Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Hair Drama - Vlog #1

Okay, this really isn't craft related but I just wanted to share my experience today. Here it is!!


  1. WOAH!!!! That's a LOT of money, but ya know what, you look adorable, so it was worth it!!! I really like the highlights. Couldn't tell too much about the style, but what I could see looks really cute. I have paid that much and hated my hair, so, in the big scheme of things, just enjoy the new look!!!


  2. HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It Looks Fine what I can see..
    NEXT time
    Frost and Tip..LOLOLOLOLOL
    I think its 15 bucks..I used to go to REGIS too But they were Just way to high for me OOO and took way way too LONG!!. Give me a Rubberband And I M set to go..HAHAHAHHA

  3. Love your hair, but just remember that they charge for everything. If they put something on your hair, turn it on, or comb it out there is a charge. I found out the hard way to. Can't wait to see how you style your hair.

    Jannette D.

  4. Robyn I'm going to pop back later when Belle is not around and re-watch this!! I think your blog is just amazing and I love the way you share everything with us. You always make me smile! Emma.x

  5. Holy Smokes Pink Stamper! $200...ow! As long as you like it and feel they did a good job...and is worth it, that's all that matters. Can't wait to see it when you come out of the closet! :)

    I don't have the Leave it to Weaver punch but I've seen lots of great things dones with it. Thread ribbon through it, make paper ribbon and put thru it. You can make it look like a roll of film negatives...train tracks..a ladder (of sorts)..hmm... that's all I can think of now.

    Great video as usual!

  6. Robyn, your hair does look good, but wow! I can't wait to see it when you do it yourself. That will be the tell tale of if you truly like it though.

    Leave - it- to - Weaver: Please use it before you decide that you don't like it. I have it; haven't used it yet, but I was thinking about doing that same thing with just a rectangle punch - then I saw the border punch. I would love to see a video of what ever you do with it. You always have good ideas. I will try to make something & post so you can see. I think it is really a great punch.


  7. Wow, to spend $200 to look like a million bucks!!! Guess it was worth it huh?
    I have the threading water punch (didn't get to use a coupon tho) and haven't used it yet. Guess I had better.
    Love your videos. Seems like I really "know" you!!!
    Hi to your mom.

  8. The bad thing is--you'll have to spend that every time? YIKES!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd be looking for a new stylist so fast . . .

  9. OMG!! I think I would have crapped my pants!! I'm glad you like it though!

  10. Oh my god! I went through and did the same thing and the exact same thing happened to me. I have not been back and had anything done to it again! I had not had my hair highlighted in years and years. So when I got back to the states. I walking into JCPenny's and told them to do me up! LOl Dang! they really did me up! My bill was $180!!!!! I told them and told them I did not want to be a complete blond. Just some natural looking highlights. Well I came out of there a BLOND. I am a brunette/redhead naturally. LOL I just wanted it to cover up grey that was starting to show through..I refuse to grow old! hahahaha

  11. Play with the punch for a while you will love it.

    Your hair looks cute but I probably would have passed out right there at the stylist place.

  12. She should of told you how much the conditioner was going to cost BEFORE she put it in your hair. Same thing with the "long hair" charge. I am a hair dresser. I would call the Regis headquarters. You may get the 50 bucks back.

  13. Hi Robyn, I realy like you video's and your hair.It's a ho;e lot of money but it looks fabulous

  14. My hair was about the same length as yours, two colour foil highlights... that would usually cost me about $130 for a cut and the highlights... and where I live, that's actually a pretty good deal. This is in a nice salon, but the "fancy" salons would charge closer to $200 or more to do the same thing.

    BTW, your hair looks great!!!

  15. Kadie Labadie6/20/2008 9:40 AM

    Robyn: I'm having a nervous-break-down for you. I just came back from seeing my hairdresser this morning and my cut-hightlight/frosting and deep condition cost me $40 and this is a salon I go to in BEAUTIFUL Middleton, Wisconsin (next to Madison, Wisconsin). So...if you ever want to travel to Madison, Wisconsin and get your hair done-I have the MOST WODERFUL Hairdresser that would set you up....and you would even have $150 left over to get 3-Cricuts......(wink-wink). But really-your hair looks great-and I'm sure it was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY (even though you are out 4-cricuts) Kadie :-)

  16. your hair looks lovely for what i can see . had to laugh when you said you wore in he closet hiding from the kids , glad you having a fab time with mum shopping .
    enjoy your new hair style ( I'm having mine done at the weekend , i will be asking how much before they touch my hair :)
    big hug

  17. $200!!!! I can't believe it. My DH would have freaked when I told him that!

    It does look very nice, though!

    I love your blog by the way!

  18. Ya know, after thinking about it... (ie..drank a pot of coffee!)... I would call the salon or the corporate office. There is no way they should of charged you for something without telling you how much it would be ! When someone casually says, I'm going to condition your hair, ya think, oh goodie. Had they said, I can condition your hair for an extra $50, you have the option of saying, NO thank you!

    I wonder how many people they pull this on and don't complain. I certainly would complain...and you certainly have every right to !

  19. Look at it this way... Your hair looks great and you are worth it. But next time I would find a cheaper place so you could use the extra money for cricut carts. ;)
    Take care,
    P.S. Keep up the good work. I love the videos so much.

