audience here is faithful and will stand by you. Congrats on the weight loss, that is wonderful. Keep up the good work!
    Pamper yourself for a while, you will come back better then ever!

  25. Wow- 10 pounds- you rock! I'm so proud of you. I never lose that fast. I'm one of those 2-3 pounds a week kind of girls. Yeehaw!

  26. Congratulations for doing WW and doing so wonderfully. My first time doing WW I lost 30 pounds. I can't seem to get motivated now, but maybe hearing you losing weight will be motivation for me. I have about 30 pounds to lose again and I know it is not easy.


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