Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sooo sunburnt!!

I was planning on uploading a video today but I just hung out with my kids and went to the pool instead. Silly me forgot to put sunscreen on and I am a RED ROBYN!! I'm fried to a crisp!! I'm so glad that I put it on all of my kids so they are fine.

Hope you all have a great night!


  1. ooooohhh ouch I hurt just thinking about it! I feel for ya! Try to bathe in Aloe??? my ds just had a rough burn on his face the other day and aloe has helped him a ton! Love ya!

  2. Ouch the Pink Stamper is now the Red Stamper ;-)
    If you put white vinegar on a paper towel it pulls the heat out..
    Good Luck~

  3. Sorry to hear of your pain. Hope that you will feel better tomorrow. I know just exactly what you are going through.

  4. Hi Robyn Red, I know how you feel I get sun burnt all the time, I hope the burning goes soon!
    HuGs Kim

  5. I was also going to tell you that vinegar works well to take the burn out. You end up smelling like a salad--LOL, but it does work. Get better soon and hope it turns into a glorious tan.

  6. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. Mmmmm, I love Red Robin! They have endless fries! :) I'm sorry you are burnt, but as I like to say, at least I am not pasty white anymore! LOL! Feel better! :)

  8. Oh no!!! you poor thing!!! Hope you feel better by now... not so fun!


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