  20. Have to share this with my daughters. About to die laughing!
    Love the fact that you're hiding in the closet! Thought that was a setup for a bad hair day story.

  21. I have the same hair issues - long hair, and pretty thick, it costs about $200 at a "regular place" to get it done. BUT, I found the beauty school - they do it for $32!! The color is what they charge for (they charge me more since they use 2-1/2 bowls instead of 1 of the color) and the cut is free - so it would normally be only about $25? somehting like that. They do a great job - they are graded by the teacher and everything. Just a thought! You might check out if you have something like that nearby. My last appointment was 2-1/2 hours (last week actually!).

  22. Yikes! This is me with my jaw on the ground. Good thing it turned out so dang cute!

  23. Your hair looks great. Love the color. I can not believe what the charged you for it. OMG

  24. loco, loco (crazy, crazy) 200 bucks, if you like it and feel good about that, good for you!! i would like to see you out of your closet LOL i like the color of your hair and i can see is smooth, soft.

    have a good weekend

  25. I'm like freaking out!
    Love that you are hiding in the closet. I LOVE my kids, but the "mom, this, and the mom that" gets to us sometimes. I will have to get acquainted with my closet:)
    Time before last I had my hair done. She asked if I wanted it "textured" oh sure I said to the tune of $50. Didn't go back. I always feel so cheap when I ask how much something costs and I shouldn't have to feel that way!

    Message to Kadie labadie, I live in Madison and would love to know where you are getting your hair done;)

    Use the "Leave it to Weaver" you'll love it!

  26. Wow!! That is one haircut!! The colour looks nice :) Looking forward to you showing us your styling!! :) You could make a video of you styling it :) thanks for sharing your life!!
    Last time I had a haircut I did it myself and had to beg my DH to fix up the back bit that I could not see properly!! :)

  27. Kadie Labadie6/20/2008 10:43 PM

    Robyn: QueenBee who lives in Madison, Wisconsin - wanted to know the name of my salon. Can you pass this info on to her?

    J&L Hair Designs on Branch Street Laurie at 836-1144.

    Thanks-And LOVE YOUR NEW PICTURE! You Rock Girl! Kadie

  28. I am a SAHM of two(ages 1 & 2) and I do hair from my home...$15 for a haircut and $45 for haircut and foils. Man, it sounds like I need to raise my prices!! j/k
    Wish I could've helped you out Robyn!

  29. robyn,my hair (i think) is beautiful,really long.well about mid-lower back.anyway i have never had one ounce of color on it & lucky for me its about 3 colors of light brown.well i was going to donate it,they require 9" or more.had one of my son's friends come out and give me an "about" how much,she works in a salon,& she told me AFTER the cut it would be no less than $130.00 just to style it! i said no way. i took that amount straight to my stampin up rep!!!now i'm glad i didn't cut it.yours does look great.

  30. Robyn, You are a hoot!!!! I could imagine hiding in the closet too but the house is small and they would find me. I just had my hair cut and a highlight to the roots and I paid $28.00. My hair stylist loves me and gives me a great discount!!! I am very thankful for her and have stayed with her since she began doing hair and she is great! So if you ever get to AR I will hook you up girlfriend. Thanks for the blog demos you have inspired me to pull out my old shape tools again.

    Have a blessed day,
    Tracy in AR

  31. Bridget Lolar6/21/2008 1:02 PM


  32. I have paid close to that too and it is always a shocker, even when you know you are at an upscale salon. The last time I got my hair cut I donated it which I was kind of scared to do again because the first time I did it I looked like a blonde Dora the explorer (not a good look for a 29 and holding mom lol)this time was a little better but I do miss the length. Yours however is very pretty and we deserve to splurge every now and again. I like your new pic.

  33. Rybyn you are too cute. Love your blog and would not miss it for anything!

    Love your hair had her nerve not giving you a price. I would have complained. For heavens sake call the corporate office. It is beautiful but the price and how it was handled was totally wrong!

    But look great!!!

  34. Thanks Kadie Labadie for the hair info! Will make an appt.

  35. Wow, I had a similar experience, The aunt of my step children did my hair before a trip to Vegas. When it came time to pay, she said I am of course giving you the family discount, it comes to $130. I have no idea what it would have been without the discount! You look great, but you don't need a $190 hair do to look great!!!!

  36. Yeah...the same thing happened to my good friend...she about died when she got the bill at Regis. I feel your pain...but your color does look great...and it should for that much right?

  37. $30 because you had "long hair"? Whoa. You mean you'd save money if you went in to get a HAIR CUT and had SHORT HAIR? Why would somebody do this?

    It's moments like these when I'm glad I'm a guy.

    About $17 to $20 and my hair looks pretty good. :)

    (Then I can spend the rest at Best Buy). Win-win situation. ;)

  38. I must be doing hair in the wrong place. I don't charge for long hair unless you have to make up more color or it takes an excessive amout of time. You still should be told ahead of time the charges and also that there was a fee for the conditioner and explain why you need it!!!At least it is a beautiful outcome, imagine the pain if it wasn't what you wanted.~~Karen


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