Saturday, June 07, 2008

Episode 48 (really) - The Crop-a-dile!

Hi guys!! Well, I've slowly but surely figuring out my new Mac along with my Flip video. I would prefer to have better quality but this will work fine for now.

This is really Episode 48 not 49 like it says in the title. Oooops!!! I couldn't remember which number I was on. It was an honest mistake, right??

Here it is!!!


  1. Hello! The small ones on the sides I use for my punches. After you use the 1/8th punch put your eyelet on the little post and then press and it will set your eyelet. And there are 2 different sizes. The black portion will twist. Hard to describe.

  2. I punch my hole with the side then I put the eyelet in the punched hole of the paper. Once that is done I use the "male" part into the "female" eyelet and it fans out once you squeeze. I am not so sure that makes sense but it took me a minute to figure it out also and I am sure that once you figure it out (which you probably already have) there will be no stoping you! Good luck and make sure to share with us.

  3. The hole punches are the things on the sides... and you can set a depth on them with the little screw on each side... unscrew it a little and slide it up or down. this way all of your holes on a project are at the same depth on your paper

    The part at the very front is your eyelet setter... there should be directions in the packaging (open the cardboard insert) to tell you which settings to use.

  4. OMG, I am laughing, you just did exactly what I did when I first used it. The directions on the package were not very clear for me. You will figure it out, I know you will. And once you do, I would love to see a refresher video. Thanks Robyn!!! LisaMH

  5. Don't throw away the cardboard packaging. I still use it as a cheat sheet to know which settings to use on the black square things that you twirl around! It has the settings on it for each size eyelet and the snaps :)

  6. Thanks for making me laugh at MYSELF, Robyn!!! I did almost exactly the SAME things you did!!! I have never used one either and I think there is a little bit of a learning curve. Everyone tells me that once you get the hang of it, it is one of the most awesome tools a scrapper can have! Hope they are right!!!
    Blessings to you!

  7. As I watched you cut the package open, I was YELLING - DON'T THROW THE CARDBOARD AWAY!!

    the cheat sheet is there for eyelets and snaps, etc....

    Your cropadile has a TOP and a BOTTOM - and when you turn the little dials around - it is SO important that they are set correctly to NOT damage your crop-o-dile!! I don't have mine in front of me - but one dial has "A", "B", "C" and "D" - the other dial has l, 2, 3, and 4 on it in the corner! Once you see those and figure it out - it's WONDERFUL!!!

    Good luck - you will LOVE it once you figure it out!!

  8. My biggest tip is don't press too hard when yoiu are setting eyelets. It took me several tries to figure that out. And, not all brands of eyelets are the same. Some need more pressure than others.

    If you did throw away your packaging, the instructions are on the web. Just google cropadile instructions.

    I love the hole punch part. You can punch through a big stack of papers or even metal. And, there is a twisty thing that lets you set the depth too.

  9. Hi Robyn!

    Thanks for such an entertaining video. I love that you are just so real! I don't have the Crop-a-dile yet. Still undecided. I use the Provocraft Silent Setter. I purchased it long before I broke down and got my Cricut! I'll watch for more videos using the Crop-a-dile. You should get some credit from them for using it in your video! LOL Thanks again, Robyn!

  10. Oh Robyn! Pease tell me that you read the directions and figured out the Crop-a-dile! That's too funny that you used a hammer to set your eyelet with a Crop-a-dile right in front of you! Especially when most of us wouldn't have a clue how to do all the amazing videos and things you do!

  11. Thank you for showing me how to use this!! I have one but I haven't used it because I was afraid I would break it.

  12. This is such a fantastic tool I use mine for so many things even putting eyelets in fabric and stuff! I wish I could have been on the phone to you and talk you throught it! When you discover it's potential you'll put your hammer away! My only quib would be the stretch which is why the BIG bite is on the market! Good Luck & have fun Kim!

  13. Hi Robyn,

    Scraptime has a really good and clear video on the CropaDile here:

    Have fun with your new toy!

  14. Your videos rock, Robyn! Thanks for taking your time to share your knowledge!

  15. I loved watching you!! It took some doing for me to figure mine out, too. I love that you put it on the video for us to see you not knowing what to do....I would have chucked the video and only showed one that made it look like I knew exactly what I was doing all along...LOL
    Thanks for all your videos and instructions (and beautiful creations) and for keeping it real!! I love you for that!!

  16. And they say us guys don't read directions! :P

    And you're hammering the "male part"?!

    On behalf of Guydom could you?!

    You're too cute. I love how you're learning on the video and how excited you get "Oh! there's the 1/16 punch!!"

    You're adorable. :)

  17. Oh Robyn you'll never know how much this video cheered me up!!! I wouldn't be without my croc now but when I first got it I could happily have chucked it out the window!!
    Hope you are well,x

  18. Oh Robyn,
    That was too funny.

    I just kept saying, "Robyn read the instructions." My DD kept telling me to tell you how to do it.

    Just look at the back of the card & it shows you how to set the black pieces in the front (middle). This is the setter part.

    You have to make sure you set those black parts right for what you are setting.

    So far, I have only set the 1/8 eylets, so I haven't had to change it. Keep the card.


  19. You are too funny! You just opened it, didn't read instructions (just like me).
    Here is a couple of videos that might help you, if you have not already figured it out. After watching these videos, I decided not to get these, since I don't do well with keeping my reference sheets and reading instructions, every time I have to use a tool.

  20. OMG--I am CRYING! You are too funny! I love that you did that video straight out of an unopened package, and just shot from the hip! I don't have a CAD, and I am not sure if you made me want one or not, but just for the giggles, that was an awesome video! :) I miss the music, though, but I love hearing your voice, especially the, "OH, I GOT IT!!" LOL!

  21. HI ROBYN!! LOL That thing scares me! I am not sure if I would be able to use one. My eyelet setter works good though! HA HA HA

  22. LOLOLOLOL....okay, Robyn, I don't want you to think I come to watch your videos and leave comments just to laugh, but goooosh, I'm laughing so hard my husband woke up! This is the best video!

    I'm at the part where you JUST figured out the eyelet setter...Hel-LO!!!

    you are the BEST!

  23. hehe..I had to go get mine out & see if it says "We R Memory Keepers," too! lol

  24. Barnacles I missed the video!


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